Mike Skinner Bielefeld 2017

Bielefeld, Germany, 4 November 2017

Máté told me that Mike and Dave would come to Bielefeld on November 4th 2017. OZZY!!!!!!! We have to go!!!!! Can we go? Ozzy and I are going. It’s easy because it’s a Saturday. Mark will take care of Roos. Thanks again Máté for letting me know. What to do without you?!

Ozzy and I won’t have to book an hotel, it’s “only” 3.5 hours drive. So after the party, we drive right back home.

In the morning my brother came over to have a run with Mark.

Then I received a message from my dad if we were home, he’d like to bring a present for my baby girl, well, Roos is home until 4pm. Ok we’ll come from 2 till 4. Roos got a Mickey Mouse.

Roos and Mark left at 4 to go to his parents. He can never take care of Roos on his own, he always needs help from his mum. I find it very annoying. He should get some quality time with his daughter.

When my dad and Marije left, Ozzy arrived. We went to the toilet and then we left Hillegom. It was about 5pm.

We put some petrol and oil in the car, we bought a Starbucks on the go and off we went. Near Stroe we had some dinner at Burger King. And at 9:30 pm we arrived in Bielefeld. We got a few drinks, cos the doors won’t open until 11.

We were waiting till 11:15 or so until the doors opened. We had no idea at what time Mike would start.

There were some other DJs they play pretty good but I was there for Skinner, and I guess we were showing.

A guy named Leon came over to me and asked us, if we were there for Mike. Eh yeah, why? “Cos you don’t look like the normal party people”. “Oh ok, well, yeah… you’re right”. He was there for Mike as well. Also another guy asked Ozzy, if he was there for Mike, “yes, we are”. So was he. That guy said that he was 40 + and a fan, well I’m not 40+ yet but I’m a fan 🙂

Well, I’m not a student either… most people there were students. They just go there every weekend Leon said. There was a guy with a Streets shirt as well.

Anyway at 1:45 Mike started. When Mike walked by he stroke Ozzy’s bald head and gave me a hug and 2 kisses on my cheek. Dave waved at us, and asked if we were good.


Great party, some Streets tunes. Some Tonga balloon gang tracks, some the darker the shadow the brighter the light tunes. Awesome! We heard a little secret which will be announced in a few weeks.


I saw them getting more and more annoyed by the minute. It started with the microphone of Dave that didn’t work, then someone who brought some drinks for them who bumped against Mike while he was playing, then people tried to get their coats that were behind the DJ desk the whole time.

They guy who picked them up from the airport and gave them a lift to their hotel, and from the hotel to the venue, and inside the venue to the DJ booth was there all the time. He also told the people that wanted their coats to go away but they didn’t they kept coming back. We were next to the DJ booth, so they first bothered us. Suddenly the guy who helped them was gone. Someone else was there, he did give these people their coats, so the boys got more annoyed and then it was finished, no-one was there to help them through the crowd back to their hotel.

When the gig was finished they had to run off through the crowd. Mike said “was good to see you! see you soon”. he gave me a kiss on my cheek. They had a few followers after them, they had to run quickly. They took time for a photo with Leon, Dave arranged that and then they were gone. It was 3:30. I guess it’s time to drive home.


Then I can still have some sleep before I head to Primark in Amsterdam with my pregnant friend. I slept 3 hours in the car, but couldn’t sleep when I got home in Hillegom.

I will see you soon Mike, it won’t be a whole year before I’ll see you again. Bring on April!! Hopefully sooner, but probably just 3x in April.

Omg The Streets are having a reunion! I can’t wait!! Glasgow and Brixton, and Amsterdam here I come.

See you guys in a couple of months but first It’s my baby girl’s 2nd birthday in 2 weeks. And the day after her birthday we go to Disneyland Paris. I won that trip on a Dutch radio station Sky radio.

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