The Streets Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12 April 2018

After the announcement of Mike bringing back the Streets, I decided that I could continue with the website again. Now I host it myself (no more Tumblr).

Mike sent me a private message on Instagram on October 21st 2017 saying:



I’m so excited!!! I jumped up from my seat, during dinner time, hyperactive. Shaking! Sweaty! OMG!!! Thanks for your message Mike!!!

But I’m not allowed to tell anyone (but I’ve already told Mark and Ozzy, sorry Mike).

I need to know how to get the tickets. Mike will put me on the guest list he said. Thanks Mike!!!

Now it’s time to wait for some more information. Do I need to ask time off work? Which venue will it be? What date will it be?

November 13th

Mike announced the European Tour on Facebook. He will also do Berlin (He already said that last week in Bielefeld), Paris and 2 nights in Dublin. On April 12th he will play as The Streets in De Melkweg in Amsterdam.

November 15th

The tickets went on sale, and it was sold out within 5 minutes. Well done!! Mike told me I didn’t need to worry because would be on the guest list, but I was worried about 2 friends. Besides Ozzy and Mark (my hubby) 2 other friends (Eric & Oriana) wanted to go. Mike will help them as well. Thanks so much!!! Its me +4.

Stephan managed to get tickets for this one as well. And Dave is going to Dublin. Aoife and David are going to Dublin (guest list). Virina (from Belgium also got tickets for Amsterdam).

April 12th

I needed to work that day. When I worked for G4S I took 2 weeks off because had so many days, but at the end of January I got a new job at a dentist in Hillegom, and I don’t get that many days, as I’m only working part-time. So Roos and I brought Mark to work. Then I brought Roos to my mum, Roos would stay there till tomorrow. Then I went to work.

I couldn’t really focus. I am so excited for tonight. Luckily it was only 4 hours at work. After work, I went home. I had to kill some time. I listened to The Streets, I did some washing, I took a power nap.

At 15:45 I left the house. I was too early to pick Mark up, so I put some petrol in the car first, at 4pm I picked Mark up, then I let Mark drive. We picked Eric and Oriana up. We drove to Osdorp (I used to live there, sold the apartment in January 2016). We parked the car there and walked towards the tram.

There is Ozzy, he will park his car somewhere as well. We will wait for him at the tram stop. After a few minutes Ozzy joined us and we got on the tram towards Leidseplein. Mark, Eric and Oriana got off a few stops earlier, to have dinner at a Vegan junk food bar. That is not really my cup of tea, I wanted a grill burger from Febo, so Ozzy and I got off at Leidseplein and we went to Febo.

We walked to their tour bus first but it was quiet there. Let’s have a burger then, I’m starving. I also wanted a cola, but we forgot to order that, we said to each other “We’ll have one in the pub”.  I text Virina that we were on our way to the pub.

So we walked to Dan Murphy’s. That Irish pub is on Leidseplein, next to de Melkweg. When we arrived there I saw Tim. He was taking photo’s. OMG there is Mike as well. “Hey Mike!!”. “Oh hey, hello!!” We gave each other a hug and Mike said “You might be on the guest list”. OMG what? You’re not sure? haha Damn.

But there was an Irish waitress of Dan Murphy’s who walked over to say hello. Tim asked her “Are you going to the gig?” “No it’s completely sold out.” She said. Tim asked her to write her name down. She’s on the guest list. Ozzy asked Tim if we were on the list. He made sure we were. Thanks Tim.

Time for a drink in the pub. Virina and her friend Barbara arrived soon after that. I text Stephan if he was there already but he wouldn’t arrive until 8pm tonight. Ok I’ll meet you up front then. I got a few photos of Mark on Vegan food. Well, enjoy your meal (if that’s even possible ;o)) But are you coming back yet? Yes, they are on their way. I had to order Mark and Eric a beer. Oriana didn’t want anything to drink (no wonder you always have a headache/migraine).

At 7ish Ozzy went to have a look if there were people in the queue yet. There were only 4 people. Ozzy and I wanted to join the queue, so did Virina and Barbara, but who did I spy?

OMG WAYNE AND KEVIN!!!! I jumped up and ran over. It was so good to see them again. It’s been 6.5 years!!!! They told us that they just finished the soundcheck. We had a little chat. Ozzy, Virina & Barbara joined me.

Wayne recognised Mark from my photo’s and waved at him, so Mark came outside as well. So did Oriana and Eric. Eric took my stuff. Thanks mate!!

After a while we decided to join the queue, cos we wanted to be up front. When we arrived it got a little busier, but still not many people.

At 7:30 the doors opened. I told the security guard at the door that we were on the list. She let us through. We had to join another small queue for the list. We were on there.

Then I went straight to the stage with Oz. Mark, Eric and Oriana put their bags and jackets in a locker. Virina and Barbara joined us.

Ozzy told me about the merchandise. They have lighters. So I wanted to buy them, but I couldn’t use my debit card, so I had to go to the cash machine. I had to go back to the security. I told him I needed cash, so he gave me a stamp, so I could come back. Then I had to go to the other side, there I had to tell another security, I needed cash, she let me through. Then I needed to go back again to the other side but I saw Rob. “Hey Rob!!” We said hello and gave each other a hug Rob thought he was incognito, but didn’t expect to see me, I recognised him anyway haha. Then I went back to that security guard who gave me that stamp. So I got back in again to the merchandise. I bought a beany and 2 different lighters.


After this we go back to the stage. Mark was keeping my spot safe. Soon Stephan, Rik and 2 other friends and his brother arrived. Mark, Eric and Oriana decided to walk around a bit. They tried to find a nice spot to watch the show.

There was a DJ playing, not too bad to be honest. But waiting takes to long. I don’t like waiting but what is 1 hour waiting compared to the 6.5 years…. Oh well….

At 21:15 the Streets came on. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE STREETS?”

(Video made by Luuk).

Mike walked over to me and placed his hand on my cheek, very sweet. very lovely! Kevin gave me a high five and Rob waved at me. Cassell smiled at us with his beautiful with teeth!

Mike was spraying champagne in the crowd. OMG I had to hide, because I have to work tomorrow but I think Mike saw that and didn’t spray it on me. Thanks 🙂


Oh in Belgium in January? Are they coming back to Amsterdam as well?

Mike got “really angry” The mosh pit wasn’t perfect. It needed to be perfect, or he wouldn’t jump in. hahahahahaha

When it was finished I wanted to have the play list, but they didn’t give it to me. Stephan and his friends and brother left. So did Eric and Oriana. They took the train.

Wayne said, earlier today, that they would stick around for a bit, there would be some sort of after party organised by the Melkweg.

I got a message from Mike:


Virina and Barbara joined us instead of Eric and Oriana.

Tim gave me the playlist!!!!


There is Rob, He said I can only take these 2 (he meant me and Ozzy). I said “Mark is my husband” and Ozzy said “we’re all together”. He got us all inside.

There is Cassell. We hugged him but we had to hurry, because Rob was nearly running haha. He stopped to let Mike (the keyboard player) in.

We got up the stairs, to dressing room 3. Rob opened the door “We have a visitor” Mike jumped up and said hello. I said hello to Kevin. He asked what I wanted to drink. “A cola please. If you have it”. I saw water, I said “water is fine too”. Kevin said I’ll get you a cola. Then I said “Oh water is fine”. “what do you prefer?” Kevin asked. He got me a Cola. 🙂 I said hello to Wayne and Tim as well.


Then we sat down. I was wearing the wrong shoes. My feet were so sore. Not going to wear them next week in Scotland. Haven’t worn these shoes ever since…

We talked about a lot of things. The good old days. Previous Streets gigs. Bruges (Barbara is from Bruges). Ozzy and I played an extra in the movie In Bruges (the movie with Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Jordan Prentice).

So this is not a real European tour, this is just a warming up for the UK tour!!! They will come to Belgium in January and maybe in Amsterdam again.

Mike wanted to go to Japan. So do I, then I can visit my cousin Jeroen. I want them to go to Australia, Mike wants to go there as well because I could visit my friend Nell there, and my cousin Judith. (They do a Australian tour in 2019, but we didn’t go, couldn’t afford it) I wouldn’t mind going back to America either.


After this we went back home. We picked up our car and we drove back to Hillegom.

3 thoughts on “The Streets Amsterdam 2018

  1. What a night, what a night!! I’ve always been a massive Streets fan and been to many gigs but NEVER got to meet Mike and the band. Thanks to Tess we finally did. It was Barbara’s first ever Streets gig so she couldn’t believe her eyes! I think we were both a bit gobsmacked but everyone was so nice and so welcoming it made me like the Streets even more. We were walking on clouds 🙂 Again a massive thank you Tess and Mike for letting us join! Unfortunately the Milan gig we were going to has been cancelled 😦 Those Italians don’t know what they’re missing! So now we’re counting the days till the Brussels’ gig! Barbara and I are really looking forward to meeting up again Tess! C u in Brussels! xxx

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