The Streets Utrecht 2019

The Netherlands, February 15th 2019


My dad lives in Utrecht with his wife Marije. I leave Roos at my mum’s. Roos is used to be there. She lived at my mum’s during her 1st year (while we waited till our house was finished) Then my dad can come to the gig with us 😉 Mark, Ozzy and Eric will also come.

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Mike Skinner Bielefeld 2017

Germany, November 4th 2017


Mátè told me that Mike and Dave would come to Bielefeld on November 4th 2017. OZZY!!!!!!!! We have to go!!!!! Can we go? Ozzy and I are going. It’s easy cos it’s a saturday. Mark will take care of Roos. Thanks again Máté for letting me know. What to do without you?!

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The Streets Lowlands Festival 2006

The Netherlands 19th of August 2006


I bought 2 tickets for Lowlands, one for myself and one for my friend Laura, My friend Ozzy couldn’t go, because he was on a holiday, a sailing holiday in Croatia…. what a terrible life he has…. 😉

Right… I had a crisis, I had no money at all, and my car broke down as well, and I had to buy a new one, I need one for work, so I had to sell the tickets… Laura helped the “Get Tess to Lowlands fund” and got an idea, why wouldn’t I work at Lowlands?, brilliant idea Lau!!

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