The Beats and other gigs

Kevin Mark Trail in Utrecht 2023

Utrecht, 02-04-2023

Kevin posted a photo on his socials. I didn’t realise he had gigs outside the UK as well. Ozzy said. What is that? Is Kevin coming to Utrecht? Then I realised that he was coming to the Netherlands.


It is with Sofar sounds. It’s a secret venue. We only knew a date and a place. I applied for 2 tickets, but I received an email from Sofar that I didn’t get tickets. I contacted Kevin. He is so sweet he put us on the list. I had to sen him my email and the 2 names of me and Ozzy. Then i received an email that I was on the list.

On April 2nd we woke up at 7am, to watch Max Verstappen win the crazy Australian GP. After that I brought Roos to my mum. Mark had a pub crawl for Spring beers in Hillegom. At noon we left by car to Utrecht.

We were pretty early so we had a stop at Starbucks for a Chai Tea Latte and a cheesecake.

Then we continued our journey, We arrived at 1:30pm. Still to early, but Kevin wa there already, while the “MC”of Sofar welcomed us, Kevin turned around. I waved at Kevin. “Oh you’re coming for Kevin, you know Kevin. how lovely. Then the guestlist laptop arrived and we registered ourself. Then it was time to catch up with Kevin. Last time we saw eachother was Pukkelop 2019.

Kevin was the 3rd and last artist. First one was Romi B, a lady from Australia. She was backpacking, bought a guitar and that’s how it started. She was amazing. 2nd one was Viana something. Didn’t like it much, although I loved their last song. She also had a guy with him. He was playing the instruments. but their last song was together.

Kevin joined us for a few chats. I brought Kevins album from 2005. He signed it for me. Ozzy and I also had some lunch and a few drinks. before it was time for Kevin.


Then it was time for Kevin. When the MC introduced him to the rest of the crowd she also mentioned that he brought us as fans. and that he had been playing with the Streets for years. We cheered ofcourse. He was amazing. I really enjoyed it. To bad it was ony a set for 30 minutes.





Kevin thanked us for coming. Love you man! Thank you for coming to the Netherlands.


We had a beer together, then it was time to say goodbye. See you in Margate in September!!

Murkage Dave in Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam, 16-11-2019

Murkage Dave has a show tonight in Amsterdam. He has been here last year with Mike Skinner, but today is his solo show.

MD in Dam.png

It’s a busy day today. Sinterklaas is coming to Holland this morning. We are going to welcome him in Hillegom. He is coming with his Pieten on a steamboat.


Then we go to the City Hall to meet Sinterklaas


and Piet Hugo,


Piet Wesley and


Piet Flip.


We go to the Pieten disco. My mum wanted to treat us with pancakes.

After this we have to leave. We have a birthday to go to from Jill in Voorhout. Jill is Roos’ friend from survival swimming.

At 4 it was time to leave. I’ve a train to catch. Mark and Roos will drop me off at the train station in Hillegom. I meet Ozzy there. We take the train to Amsterdam.

We decided to eat steak at an Argentinian restaurant. That was so good! Nearly as good as La Rueda from Hillegom.

After this we walk to the Melkweg. We’ll have a look at the venue. There was a huge queue for an Eastern European band. Never heard of them, but it was sold out. There was no queue for Murkage yet. We went to the pub for a drink.

10 minutes early we decided to join the queue, it was very busy now. But they were all here for something else. At 7:30 when the doors opened we could skip the queue. We got through. And we placed our coats in a locker. Then we went to the Upstairs hall. It was just the 2 of us.


We went to the toilet. When we got back to the hall there was another couple. It looked like it were just the 4 of us until 15 minutes before time. Then some more people got in. But still not more then 20 people.


Smith came outside, he walked towards the merchandise. He looked around, when he looked at us we waved, he waved back. At least we got a wavey!

At 8:30 it was supposed to be time for Murkage to start, then it got busier but still between the 50 and 70 people. At 8:40 Murkage started


He enjoyed himself, the crowd was great, the gig was great. Was good to see them again.





He’s against “zwarte Piet”, it feels weird to place the photo’s of Roos with the Pieten in the same blog. I don’t want to offend anyone.

He said he’d have a drink, but he would come out for a chat.

There he is. He spoke to some friends, then there were 2 ladies talking to him. Then it was time for us.

Foto 16-11-19 21 57 35.jpg

We thanked him for coming to Amsterdam, he thanked us for coming to the show. He loved the vibe, best European show so far. He thanked us for the support from day one, from Tonga till now. He liked the message “I’ll see you in Amsterdam” and “I’ll see you tonight”. He needs that.

Foto 16-11-19 21 57 58.jpg

After our chat with Dave we walked to Smith, we had a little chat with him. He thanked us as well. He said that the vibe was the best of all the shows. Even better then the UK gigs. They enjoyed Iceland. And they have a day off in Amsterdam tomorrow, they will be tourists.

Then it was time to leave. We had another drink in the pub, we watched a bit of the football. Holland was playing against Northern Ireland. It was still 0-0. It was a bad game, but we did qualify for the EK.

We took the tram to central station. We still had half an hour till our train leaves, so we had time for Starbucks. At 11:04 the train goes to Haarlem, there we have to change the train to Hillegom. I was at home at 11:45. Time to go to bed. I’ll take a nice hot shower in the morning.

Max Verstappen has pole position. And he won the GP of Brazil


Hopefully Dave will be back soon. Loved it!

Example in Amsterdam 2013

Amsterdam, 21-03-2013

I’m going to see Example in Amsterdam today, Ozzy, Mark and Eric will join me. This time we’re on the guest list, thanks to Johnny.

We parked our car near my appartement in Amsterdam, there we took the tram to Elandsgracht. We walked to Leidseplein. Ozzy and I went to Febo, Mark and Eric took a pizza. We got some cash and we met up in Dan Murphey’s Irish Pub.

We got a few drinks. When it was time to go we left to Paradiso. We were on the list. Thanks so much John!!

We were up front. The support act was Baller B. I liked this DJ.


The gig of Example was much better then expected. I loved his new stuff. Mark and Eric seemed to enjoy their selves. They went mental up front. They seemed like they were the only one.



(Photo of Instagram from  Example)


After the gig, Example placed his selfie with the crowd on Instagram. I replied Thanks for a great gig. He replied, thanks for coming down. Then I thanked him again for coming to Dam.

We were waiting on the side of the venue. We saw Johnny, we had a little chat. He was lovely. I thanked him for sorting us out. Johnny said “You earned enough credits” OMG thats so lovely. Thank you!! I got a photo taken.


I asked him if we could get a photo with Elliot. Johnny was going to arrange that. He went back inside. But when he came back outside, Elliot wasn’t there. John said. Come with me, if Elliot comes outside, these 9 girls will go crazy (there was a group of 9 fans also waiting outside). So Johnny took us backstage.


When we walked in, I believe Vato Gonzales walked by. I’m not 100% sure tho.

Elliot sat on a chair. According to Ozzy he said “Oh I don’t have to stand up, you’re a Streets fan. He’s right tho. but he stood up anyway and I got my photo taken.


He asked me: “How much drink do you need on a DOT gig?” I replied: “Not as much as on yours” then everyone replied: “whooooooaaaa” Hahahaha Johnny laughed. Example too.

Elliot also asked me what I thought of Mike’s book, the part that Johnny wasn’t in. Ah poor John. I just laughed. To be honest, he was actually quite nice. He took time for us. We got a drink. It was good to see Johnny again.

We went outside, we took the tram back and got in the car and drove back home to Mark’s house. but we first dropped Eric off.

Example in Amsterdam 2012

Amsterdam, 17-03-2012

I’m going to see Example in Amsterdam today, not sure what to expect, cos I didn’t really like his DJ set at Big reunion, but this time it’s with the band, also with Johnny, who I know from The Streets.

I woke up at my mum’s house. We went to the dunes to walk my dogs. Then we went to visit my nan and granddad’s grave It was very emotional. We didn’t stay long. We did some shopping, and we got some plants and flowers for my balcony.

At 4ish Mark came over to mums house to pick me up. He got to see my brother again. Then at 4:30 we went to my house in Amstedam. I got a shower and Mark fixed my balcony with the flowers, I had bought earlier today. Aw bless him. I fixed Ozzy’s bed, cos he’s also coming over for Example’s gig.

Ozzy and I were supposed to go together with Laurence, but she cancelled, cos her bf made other wellness resort plans… hmm… I know witch one I prefer… I would have cancelled for that as well, it’s just that I didn’t like being cancelled over a guy much… but I know why she did it Anyway she already paid her ticket, and told me to give it away, so I gave it to my friend Mark.

Ozzy arrived just after 6 and we went out to the Sports bar/pancake corner on Leidseplein to have dinner. I got a pint of coke, we went to de Melkweg.

It was pretty busy already. but we had a good spot next to the bar. If some guy or girl jumped in front of me so I couldn’t see anything I yelled in their ears…. that helped cos they left.

After 2 beers and a tequila I started feeling sick, I think that the combination with a pint of coke and a pancake wasn’t too good. I switched to water.

I had a really good time, I forgive Example for being annoying the last couple of years.





At the end of the gig we went outside. We walked past the tour bus, we waited there for a bit and I saw Johnny. I waved at him and he waved back, He said that he would come out in a sec. He had to drop his stuff off in the bus. And indeed after a few minutes Johnny came over. We had a little chat.

Example was confirmed for Lowlands. I said to Johnny, that’s cool, I love Example but he isn’t Mike Skinner. LOL, Johnny understood :p Then I said I won’t spend 100 euro’s on Example. Johnny said that he understands LOL he said he would get Mike to DJ on Lowlands… Yes please!! talk to Madge about it. Johnny said he would do that


Then Johnny went back inside and We went to the Irish pub Dan Murphy’s. It’s St. Patricks day today as well. Also Mark’s friend Alex came over. We know him from the 90′s party last month. At 3 ish we were home.

Plan B in Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam, 27-11-2010

What a better way to celebrate Mike Skinner & Professor Green’s birthday, then going to a Plan B gig? Indeed, I couldn’t think of much else too. There was a Sinterklaas party at Starbucks that day, so i had to work first. Ozzy picked me up from Amsterdam Sloterdijk, went to my house got changed, and got the tram to Leidseplein. When we arrived we got a message from Rod, that he was in an Dan Murphy’s irish Pub across the Bulldog. We went to visit him. We had a few drinks, I thanked him for sorting us out, and we had a chat about The Streets. Big chance that he will work with Mike on the last tour as well. So he won’t stay with Plan B, like Chris.

Rod left, he had some work to do, we went to the venue, the doors were open already and indeed we were on the guest list. We went into the room, 1 couple was up front. Some people were at the bar, but it looked empty. We went to the front as well. When we found our place, I went to the toilet. when I got back Rod was on stage at work. Ozzy went to the toilet now. I felt quite Lonely there up front, while the rest of the room looked very empty. It was getting busier, when it got closer to the time that Ben would come on stage. When it was time, there was an unknown guy on stage, I recognized his face, but didn’t know his name. It was Faith FSX, one of the best beat boxers I have ever heard.


Ben came on stage with the band. Chris was there, but no Cassell, he told me a couple days ago that he was having a break from Plan B, so he could work on his own project, song writing. Great gig. Poor Tom, a guitar player, got knocked over by Ben, Faith, and the rest of the band, they were jumping against him. It was funny to see tho.






After the gig we went to the left side of Paradiso, to the tour bus. I met Faith FSX, he was lovely, I told him how great he was, but I said something stupid to express myself, I could have better shut my mouth. He laughed at me, but was nice enough to get a photo taken.


We also had a chat with Chris. He explained us why he stayed with Plan B.We said goodbye to Rod, thanked him once more for sorting us out. After waiting for an hour in the freezing cold Ben came outside, he got a few photo’s taken with 2 other couples, nearly forgot about me. I asked him for 1 more photo. He apologized and said of course love.


He didn’t recognize me, but that’s fine, I didn’t pay to see him anyway. It’s not Mike Skinner He is lovely tho! It was time to go home.

Professor Green in Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam, 02-11-2010

I got a phone call from my brother that is was not going very well with our grandpa. Oh shit, why now? I have a gig to go to, from professor Green. I’m dying to go. It’s been way to long, but grandpa is more important of course. He was nearly dying, so I wrote on twitter to Professor Green, that I might couldn’t go. Later that day my mum told me that everything was OK with my grandpa (I’ve already said goodbye to him 3 times before). He took the wrong medicine, The doctor helped him. I could go after all.

Laurence came over to my house this afternoon, we left right after she arrived. We took the tram, but there were problems in the center, so the tram didn’t go further then Surinameplein. There we had to change to a bus, for 4 stops, to change again for another bus which brought us to Central Station, but as it was peak hours, it was very busy on the road, we were in a traffic jam. Normally it would take us directly to Central station by tram withing 30 minutes, but it took us 1 hour now. While we were on our way I text Ozzy to get another way to get to central station, cos public transport wouldn’t be an option for him, he wouldn’t make it on time.

When we arrived at the train station, I phoned Maryse, I met her through Twitter. We were going to the gig together. She and her friend Yzette went to Burger King for food, Laurence and I also needed food, so we met up with them at BK. 2 minutes after we sat down, Ozzy arrived. He parked his car at Amsterdam Sloterdijk, and got the train from there. He bought a burger as well. When we were all finished it was time to go to the venue.

There were a few people waiting already. When it was time to get in, we joined the queue, hanged up our coats, went to the toilet and got into the room. It was still very quiet and there was on the very left hand side of the stage some space left up front, just enough for us. and it was right next to the bar, just perfect. That was also next to the door to the dressing room. When someone got through I saw Professor Green.

DJ IQ started to make the crowd excited with some great tunes, some I recognized from the Skinimixes and Casting down your pods from Mike and Ted. Soon after that it was time for Professor Green. He told us that the last time he was performing in Amsterdam when he was the support act of Mike Skinner from The Streets in Paradiso in 2006.

Loads of people, I think the half of the crowd, mainly girls, including me screamed when he said that. I felt the love. The gig was great! So much better then Example, much more entertaining! It was great to see Pro. again, it has been too long.





After the gig we went to the back door, hoping to meet Professor Green. When he walked outside with his girlfriend he recognized Ozzy, then he saw me, and he said: ” That is a long time ago”. Ozzy reminded him of when it was the last time we saw him. He mentioned Example’s gig in Club 229. I said, no, we said goodbye while we were waiting in the queue of Punk, he remembered, he said oh yeah that was after Example’s gig in London. He thanked us for coming. Ozzy thanked him for coming to Amsterdam. I told Pro, that his gig was much better then Example’s, Pro just smiled haha. I got a photo taken with him.


So did Maryse & Yzette.


When Pro. left he asked how my grandpa was doing and if he was OK now. Aww he remembered, he recognized me, he knew that I belonged to that Tweet earlier today. So Cool! and so sweet that he asked. I love Pro. He is so lovely!

I told him that my granddad took the wrong medicine. Pro replied: “I seem to take the wrong medicine when I’m over here”. hahahaha

We got a photo taken, but Laurence didn’t yet, we need to sort this. We went over to him, but his attention was taken by a very emotional girl, who was crying cos she met him. Pro’s girlfriend smiled about all this, but just wanted some food, she was hungry she told me. When they were about to leave Pro took time for us, for the photo with Laurence.


Now it’s time for us to go as well. Ozzy brought us home by car.

Plan B in Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam, 08-06-2010

I got an email from Paradiso that Plan B was coming to Amsterdam. I need to go!! Chris, Cassell & Rod, who I know because of The Streets were working with him. I contacted Cassell and asked him if he could sort me out, and he did!!

Ozzy and I went to the gig, It was on a Tuesday evening, so Ozzy & I first had to work, but after work Ozzy picked me up. Next to the venue there was a bar. We ordered a drink and I saw Cassell, I went over to say hello. He told us we could join him and the rest of the band at the table. They were having dinner, except from Chris, but he did walk by and waved. When they finished their dinner they left to do their thing, so did Cassell. We went to get another drink. Rod walked by, he was busy, but took time to say hello. He came back later for a chat.

Then we saw Ben. He was having a photo shoot.


When he walked by I asked him for a photo, he promised he would come back when he finished the shoot. but it started raining so they went inside the venue. DAMN.

After a while it was time for us to go inside as well, the doors opened. And yes, we were on the list. Thanks Cassell! The showcase was great. I enjoyed it, Love the music, much better then Example’s, much nicer person then Example. The band seemed to have fun together. It was relaxed!








After the gig we went outside, and The boys from the band had a chat together next to the tourbus. Cassell was there and I went over to him to thank him for sorting us out. He asked if we met Ben yet, I told him we didn’t, so Cassell would show us where he is, but when we saw Chris. We had a chat with him first. Chris was holding his bags and decided to drop them off in the bus. We went to have a look for Ben. He was having a chat with 2 English guys. but when Ben saw me he recognised me from earlier that day from when I asked about the photo. We got the photo taken now.


I told Ben that I knew Chris, Cassell & Rod from The Streets. So he said: “So, you’re a Streets fan then?” Yes, you can say that again! He was lovely. He also told us that they would be back in Amsterdam in november later this year. Will see you then!

We went back to Chris, for a chat and a photo


I also got a photo taken with Cassell.



Then it was time to say goodbye to Chris, Cassell, the rest of the band & Rod.

Example in London 2009

London, 24-06-2009
Yesterday I saw The Streets in Brixton. It was their rescheduled gig from the cancelled one in January this year. The Streets Brixton 2009 rescheduled
Ozzy came over to London to stay here for a week. We found out that Example had a gig in London tonight. Let’s go.
He’s playing in Camden Town in Proud Galleries. We bought a ticket at the door. Then it was time for some dinner. We had a small dinner in a pub nearby.
After dinner we went inside. We saw Zane Lowe as well.
After Zane Lowe, Example came on. Not sure if I liked it much, but I’m a little spoiled because of the amazing gigs of Skinner.
After this gig we went back to the hotel. We have a few more days to go in London.

Example in London 2008

London, 06-03-2008

Emma & Burke kept talking about Example, they went to a couple gigs before I got interested. I didn’t really like Example. I started listening to his music because of them. And I love his music, but I still couldn’t stand the guy. They were both going to see Example in London in Club 229. Burke told me that Mike Skinner would be there as well, but Emma told me not to take Burke to seriously. Cos Mike is not always there, but there is a small chance.

Anyway, Ozzy and I decided to go, cos that will give us an excuse to go to London, and to get to know Example better. Also my friend Laura wanted to go, she really liked Andy Sheldrake, Example’s band member. It would be her first time in London, so we stayed there a couple of days, so we could be a tourist.

My brother Paul gave us a lift to the Airport, he had to work there anyway. Bless him. At the airport we got some breakfast. Laura ordered 2 plain croissants, and got what she wanted. I ordered the same, but the lady told me they didn’t have plain croissants, only with marmalade. It was way too early for my brains to function correct, so I didn’t think about Laura’s order. I was just thinking I’ll skip breakfast then, cos I don’t like marmalade. Laura said that she would swop our orders, cos she liked marmalade. ok, I can live with that, that’s cool, we’ll do that. When I did get my order, I had marmalade in 2 cubes seperately from my croissants…. I was confused, but burst out laughing from the mis understanding. Couldn’t she just tell me they were seperate in a cube? I wouldn’t have made such a big deal from it. Anyways, that was a very funny and confusing start of our trip.

When we arrived at the hotel in London, it was too early to check in yet, so we decided to have a look where the venue is, so we will find it easier tonight. We found it, it was actually very easy, oh well… time to go back to the hotel to check in. When that was done, at 2pm we went to Piccadilly Circus to do a 2 hours long hop on hop off tourist bus tour, so we would see everything. Also nice for Laura. The other 2 days we had left we spend visiting places Laura wanted to see better. I think we don’t have to go back to Trafelgar Square tho, we have seen that one 8 times from 8 different sides. After this we went back to the hotel to get changed and freshen up for the gig.

We went to a pub around the corner from the venue, after a few drinks the queue was getting longer, we decided to join. When we crossed the street, Example was walking by, he didn’t look as bad as in his photo’s and video’s. It could get interesting after all. While we were waiting in the queue, Indi Dave came over to us with a camera, and asked Ozzy some questions. He was surprised, but impressed that we came over from Holland to see Example. Never seen the video footage back tho. Then Dave left. Someone came over and told us that if we already had a ticket we could get in already, so we did.

It was quiet when we got in, some guy, the support act was on, not bad. I bought a single of him. I think I used it as a coaster, I really don’t know where I have got that thing. I’ve also bought some mix-tapes from Example, they are very good. Love them!. We were waiting against the wall for Example to start. Emma and her friend Jenni came over to us. Burke never showed up.


Example came on stage. Didn’t really know what to expect. Didn’t actually know much about him.






Emma & Jenni went to get a drink, when they came back, Emma told me that Professor Green was there. Laura & I went to get a drink for us, and Ozzy stayed with our stuff. When we got to the bar, we didn’t see him. We went back to Ozzy without a drink. Ozzy and I went to look for Professor Green, Laura stayed with our stuff this time. When we got to the bar we saw Johnny Drum Machine, the drummer of The Streets. He knew who we were. I am so happy. (I broke up with my boyfriend a couple days ago) I went from feeling miserable to being able to beat the world. This was just what I needed. I got a photo taken with Johnny.


I told Johnny that I heard from Emma that Pro Green was there as well, Johnny pointed at him so we would find him. When Pro saw us he said: “Hello, How are you? Long time no see” and gave me a cuddle. Like we knew each other for years, so sweet! While Ozzy was getting the drinks, some lady took a photo of me and Professor Green.


Then we went back to Laura.The gig was great, much better then expected. when Example was finished, Emma & Jenni left. We saw Professor Green. He told us about the after party, where Example would DJ. That was in the club Punk. He gave us the directions how to get there.

We were walking that way, but I am not used to wear high heels, and after a gig, and now walking… my feet didn’t want to walk anymore. We got a taxi. Wish I knew we were nearly there, cos it was just around the corner. It was only 3 pounds tho, so not too bad. When we arrived, we saw Professor Green waiting in the queue. We joined him and many more people. After half an hour waiting in that queue we only moved 1 inch, cos someone else gave up waiting. No-one else but VIP’s got in.

Example came outside. Laura & I walked over to him and asked him for a photo. He asked where I was from, I told him that I am from Holland and he agreed for a photo. When Laura was about to make a photo he grabbed my camera from her and asked me to sing one of his songs for him. Hmm, I am not a fan… sorry, I got saved by a security guard, cos he told Example to leave or go back inside. He gave Laura my camera back, so she could make a photo. Also Ozzy took a photo now.


Example went back inside. and we decided to go back to the hotel. We said goodbye to Professor Green and left.

We spend 2 more days in London and did some sightseeing.

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