Mike Skinner Stuttgart 2016

Stuttgart, Germany, 5 November 2016

Mark was supposed to drop me off at the train station but he was running with my brother still. I dropped myself off by car, Mark would pick it up later. Roos stayed with my mum.

At 1:30 I took the train from Hillegom to Rotterdam. About an hour later I arrived there. I bought myself and Ozzy a Starbucks. Then I left the station to Ozzy’s car. Oz was waiting for me.

Now it’s 610km to the venue Freund & Kupferstecher in Stuttgart. That’s about 6 hours drive. Let’s go, we’re ready.


Long trip, but every 2 hours a stop to stretch our legs. This makes the long drive less horrible.

The sky turns dark really quick. Obviously it’s winter but without street lights you can hardly enjoy the beauty of the country. Our ears hurt, it’s the hills where the car takes us through but we can’t see much.

At about 9:30 we arrived in Stuttgart. We found the venue very quick. We drive past the venue Freund und kupferstecher, it had fences around it and I saw a poster with Mike’s face on it. It must be here. 100m further around the corner was a parking. So we parked our car and walked back to the venue.

Mike’s gig won’t start until 11, let’s have a coffee first. The venue is already open but we need coffee. A couple meters further was a coffee restaurant, lovely but it’s still cold here, let’s go back to the venue.

It’s just after 10. They are closing the building for now, the gig that was on until 10 is finished. Everybody has to leave the building, so they can clean the venue again. We need to come back at 11. OK we’ll go back to the car. And chill there for a bit, listen to some music. We were listening to The Streets.

At 10:45 we got back to the venue. They are still not finished. At 11 sharp we’re allowed to go in. Now we waited outside. It’s freezing. If I get sick, I know where that comes from.

At 11 they were still not finished. 15 more minutes they said. Omg… it’s so cold!! In the meantime Theresa, the “support act” walked inside. Hope she’s good enough to survive the waiting on Mike later on.

A lot more people came to the venue and wanted to go inside but still had to wait. Finally at 11:15 we could go inside. They let us go first. Good. Let’s go to the toilet first. Then a drink.

The DJ booth is above the bar. We walked towards the bar, then we saw the stairs behind the bar where Theresa went up and down to get to the booth. We decided to wait there for Mike.


At about 11:30 Theresa started playing. Some good tunes but she was not very good, actually, she was shit at mixing into the next track. At about 12:30 I was so ready for her to finish but she continued.

I asked someone behind the bar at what time Mike would be on. He said 1:30/2. Really?! Omg we still have to wait at least an hour. It’s going to be really hard.

There was a guy wearing a green Streets lighter t-shirt. Classic! He was enjoying her music though. He was going mad!

At 1:30, we saw Mike coming through the back door. He saw us and we said hello to each other I got a hug and a kiss on my cheek. Then some guy explained him some things. It was time for Mike to get up the stairs to the booth.

He said to us “Come with me”, we walked around the bar and up the stairs. We were with Mike above the bar in the DJ booth. Amazing. Good view over the crowd. It was great. Mike was great. As usual. It’s good to be here. He has an amazing fan base in Germany and they are all so lovely too!!


At 3ish Mike finished. He finished his set with a few Streets tunes. Also my fave Fit, but you know it. We went downstairs again. And waited for Mike to come downstairs.

He signed with his head that we had to go through the door. There was a chill area. With a couch. We sat on the couch and chilled a bit with Mike. That guy who took Mike inside and who was explaining Mike a few things gave him some money for the taxi to his hotel and tomorrow for a taxi from his hotel to the airport.

We’re driving home right after the gig. If he knew he would have came over earlier for dinner with us. If we stayed in an hotel, we would have had breakfast together. Both would have been great. Wish we’d known.

We talked about a lot of things. Ourselves, our kids. Old memories from old festivals and gigs. The Streets, the DJ sets, Tonga. 2nd anniversary will be celebrated but they need a new venue still.

Ozzy asked him why we didn’t know about Amsterdam (He was in Amsterdam a couple of days ago for Amsterdam Dance Event). Well, he was supposed to play there but he got pushed back and back and back, and decided not to play at all, so we didn’t miss a gig in the end… but he was supposed to, so he did get paid for it and he did have fun… and we had a good night sleep….

Then after a while Mike said, we should be leaving. And he said to Oz, if I give you €50 euro’s (the money he got from the venue guy) would you drop me off at my hotel? Sure! No problem. So we got out through the back door. And walked to the parking. We sat down and oh shit…the music…Oz said. Sorry about the music.

The Streets was still on. Oz turned the volume down. Yeah we’re not expecting Mike to join us in our car to be honest. Anyway, Mike said. Do you mind turning my music off? Of course not. And we still have 6 hours to drive back home, we can listen then.

Unfortunately we arrived at his hotel very quickly. We had to say goodbye. He said I’d had to come to Tonga Glasgow or Birmingham and London. They’re all 3 in January. Haha need to talk to Mark. I can’t do all 3, as our house will also be finished in January but I’ll talk to Mark which one we’ll do. Mark wanted to go to Scotland, so big chance we’ll do that one. We decided Scotland.

Bye Mike. Thanks for everything. Thanks for a great night. See you somewhere in January I hope.

Happy birthday Oz. I know it’s not until Wednesday but this was your pressie from me.

Ready for our drive back. Another 6 hours to go. It’s about 4 am now. I fell asleep very quick. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Sorry Oz. I really tried. 3 hours later I woke up. Still about 3 hours to go. With a few stops.

We just drive home and have breakfast at my mum’s. Oz is going to lay down for a while at the backseat of his car at about 8:30. He’s very tired. So we won’t be home by 10:30, it will be later. No problem, as long as we’ll be home safe. It took us much longer then 6 hours to get back to Hillegom, but that was fine.

Can’t wait to see Roos (pronounce: Rose) again. She’ll be 1 year old in 2 weeks time.

On January 24th we got the key to our new house. We moved there on March 12th. Also in Hillegom.

(Glasgow got cancelled, but thankfully we didn’t book anything yet, because of our new house.)

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