The Streets Utrecht 2019

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 15 February 2019

My dad lives in Utrecht with his wife Marije. I leave Roos at my mum’s in Hillegom. Roos is used to be there. She lived at my mum’s during her 1st year (while we waited till our house was finished) Then my dad can come to the gig with us 😉 Mark, Ozzy and Eric will also come.

In Birmingham a couple weeks ago I spoke to Tim, because he said he could sort me and Ozzy out but not sure if I can bring Mark, Eric and my dad as well but Tim confirmed in Birmingham. Thanks so much!! I also told Mike I’m bringing my dad, there is no way back for him. Riley confirmed.

Martine and Stephan are also coming. Haven’t seen Martine for years!! I’ve met her and her Hubby in Luxemboug 2006, but we also met at Les Ardentes 2008 and Luxembourg 2008. That was the last time we met. She sent me a message last night that she was going today.

February 15th 2019

This morning I arrived home from Brussels at 3:30. I was in bed by 4. At 6am Mark’s alarm went off, cos he has to work in the morning. At 7 he actually left. I couldn’t sleep anymore. To excited for tonight!

Finished the blog from Brussels, did some washing, took a shower, had some breakfast. I felt a bit better/awake. Going to stream Brussels on the telly now.


Mark gets home at 12:45, we make some lunch then we leave Hillegom towards my dad and Marije in Utrecht. We’ll see Ozzy and Eric later!

We arrive at my dad and Marije’s house at 2ish. We get some coffee and we chill for a bit. At 3:30 we decide to walk towards the venue. It’s such a lovely weather. The sun is shining. It’s 16 degrees. It feels like spring. Lovely!!

My dad stays with Marije a little longer she’s not feeling too well. Ozzy will arrive at 5pm, Eric and My dad will be there at 5:45ish. We decided to meet up at “Het gegeven paard” the restaurant of the venue. We leave earlier because Mark would like to buy some new shoes.

When we arrive (it’s only 15 minutes walk from my dad’s) We see a few shops. Only have to go to 1 shop, cos Mark finds a pair he likes. (that’s how I shop as well, or I shop online). Then we’ll go for a drink. We’d like to sit on a terrace in the sun, but obviously we’re not the only one. We decide to sit on a terrace with a heater.


There are lots of funny dressed people in town. I first though that there were stag/hen do’s, but there were too many. Koen en Sander (2 DJ’s from a Dutch radio station) are having a fairy tale themed party in de Jaarbeurs as well. It’s very busy in town. “Koen en Sander fest” it’s called.

I get a phone call from Ozzy, he’s nearly here. Let’s go to the restaurant. And meet up there. That’s a lot easier to meet up then somewhere in town. When we arrive, Ozzy isn’t there yet, but we can see that it’s very busy. We make a reservation last minute. We can have a drink at the bar first. Ozzy arrives soon after that.

We can sit down at our table. And wait there for my dad and Eric to arrive. At 5:50 they are both here. We already know what we’re going to eat so we make a quick order.

At 6:30 I finished my food already, I walked to the box office and asked if I could pick up the tickets yet (We’re on the guest list.) And I could. The guy gave all the 5 tickets to me. This is perfect. Doors will open in an hour time. We can sit and relax and have a coffee and visit the toilet before we can get in.

The gig is upstairs, We sit down on top of the stairs. Martine comes over to us, with her husband Frédèric. OMG last time we saw her was 11 years ago!! Good to see them!!!

When the doors open (it’s actually an huge fence) we walked in, Oz and I go straight to the stage. My dad, Eric and Mark go to the lockers/Cloakroom. Oz and I stand against the fence up front at the stage. Soon Martine and Frédèric arrive, they stand next to us. Then my dad, Eric and Mark arrive as well, they stay with us.

Just before Murkage comes on, my dad moves to the balcony to sit down. I’m so curious what he will think of Murkage but especially curious about what he thinks of The Streets.

The reason why I took my dad wasn’t only that he lives in Utrecht but he has driven me to East 17 and Five gigs when I was younger. He never joined me but he always dropped me off (bless him). Now Mike is playing in his hometown, I thought it’t be easy for him to join us. My dad has no idea how happy he made me by doing this. He really has no clue.

Time for Murkage!! He didn’t tell the crowd that he’s the biggest Streets fan because he knows I am 😉

Foto 15-02-19 20 16 30.jpg
Foto 15-02-19 20 16 44.jpg

Murkage, you’re amazing!! I love you man!!

Now we have a little break before it’s time for The Streets. Mark and Eric moved towards my dad, halfway Murkage, but now they came back to us. They told me that my dad had said that he quite liked Murkage. Good to hear, but I’m more curious about what he thinks of The Streets 🙂


During Page: he puts his thump up. 👍🏼



(photo made by Jelmer de Haas) During “Let’s push things forward” Mike throws/offers Ozzy a beer. “Here catch!” (see video) Mike is impressed as well. “that was very very good” he said.

Foto 15-02-19 21 21 25.jpg
Foto 15-02-19 21 27 02.jpg


My dad liked the gig he said. He didn’t like Grimsickers and Jaykae much, that was a bit too much for him but he liked The Streets. That is the most important thing 🙂

After the gig we leave the Ronda for another drink in the restaurant. While we walk to the lockers we see Murkage. I had a chance to introduce my hubby Mark, my dad, and Eric to him. “The whole family is here” He said. He’s such a lovely guy!! Well done Dave!! I’ll miss you as well!!

Martine had met Murkage as well


Eric, my dad and Mark are getting their stuff, in the meantime I meet the brother and a few friends of Stephan but where the hell is Stephan? He’s not here… WTF?! Why not? They didn’t tell me really why he isn’t here, they said that he has to play football tomorrow, that’s no excuse, but I’ll have a word with Stephan. This is unacceptable. 😉

When we have everything we go to the restaurant. I’d like my dad to meet Mike, but I think I’ve stalked Mike enough at the past few gigs, especially yesterday. He needs his well deserved rest.

When we left to get the bus, we saw Rob. They had to leave for the bus at 1. They are going to Berlin. Our bus left at 1 as well. We said goodbye to Ozzy. Outside my dad’s house we got in our car and went home back to Hillegom.

Rob said that he’d have a word with Tim about Pukkelpop and Lowlands as well 🙂 Thanks so much!!!

Tim will keep me posted if tickets for Lowlands and Pukkelpop come available, so I have a tiny little hope for this. Thanks so much Tim!!

Thanks so much Tim and Riley for sorting us out for Brussels and today! Thanks The Streets for 4 amazing gigs!!

I’m sad that it’s over (for now). I have withdrawal symptoms already.



Love you guys!! Will miss you!! Hopefully see you at Lowlands!! And Pukkelpop.


15 thoughts on “The Streets Utrecht 2019

  1. Great blog, thanks Tess! And Great gig in lovely Utrecht. It was so good to see you after so long! Hope to see you very soon for the next gig… xxx

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  2. Leuk geschreven Tess!! Ik vond het super gezellig. Ook leuk vanaf het balkon te zien hoe de crowd los ging en hoe Mike een biertje ging halen. Bedankt voor de leuke avond!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Tess, really good read, all you lady’s need to take a leaf out of marks book and only visit 1 shop for shoes, more time for beer haha, so happy for you that your dad enjoyed Murkage and The Streets, next time there is a tour we will make more of an effort to come to the European ones.
    Keep up the good work!!

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