The Streets Lowlands festival 2019

Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, 16 August 2019

I really really really want to go to Lowlands. Hopefully Mike or Tim can help me and Ozzy out. Tickets are very expensive, if you only want to see 1 band. And for Lowlands you can’t buy day tickets, only weekend tickets. I don’t want to go a whole weekend. I only want to go 1 hour.

After their Utrecht gig I got this message from Tim:


The Prodigy was supposed to come to Lowlands as well but they cancelled. Keith Flint didn’t want to live any longer. They would have played on the same day as The Streets.

OMG On June 14th I heard that I’m going to lose my job, but on June 15th I got this message from Tim.

Image-1 - kopie.png

Oh my God!!!! I’m so excited!!! I cried. This amazing news couldn’t come on a better time. It makes me feel less sad.

June 26th

I found out that we might need parking tickets. Buying them online is a lot cheaper. I can’t bother Ozzy with this at the moment. It’s not going so well with his dad.

June 27th

We bought a parking ticket for Lowlands.

August 15th

I received my ticket from Tim. Thanks so much!!! I didn’t receive Ozzy’s ticket yet, I sent Tim a message back. Hopefully he’ll read it soon because tomorrow is the festival!!! I’ve also sent Keith (the tour manager) an email, I think that Tim is asleep. Hopefully Keith can help us with Ozzy’s ticket. Just received Ozzy’s ticket as well WOOHOO!!!


Today I have to work. I can’t focus. I’m way to excited for the festivals this weekend. And I know I will have to leave this place soon, I can’t really be bothered. Sorry Ozzy, Aoife and Matthew for stalking you with my over-excited messages.

Tonight my brother is coming for dinner, He will watch how to bring Roos to bed because tomorrow he will be babysitting her. He’s not stupid but I know my Rosie, she’s a smart kid and she will take advantage of me and her daddy not being there. We’ll be having pancakes tonight πŸ™‚

August 16th

At 6:45 our alarm went off. Mark, Roos and I get ready. Roos has to go to day care. We both drop her off. (My mum will pick her up this afternoon).

When Roos is dropped off, we go to Eric’s house. Mark will go “walkies” with Eric and Reinoud in Germany this weekend.

When I dropped Mark off I go home, I packed my stuff for Lowlands, watched some Streets music videos on the telly (streaming from YouTube) and wait for my mum to pick me up.

We go to the airport to say goodbye to my cousin. He lives in Japan but he has visited Holland. He’s going back today.


When I got home I packed my bag for Lowlands and waited for Ozzy to arrive, he dropped his sleeping stuff off and we left to Lowlands.

We arrived at about 1 but we had to park pretty far away. We needed to go to the reception, that took us about 30 minutes.

On our way we visited the toilets. When we arrived at the reception, we had to queue up, that didn’t take too long. We got our wristbands and we could go to the press/guest entrance.

We bought some coins. At 2ish we walk through the entrance of the festival. We got in. We walked towards the Heineken stage on our way we bought a pancake.

It was very quiet in the Heineken tent, we decided to sit down but it’s warmer then expected.


I wanted to check out the “market”. Ozzy didn’t really want to walk because his shoes were hurting but we walked there anyway.


Can’t believe I missed the living Pac Man:


It wasn’t very interesting, so we walked back and sat down in “the Barn” that the area for press/guests.


At 3:50 the Growlers are finished, time for us to get to the front. That was easy. There are 2 boys joining us. One of them is very ill. He was very sweaty.

We see Cassell, we have a tiny chat. He thought we weren’t going to be there. Well, we were scared we would miss it but thanks to Tim we are here. He needs to get back to work.


At 5 it’s time for the Streets. Oh my God!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Everyone said hello during the gig.

Mike kept talking about a washing machine. I tagged him last week in an promotion video from Miele. If you go inside there is a foam party. (Unfortunately it’s closing in the afternoon)


The crowd went from left to right. Mike asked if it was a “thing”. Yes it is, thanks to the Snollebollekes

When the gig was finished a girl next to me said: “wow, that was nice!” DUH!!!! I could have told her!! πŸ˜‰

After the gig Wayne was giving out playlists to a few people. He gave me the last one playlist “last one is for Tess of course” he said ❀️ Oh my God!! thanks so much!! Love you man!! He also said that he would meet up with us, but he’ll rest a bit first and have a shower.


We also saw Luuk again. Have seen him a few times before.

We also spoke to a guy, he was chilling outside the tent when The Streets started. He got goosebumps and thought, if I get that, the band is good, so he decided to go inside the tent to watch them. He ended up front. He is a fan he said.

Then we went back to the Barn. Our feet were so sore. We have blisters. We had some food and a few drinks.


At 7 Ziggy Marley started, we watched him for a little but our feet were so sore, so we went back to the Barn.


We saw Michiel Veenstra. He’s a huge Disney fan and is 1/3 of D-tales and a Kink DJ (radio)

We also saw Floortje Dessing. She does travel programmes for the television. Like Naar het einde van de wereld (To the end of the world).

It started raining a bit, and it’s getting worse later tonight. We were too late for the Dutch comedian Peter Pannekoek (Peter Pancake) anyway. And told Wayne that we’re leaving.

Wayne apologised that it all took a bit longer and asked if we would be going to Pukkelpop tomorrow. I told him we are. Wayne said that we would meet up then.

We started walking back to the car at 9:30. We’ll be home at about 11 pm.

My brother picked Roos up at my mum’s this evening. He brought her to bed (Mark’s bed) so when I get home I can get in next to her.

Thanks so much for an amazing gig guys!!!

I’m sure Mike made up for 2004 by now!! He already did in 2006, but he got another chance.

See you all tomorrow!!!

They released How long’s it been on July 17th 2019

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