The Streets Brussels 2019

Brussels, Belgium, 14 February 2019

We were supposed to go to Milan in Italy next week, but for some reason the venue cancelled the gig. I guess we’re not going.

I asked Cassell and Mike. They both confirmed

Not going to ” the very last” Streets gig now. Utrecht will be our last Streets gig (tomorrow).

Tim and Riley arranged tickets for us.

I got a bus early so I had enough time to go to Starbucks for some food. I met 2 guys there. They didn’t book anything yet, but they decided this morning that they wanted to go to Milan today. Well they preferred a place outside Europe, but everything was fully booked. There were still spaces on the plane left for Milan. While waiting for our drinks, they spoke to a Dutch lady who lives in Italy and she advised them to go to Naples instead. They might change their plans. In the meantime a Belgium man came over to us and he was slightly surprised about the enthusiasm of the boys and us ladies, he is from Brussels. “ well sir, that’s where I’m going today. I’ll be home tonight tho. I’m only going for a gig.” ”ah lovely!” he said.

Anyways I have 10 minutes left before my train leaves to Utrecht. Have a safe flight and lovely day everyone!! Good luck boys!! Enjoy Italy!! At 13:30 I got on the train to Utrecht central station. There I have to take a bus to Utrecht Papendorp. At 14:30 I arrived at Utrecht Papendorp.

I waited in the sun. The weather was lovely. Ozzy picked me up at 14:45.

At 18:00 we parked the car in Brussels. We had some food on the way when we put some petrol in the car. We walked towards the venue. Only 5 minutes walk. Oh… here is the tour bus 1 second later… oh… there is Mike!!! We said hello, I got a cuddle. Mike is going to bed. How lovely!! (Wish I could take a nap).

Then we went to AB cafe. Virina and Barbara were here. They are having dinner upstairs. We’re going to have a drink downstairs. Oz and i decided to join the queue. We let the ladies know, we’ll see them inside. When we arrived at the door, there was no queue yet, so we formed one ourselves. Other people followed us. This happened a few times before. ( also in Nottingham 2008 and Brussels 2008 And in Stuttgart 2016)

At 19:00 the doors opened. While we were waiting Rob and Sickers walked by. I got a hug from Rob. We sat down at the barrier.

After a while Virina and Barbara joined us as well. I spoke to a lovely lady, she was there all by herself. The ladies decided to get a locker, I bought a mug, the ladies let me place it in their locker. Thanks girls!!

I got a message from Martine. She’s coming to Utrecht tomorrow. Haven’t seen her for years!!

At 19:45 it was time for Murkage. He said “I’m the biggest fan, At tht moment, I was getting something out of my bag. and I said no no, that’s me… Not sure if he heard me, but he said: well maybe apart from…” then he pointed at me hahahahaha. I love you man!!! You’re awesome!!

After Murkage it seemed busier!

Just after 9:45 The Streets came on.

During Page: he lifts his glass. Cheers.

During Same old thing: he gives me a beer. He wanted me to catch, but I had my camera in my hand, I wouldn’t waste the glass He handed it over. Someone petted me on my shoulder. Very sweet 😉

During Sharp darts: he asks what day it is. They must have thought that he was joking. Or they didn’t understand him. Not sure what happened. He sounded angry.

During Going through hell he asks me if I’ll catch him if he falls. I nodded yes, he said I hope so, so do I 😉

During Fit but you know it Mike points at Ozzy… White shirted man hahahaha

AMAZING gig!!! As always!!! Thanks for the beer!!! Was very welcome!!!

Thanks for the setlist Tim!! Much appreciated!!

After the gig we went to the bar where we were earlier on. We waited outside, cos it was very busy inside. We got a drink. We met Baz again. Last time was America in 2009. Good to see you!!!

Just before midnight everyone started to come to the tour bus. We said hello to them all. Lovely to see them, although I felt like Mike was a bit annoyed. Not sure why I felt that, cos he was lovely, but I still felt it. They were supposed to leave at midnight, but they were still there, and not moving.

We decided to leave them alone and have a drink so we left, this bar already closed. We couldn’t find a pub that was still open. So we walked back. They left a little later. They drove past us.

We walked towards the parking, on our way we saw an Irish pub, that was still open. We had a drink there and we visited the toilet. Soon after that, the pub was closing down.

Time to get to our car and drive home. According to google maps we’re back in Hillegom at 3:30am. I’m writing this blog on our way home. Sleep well all!!! See you tomorrow in Utrecht Guys!!

Filmed by the venue. Shown on Facebook.


5 thoughts on “The Streets Brussels 2019

  1. I’ve read a lot of negative comments about the Brussels’ audience but that’s just who we are … Down to earth with loads of respect for the band. (Except for the wanker who grabbed Mike by the balls that is.) We don’t shout or throw stuff at the band. We enjoy the music. I, for one, danced my ass off and my throat is still a bit sore from singing along 😁 Wicked gig!! We were also going to Milan so Brussels was our last gig of the tour 😕😭 Tess and Oscar, was so lovely to see you again! Oscar, thanks for the playlist!!! Hopefully we meet again soon, Pukkelpop maybe?? Who knows ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That guy who grabbed him, didn’t mean to. But Mike was not amused. I read a comment “why are they not throwing their beer?” Omg that is the dumbest question I’ve read. Why would you throw your beer? Just drink it!! It’s a waste of your beer if you throw it.


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