The Streets Deichbrand Festival 2009

Cuxhaven, Germany, 18 July 2009

Ozzy woke me up by sending me a text a couple weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to go to this festival called Deichbrand, I said no, half asleep. Then Ozzy said, but I would like to give the ticket for your birthday. I started waking up, sort of… and asked: Is Mike playing there? Ozzy said yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t ask, duh! I thought it was better not to go, as we need to save money for the USA tour. (a couple days ago we decided to go to America for the boys in October).

Hmm… Why did I say no to a festival where Mike is playing? Aw that’s actually very sweet Ozzy!! Let’s go then. So a couple days later we booked the tickets… Cuxhaven is 4 ½ hours drive from Bloemendaal, so I thought after a festival I don’t want to go home, its better to bring our camping stuff and stay on a camping there. I’m not sure if I’m right, but I got the feeling that Ozzy didn’t stand by my idea for 100%… but he did it after all… Thanks!

July 18th

On the day of the festival we left early in the morning… I live in Bloemendaal now, in a villa (anti-squat or whatever the translation is…). When we arrived in Cuxhaven, we went to search for a camping site, but there was no-one, so we were told about another camping site by people who were just sitting in their tent. The other camping site, “the Kransburger See” camping was perfect! We set up the tent and decided to go to the festival, for some reason the camping didn’t want cars to drive between 1pm & 3 pm…. hmm… it was 2.50pm… we had to wait at the gate for 10 minutes before they let us out… oh well… we still had plenty of time. (We were not allowed to drive back to the tent either).

When we arrived at the camping/parking lot of the festival… there was a lot of mud, and weird people around. A guy in mini skirt, he borrowed from a friend (not sure if I believed him), but he was getting a bit too close with Ozzy… Maybe the guy didn’t mean to, but it looked like that… Ozzy didn’t like it… haha.

Let’s get away from them. When we arrived at the festival site. It looked OK. Not so big, looks alright. Some horrible noise started… oh my… we ended up on a hard rock/heavy metal festival… what were the Streets doing here on a festival like this? What were we doing here? Oh well…Nothing we can do about it. We needed to survive 6 hours on this very tiny festival with horrible music.

The best music they had was on an Brazilian cocktail bar, but their cocktails were very strong. We didn’t like it much, it was also pretty cold, so we took a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate to recover from the cocktail and to heat up. Then we had to hide for the rain.

FINALLY!!! Time for the Streets… HEY ROD!!! He waved back at me, Baz… asked me what I was doing there?! yeah…. good question… We were still asking ourselves the same question. It was a birthday present. Then the boys came on after the sound check, Cassell saw me and pointed at me while telling Wayne. Wayne & Cassell waved at me. Mike came on and asked me what I was doing there as well… yeah Mike… Good question, I’m not sure… Mike nearly fell when he stood on a sound box that they placed on some wires… not very secure…. thankfully Mike didn’t fall, the stage was very high… The gig was great!! Great show again!!


Until 1 of the many crowd surfers fell on Ozzy‘s head… he cracked his nose against the fence… it was bleeding so heavy that it looked like a draft was open… Ozzy went to the first aid… I never had so much space up front before. I stayed where I was at that moment, the gig was nearly finished. When it was finished loads of people asked me what happened with Ozzy, if you don’t mind I’m going to look for Ozzy. I found him really quickly. People asked Ozzy where he got his dismantled lighter shirt from, the Internet, people!…. from their official merchandise. We have more important things to do.

And the first aid told Ozzy we had to go to the hospital (Krankenhaus) to see if it was broken, so we did… And an x-ray was taken, they saw it could be broken, they weren’t sure as it was swollen.

I tweeted that we where at the hospital. While we were waiting there:

I received a tweet from Mike



Ted said:


Thanks so much guys! This means the world to me! OMG!

Ozzy has to go to the hospital in Holland next week, for a good check up. It was to swollen to be able to see everything really well.

Oh my that’s shit!! Guess it was a good thing we stayed in a tent that night, and that we didn’t have to drive back to Bloemendaal in the middle of the night, see Ozzy, you can count on me! There was a festival going on at the camping as well… but I was so tired I went for a sleep, Ozzy decided to have a drink or 2 first….

July 19th

Next day we drove home… another 4 ½ hours until we’re back in Bloemendaal.

I told Ted our plans on “The Streets Team” Facebook group. It is a private group, Ted started so we could talk to each other without other people reading it.

The facebook group was for Shep, Jamie, Emma and me. It’s been quiet since the USA tour in 2009.

Mike appeared in a video with Giggs. It’s called Slow Songs. it was released on July 8th 2008.

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