The Streets O2 Wireless Festival 2009

London, England, 4 July 2009

In the meantime, I’ve moved back to Hillegom.

July 3rd

Ozzy & I arrived at the hotel, Tony’s house in the middle of the night. We went there a week earlier to let them know we would arrive at midnight. I wanted to go to Rock Werchter festival in Belgium today on July the 3rd but Mike told me to come to Newquay instead.

No Rock Werchter then, choice is easily made.

When we arrived, I texted Nell (My Dutch friend who I know from the Colin Farrell Fansite) to let her know we arrived. She was there with 3 friends from America. Alicia, Sydney & Kristin. I also text Stephan (another Dutch friend, who I met at Rock en Seine festival and Amsterdam) to let him know we arrived, he brought his friend Rik


I also let Laurie know we arrived, she was there with Laurence. (Both Belgium ladies).

July 4th 2009

The next morning, Stephan, Rik, Ozzy & I met up for breakfast at about 11ish at Marble Arch. After searching for a place that was open at that time of the day we found an Italian place. We sat there for a while until the doors opened of the Festival.

When Ozzy & I decided to go to the festival, Stephan & Rik went shopping, Rik won money a couple of days ago, he spent it in London, good boy! Ozzy & I checked out the festival, We sat down at 1 of the picnic tables and 4 people asked if they could join, of course they could! Only Kelly, Ben, Kirsty & James never left. They thought the same way about us LOL. They were hoping that we found them annoying, but we didn’t really haha. Well, maybe a little 😉 but not enough to leave.

Time for Paul Oakenfold…. but on what stage did he play? ow OK… 2nd stage, just as The Streets… Oh my it was so warm in the tent… we left. We needed a drink. Then after not having any phone connection for a long time…. I received a message of Stephan, Nell & Laurie at the same time…

Nell was sitting under a Butterfly wing. We went over there to meet up,


and I told Stephan & Laurie to meet up with us under that wing. After a few minutes we were there all together… sitting in the sun, chatting a bit, relaxing a bit, eating & drinking…


Until 3 hours before the Streets would start, Ozzy & I decided to go to 2nd Stage, so did Stephan, Rik, Laurie & Laurence. Nell and her 3 friends decide to come later. It was very warm in the tent, I still decided to try to get to the front… It wasn’t too warm there, it was actually OK…. but I was the only one who did that.

The others didn’t believe me. They joined me just before the Streets would start… then they felt it themselves that it wasn’t too warm up front… I could have told them, “Can you help me to get to the front”? No I can’t. Where were you when I needed help?

Anyways it’s time for The Streets

What a great gig again!!! I loved the show!! Thanks Rod for the bottles of water!! No “Blip on a Screen” tho… but the gig was brilliant!!


Time to go back to the butterfly, to meet up with Nell and her friends again. The butterfly wings were all in front of the main stage… not very close but we could see the stage, so we joined Dizzee Rascal & Basement Jaxx there.

Ted promised to meet up for a drink. The festival was called O2 Wireless, but there was no connection at all…. interesting… so my message wouldn’t sent, things happen for a reason, maybe it just shouldn’t have happened.

What a great festival!!

Was lovely to meet everyone!! Time to have a drink at the bar of Stephan & Rik‘s hotel. After a while I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, time to go back to our own hotel…

Laurie & Laurence joined us for the walk, their hotel was 1 street closer then our hotel.

Sunday July 5th

We went home again back to my mum’s house. And saw a tweet from Ted.


Hmm… no phone connection. No meeting, but maybe it had to be like this. Pretty cool to be named in one tweet with Example & Professor Green. 🙂

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