The Streets Get Loaded in the Park festival 2007

London, England, 26 August 2007

At 7am we were driving from Cardiff to London, We had to drive past Reading, and there was a festival this weekend (Reading & Leeds) So we left on time, thinking about traffic jams.

NOTHING… We drove from Cardiff to London in 4 hours…. Luckily there was space on the camping in London. Yes people, there is a camping in London, at Crystal Palace, near the BBC tower. It’s called Crystal Palace Caravan park, you can also stay with a tent. We could set up the tent, freshen up and get ready to go to the festival. We asked the reception if they knew which bus we needed to go to Clapham Common. They gave us directions. We went to get the bus.

While we were waiting at the reception, there was a Chinese man trying to get a caravan spot with his tent. He wanted electricity. The reception couldn’t help him, and this man got really angry. Tbh, I’ve never ever seen a Chinese person get angry. This was a very special moment.

We arrived just after 1pm. Everything has just started about 10 minutes ago. We went to search for the Beats tent. to see where it was. We found it.

Man, like me” was on stage. Then we walked around the site to see what was there… Then I texted Emma Jones to ask where she was, I got a phone call back. I didn’t hear her well, so I asked Emma to text me back. Then we found out that she was at the VIP area of The Beats. Ozzy & I stood outside in front of the entrance and we saw her, her friend Emma and Burke sitting. While I wanted to send Emma another message they stood up and came over to us. LOL, thanx Emma, that saved me a few pennies 😉

We decided to go to the Beats tent. We stood there for a while and saw Ted Mayhem, Professor Green, Example, The Mitchell Brothers. Anyways… Emma J, Emma P and Burke decided to get a drink so we thought that’s a good idea, but unfortunately we couldn’t join them… that’s when we went our own way…

We did go back to the Beats tent… and I got a picture taken with Kevin Mark Trail


I asked Kev for a photo and he was lovely enough to do it.

Professor Green


We were in the Beats tent, and Professor Green walked by, I asked him for a photo, he said: “I am busy at the moment, I have something to do, but I will come back for that, one moment”. And he did come back. He also said after the photo was taken “I’ll be playing here at 2″. I told him “Yes, that’s why we’re here”. He thanked me. After he played there I told him that I loved him as support act of The Streets in Paradiso in Amsterdam last year. But he was way better this time. He thanked me. He was so lovely!

and Ted Mayhem.


Ted was at work, but so lovely to get this photo taken with me.

Burke walked by a couple of times. Suddenly we saw him standing backstage in the Beats tent, which was cool.

The Twang signed their new single Either Way in Birmingham, I told Burke to go there and he did. I asked him to get me something, which he did and now he had the chance to give it to me, I put the stuff in Ozzy‘s backpack.

Then after seeing:

Man like me


Professor Green & Neon Hitch


and the Mitchell brothers on stage,


We decided to go to the main stage, I wanted to get to the front again… I got told by Emma that we missed Mike DJ-ing. Not happy about that. When we arrived at the main stage The GO! team was on… not very good, but not too bad either.

Suddenly I got a message of Scott, Mike‘s cousin… “Are you here?” I text back: “I’m at get loaded in the park yes, you?” I haven’t heard of him for about half a year, since he has a girlfriend. We chatted a lot on myspace and MSN, it was a surprise, but after sending each other a couple of messages he came over to meet up with us… I heard my name. I thought, “Who knows me here?!” I looked around and we finally met. There was Scott with a friend or family member. After not talking for 5 months it was very nice to finally meet!! I told him in the text messages what Ozzy and I were wearing, he found us because he saw Ozzy‘s bald head. So easy that! haha. Scott left soon after a little chat.

Then Dirty Pretty Things came on… the first two songs were alright…. until the fans started to get mental… jumping about, pushing everybody…. from standing at the 3rd row… we lost about twenty rows… One girl was enjoying herself so much that she didn’t notice that her boob fell out of her top, until many people were talking about her, she put it back, and just continued until it was finished. Ok hold on are we not at the 3rd row anymore? We don’t  like this… but only half an hour to go… then most of the fans left… except from the first row.

There we were on the 2nd row… with a “thing” in front of us with long red hair… she was wearing a green dress and purple tights, she looked like a clown to me… She was a bit freaky… but then… she didn’t like it that I was standing behind her… so she used her long body and ass to push me away or at least it wouldn’t let me come closer to the front, anyways… I stepped aside… then she said to her friend, “Yes, she’s gone”. but a security guard had to come through, because there was a fight going on in the crowd, so they had to make space… that was my chance to get to the front. That horrible thing said to her friend “Shit, she’s back!”.

On the other side of me, there was a guy, I said to him “If Mike recognise me, I’ll give you more space”. He said to me: “He’ won’t recognise you”. I said: “Yes he will!” He said again: “No he won’t” I said “trust me, he will! and if its not me, it will be my bikini.” His reaction was: “Huh?” he looked at me, confused. I repeated myself. “If its not me, he will recognise my bikini. Just wait and see”.

Mike came on… He saw me and said “Its you again!”


That guy looked at me being shocked. I said to him “I told you so!!” then I stepped back again to the 2nd row, as I promised. That friend of that freaky thing wanted to get to the front, she asked very friendly (now she can be friendly) “Can I please get to the front?” so I pushed her very hard against the fence, and I used my elbows during the whole gig for my own comfort… then Mike came back… He said: “What happened? Was it them two? You should smack them”! hahahaha


I love Mike… He kept asking me, if I was still alright during the whole gig.


After a while another guy jumped in front of me. Mike came back again and he said “Are you still ok?” I put up my thump to show him that I was… but that guy who jumped in front of me screamed “yeah, Mike I’m ok!”… Mike said to him “I’m not talking to you!”

Whahaha, amazing!! So lovely!!

(Not my video)

That was the gig. I could go home now… I’m happy. I’m satisfied, but we’re only halfway during the holiday.

Day 10 August 27th and day 11 August 28th

We spend in London.


Day 12 August 29th:

We went to Brighton. We found an camping. Then we went into Brighton and I got really ill.


Day 13 August 30th:

We went back to Tony in Hastings, because I was so ill. This wasn’t our original plan, but I wanted to stay indoors while being ill.


Day 14 August 31st:

We drove back to Dover, on the boat to Duinkerke in France, Belgium and back home to Hillegom.


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