The Streets Get Loaded in the Park festival 2007

London, England, 26 August 2007

At 7am we were driving from Cardiff to London, We had to drive past Reading, and there was a festival this weekend (Reading & Leeds) So we left on time, thinking about traffic jams.

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The Streets Lowlands Festival 2006

Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands, 19 August 2006

I bought 2 tickets for Lowlands, one for myself and one for my friend Laura, my friend Ozzy couldn’t go, because he was on a holiday, a sailing holiday in Croatia…. what a terrible life he has…. 😉

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The Streets Luxembourg 2006

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 16 July 2006

After our gig in Amsterdam, we were very excited and wanted more gigs. We checked the internet and we found the France gig, that the girls we met in Amsterdam, were going to. We googled more and we found a gig in Luxembourg.

I got a ticket for the Streets in Luxembourg for my birthday from Ozzy, an early present, as my birthday isn’t until July 24th.

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