Tonga London 2015

London, England, 30 January 2015

Interview with Mike about Tonga and me about being a fan.

(Link does no longer work) but here are the photos;


Mike announced this Tonga edition on November 22nd. The night of another Tonga night (the 2nd Tonga) but Ozzy, Shep, Jamie, Emma, Emma, Aoife, David, Dave, Janine decided to go all together again in January. It’s like the last one in October, where we were all together. Móricz, & James are coming over as well.

I asked Murkage Dave and Mike a couple of times for a date. They didn’t know yet but now we have a date. The next day Ozzy and I booked our flight and hotel. The same hotel as last time. At New Years eve we could check in.

On December 8th

Mike let us know in his email that Tonga will not be in the Vic. We don’t have to panic if we’re flying over. There will be a party, just not in the Vic.

I sent Mike an email as well, I asked him if the venue would be near the old venue, as we booked the same hotel as last time and it would be great to crawl back to the hotel at 3am. Mike replied a couple days later, that the venue might not be in Dalston but he’ll arrange taxi’s with his cousin, to get us to the new venue if it isn’t and we’ll all go out for dinner or something. I’d love to go out for dinner. I suggested Nando’s. I explained we don’t have Nando’s in Holland, so whenever we get the chance…. 🙂

Hmm…..He wrote in his newsletter…


As lovely as Mike is…. he will do it for me 🙂

Tonga in December isn’t happening, it’s cancelled due to the fall out but Mike will play at Murkage club instead on December 11th. They will try to make the January extra fun!! I trust them 🙂

On New Years eve

We could check in and get our boarding passes. We have our boarding passes already.

January 9th

I asked Mike if there was a venue known yet for Tonga, he replied that it would probably be in The Waiting room. Not too far from the hotel (30 minutes walk), Brilliant.

January 13th

It got announced official. It will be in the Waiting Room. Lets get ready. Buy your tickets!! It’s a lot smaller, so be quick to buy your ticket before it sells out.

January 30th 2015


The flight goes very early!!! 7:10am. Why so early? We (ozzy and I) woke up at 4am :O We’re staying at my mum’s house in Hillegom at the moment, she’s on a holiday. I walked my dog Jenna, then we parked the car in Nieuw Vennep and got the bus at 5am to Schiphol. We get a drink at Starbucks and we went boarding. We are supposed to arrive at Gatwick at 7:20am (English time) but it has been snowing and freezing last night so the plane needs to be defrosted.

Half an hour later then expected we can leave. We will buy tickets for the Gatwick Express on the airport. It’s a lot cheaper then booking online and the easy bus we don’t trust anymore. It’s cheap but the service is crap.

We will have breakfast in London, we go to Shakespeare, that is a pub at Victoria station. Máté will meet us there. We go to M&M’s world to buy something. Then we go to a Disney store in Covent Garden. I bought a small Minnie Mouse. We went for a Starbucks.

After shopping we’ll go to the hotel and check in and take a nap. We need our energy for the club night. This time we’re staying 2 nights. Last time was a struggle. We need to lay in for a few hours and I need time to do some shopping for the holiday to Cabo Verde with Mark in March. We’re going to Sal . 🙂

I also received a few emails from Mike. We will meet up at Nando’s between 8 and 9.

Luckily only Dave sent me an email. Funny that he actually did. Would have told him the time anyway.

After a nap of 4 hours we were getting ready to go to the lobby and have a drink there.

At 7:45 we walked towards Nando’s. We got a table for 8. Ozzy and I, Dave and Janine, Máté, David, Aoife and Mike went for dinner. When Mike came in he said hello to everyone. To Aoife he said “Oh you smell Boozy” hahahahahaha! Thanks so much for the food Mike (Mike paid for us all 😮 ). Sorry for dragging you there though, you said it’s alright, but still… :p by the way, we do have chicken in Holland, we also have Peri Peri, but no Nando’s!

Mike also brought me a package which he was going to send me. I told him to take it today. I don’t trust the delivery guy.


It has 2 “the D.O.T.” t-shirts” in it. a the D.O.T. binocular and the “Mike Skinner ltd” mug. Thanks Mike!!!

Most of us went back to the hotel, so I could bring the package to the room, then we waited for Shep and Jamie to arrive. I gave Jamie his birthday present (stroopwafels) David and Aoife gave him a bday present as well.

When the boys were ready, we took a cab. Máté, Ozzy and I took the first cab straight to the venue. Emma and Emma text that they were there, Janine and Dave were in Wetherspoons but when we arrived at the venue, it was actually Dave and Janine who were there and the Emma’s went to “Spoons“.

Anyway after a drink we decided to go downstairs. Jeez… it is very small. Love it! Very cosy!


It got very very very warm, even the walls were wet but it’s a nice venue. There were more people who we’ve met at Tonga in October. There were many weird people at the start. It got better later that evening. Usually it’s the other way around…


Ben was there as well.


There was another guy coming over to me: “Are you Tess de Jong”? he asked me haha. “yes, I am”. 🙂 No idea who that was. If you read this, let me know please!

Mike was great! So were the others. At 3:30 we decided to leave, but not after getting new photos with Mike and we said goodbye.


We walked back to the hotel. Half an hour and it was cold but not as bad as expected. First a shower. That felt like heaven. Then we had a cup of tea. lovely! Thanks Oz! Nearly 5 am. Time for bed. More tomorrow. We won’t leave London until Sunday. Night all!

Saturday January 31st

Today I want to go to Oxford Street and Victoria’s Secret. I need a bikini for that holiday to Cabo Verde, I wrote about yesterday. Also want to go to Primark, Ann Summers, Jane Norman and the Disney Store but I can’t walk to much. My feet are sore from last night.

Hopefully Jamie likes his “stroopwafels”. Shep, Emma’s & Jamie it was great to see you last night. Hopefully see you soon! Aoife, David, Janine, Dave, Máté will see you later.

We met up at 12:30 with Aoife, Dave and Máté. We went to the Diner for breakfast. We all had the stuff we needed for the day so we left right after to go shopping.

We first went to “New Look”, but we left quickly. Then to “Ann Summers“, they didn’t have bikinis. We turned around and walked the other way. We saw the Disney store. This one is bigger then the one on Covent Garden. I bought a “Rapunzel” Barbie doll. Then we went to accessories, they had bikinis, but way too expensive, so we decided to skip Victoria’s Secret as well, might be even more expensive, so we went to Primark. I saw 2 bikini’s only £3 each. so I bought them both. Great colors as well!! There was a huge queue for the fitting room but I wasn’t sure of my size, as it’s different here from Holland, so I had to queue up. Anyway…

While we were in another queue to pay Máté left. He had to catch his plane. Finally after this long queue we could get a drink. We went to the pub.

At 7 we meet up with David, Aoife, Janine and Dave for dinner at the hotel. Nearly the same group as last night. The most important person is missing. We mean Máté of course. 😉

After dinner we go out for some drinks. We go to the Vic. That is where Tonga October (and November) was. Aoife has her own fragrance “La Boozy” Thanks to Mike she came up with the name for his and her perfume.


I had such a great night. One of the best ever. I laughed so much. My jaws and my belly are sore from laughing so much. Cried from laughing. Thanks so much Aoife, David, Dave, Janine & Ozzy. See you all in the morning for breakfast.

In the meantime I received a message that Máté that he was still at the airport Luton. It’s 00:30 and he was supposed to leave at 9 😮 he’s OK with Strawberry cake and champagne but still I wouldn’t like it. Hope he’ll get to go home soon.

We decided to have breakfast at 9:45.

Sunday February 1st

At 9ish we woke up. I got a text from Máté that he was on the train home. He sent me that at 5am. Good he’s nearly there. I also got a text from Aoife, more a confirmation if we were still having breakfast. Of course La Boozy! Soon Aoife, David, Dave and Janine joined us.

Now it’s time to say goodbye unfortunately. Aoife and David have to catch their plane. We went upstairs. I took a shower. When I finished that, tea was ready. Thanks Oz 🙂 when we finished that, Ozzy took a shower. At 11:30ish we left the room, checked out and got into town. On route to Camden Town.

I wanted to buy (fake) Allstars trainers, but hand painted.  I thought about the Disney castle. But I had not enough space in my bag, so I took their business card, I can also order online. I did see Game of Thrones t-shirts though. I bought Mark a pressie. A t-shirt, it says “Sorry ladies I’m in the Nightswatch” and I bought myself a t-shirt “I’m not a Princess, I’m a Khaleesi” 🙂 then we left to Covent Garden. We went to the Nags head for a drink. It’s time to go to the airport. When we arrived at Victoria station we still had some time for dinner. We went to Nando’s. It wasn’t the same without you guys (Mike, Máté, Aoife, David, Dave and Janine). Still tasty though.

We are on our way by train to the airport. Only half an hour. We have our boarding passes already so we can just go through. Security goes quick. We got a Starbucks and then we waited till the gate got announced. That took a while but the plane was delayed. It took ages until we could board.

We saw John, John works at V&D where I work a lot at the moment. We’re an hour late. Not good!! Flight didn’t take long though. So in the end we were only half an hour late. When we were outside to catch the bus, we didn’t have to wait, the bus arrived at the same moment as we did and as soon as we sat down it drove off.

When we get home, back to Hillegom, I get Ozzy’s pics on my laptop, while that’s happening I pack my bag to go to my mum’s house so I can be there for Jenna, as my mum is on a holiday still. My brother Paul took care of her this weekend. With a little help from Mark.

It’s good to see Mark, Jenna (dog) and Pino (bird) again but I had an amazing weekend thanks everyone who was involved.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go to another Tonga soon.

Just saw John at work. I told him it was my 17th time in London, that I actually only got there for Mike. He knew Mike (not personally, but he knew who I was talking about) 🙂

The D.O.T. released Shake your business & pour on November 1st 2014:

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