Tonga London 2015

England, January 30th 2015


Interview with Mike about Tonga, and me about being a fan.

(Link does no longer work) but here are the photo’s:

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Mike Skinner London 2014

England, April 18th 2014


Monique and I go to London for the weekend. We go shopping. It’s our ladies weekend, as our man are on a lads weekend in Budapest. Flight and hotel were already booked.

Then Moricz Mate told me that Mike will be playing in London in The Old Queens Head on April 18th. While I was updating my website, I discovered that we would be in London as well. I was very excited, I’m going.

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The Streets Brixton 2009 (re-scheduled)

England 23rd of June 2009.


I went to see Emma a day earlier, ‘cos I wouldn’t want to be missing the gig if my plane would be delayed. Mike told me on twitter that there would maybe be a gig “for the fans” a night earlier. so i changed my flight for June 22nd in the morning while I booked an evening flight in the first place. There was no gig for the fans.

Anyways I met Emma at work at noon, we took a lunch break together, then Emma had to get back to work and I read a book. After work, Emma and I went to see a movie, we saw “The last house on the left” OH MY!! you have to see it!! its really good! Its horrible what happens tho… but its a brilliant movie.

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