Mike Skinner at Southern Sunset festival 2022 (cancelled again)

England, September 17th 2022,

Rescheduled from August 6th.

The one in august got rescheduled to today, because financial problems. This time it’s postponed again. To 2023 this time.

I want our money back, but we can’t ask for a refund until a new date is announced. I find that ridiculous.

They didn’t give a reason why they cancelled it. I can only guess that they didn’t sell enough tickets or there were not enough big artists who wanted to play, or whatever. Still financial problems I think.

Hopefully I get to see Mike elsewhere soon.

They rescheduled the festival to July 30th. Ozzy and I can’t go. Ozzy and I got a refund. They only gave you 7 days time to ask for a refund. Rediculous.

Luckily Mike gave us a new Streets video on August 11th:


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