Mike Skinner at Southern Sunset festival 2022 (cancelled)

England, August 6th 2022

After Mike’s gig in March I was very excited and very tempted to go. We want VIP access cos then you can stand up front.

On March 28th Ozzy and I bought the hotel and the tickets for this festival. We will be going by car and boat probably, but we wait with booking this until we know more about Mike’s timetable. The festival will let me know.

Neither can we.

On April 15th we booked the boat anyway, The early one from 10am, cos if something happens we can take a later one at noon or 2 pm. We thought about the 2pm one, but if that didnt go for some reason……, we might not be on time. Better to be safe then sorry.

On June 9th the festival announced that the festival is changed to September 17th. Financial thingy. Luckily Ozzy and I could change the hotel and boat to the new date.


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