Mike Skinner Amsterdam Dance Event 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18 October 2019

October 17th 2019

At 8am I got a message from Ozzy. Is Mike playing in Amsterdam tomorrow?! WHAT?! Why didn’t I know that?! Wow Oz!! Well done, just in time!!! Are we going?! It took a while before Ozzy answered.


In the meantime I made sure Mark will be home tomorrow for Roos and he is. Then I called Ozzy. Yeah let’s go! Ozzy will be in Amsterdam already for his work. I will be working in Leiden.

I also let “Strange days indeed” know. He would like to keep his name private.



18 October 2019

It’s time to get excited. Well… I’m excited since yesterday morning. It’s very last minute but Mike is coming to Dam. Maybe he knew for a while, but we didn’t.

I first have to work today. It’s going to be a long day, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

At 6:45 my alarm goes off. Roos wakes up as well. So does Mark. We will have breakfast, then we say bye to daddy Mark. At 8 it’s time to bring Roos to school (daycare). Then I head to work.

At work, during my lunch break I heard from the venue, that Fredo is no longer locked up, I let Mike know and Mike will close the evening, so he is the headliner. He will be on late. Still don’t know what time, but it will be late.

I finish at 5:30. It’s time to hurry home. I arrive at 6. Time for dinner. I couldn’t eat. I’m a bit nervous or something like that. At 7 we bring Roos to bed and at 7:45 I leave.

I take the bus and train towards Amsterdam. I go to Starbucks and wait for Ozzy to come over. He’s in Amsterdam already, with work.

After about 30 minutes he arrives, we walk towards Bitterzoet. It’s not open yet, so we go to the pub across the Street. We have a few drinks. At 11 this pub closes.

Before we left we spoke to a guy. He’s also playing at Bitterzoet tonight. Sandor Dayala is his name. He gave us the timetable. Mike will be on at 1:20. Doesn’t sound like he’s the headliner but this is better.

Last time I’ve been to Bitterzoet, is nearly 9 years ago, for Professor Green. Anyway… now it’s time for Mike.

Time to go to FEBO first, I am hungry now. I had a Frikandel speciaal.

Then we go to Bitterzoet. It’s still pretty quiet. Black mamba was on stage. Not bad!! After her Ray Fuego came on, omg terrible!!! Luckily he didn’t play to long. Then this Sandor guy came on. Not bad! Not bad at all!

Strange days indeed” arrived as well. I gave him 1 of the notes Sickers sent me (I kept the one with the siggy).


I was very tired. So I kept yawning, sorry Sandor, it wasn’t you. Then it was time for Fredo.

Then Mike arrived. I got 3 kisses (that’s what we do in Holland). Mike brought Ping Pong. Mike and I had a little chat. Mike is leaving to Walt Disney World at 6am 😭🙀❤️ He couldn’t make me more jealous! He doesn’t have space in his suitcase 🙈


Strange days indeed” and his friend got his photo taken with Mike.


Fredo wasn’t on to long but at 1:30 it was time for Mike. Amazing!!!! Mike had so much fun!!!! The set was great!! Ping enjoyed himself as well, and another guy, no idea who he was.


After the gig he left quickly. So did we. We didn’t even say goodbye to “Strange days indeed“. But we went towards the car, we past the backstage door, we saw Mike there.

Mike said: “Hey”. He sounded like he was really pleased to see us. Ping said to Mike: “Mate, he (Ozzy) needs a photo mate”. Then Mike replied: “No man, they are gang!” Then Ping took a few photos of us anyway.


Then Mike said: “look at her (mine) phone cover”. So Ping did that and he saw the Streets lighter.


Then we fist bumped each other.


“Wow respect” he said.

Mike said: “Well I’m going to Disney, if you have any tips?” “NO, I have never been to WDW.” I said. Mike replied: “WHAT?!!!!!” “I could help you with Paris but not WDW. That is still a dream for me”. I said. We wished Mike a lot of fun at Disney and a safe flight! and we left.

We walked towards the ferry. Which brought us to Amsterdam Noord. Then we had to walk for about 45 minutes to Ozzy’s car. We drove past Schiphol. We waved at Mike. I got home at 4:30. Ozzy still had to drive home. I wrote the blog in the car.

They released Take me as I am on October 2nd 2019

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