The Streets in Amsterdam 2020 (cancelled)

The Netherlands, 9th of April 2020

On Roos’ 4th birthday, November 19th 2019, Strange Days indeed sent me a photo. The Streets are doing 3 gigs in a row in The Netherlands in 2020.

I asked Mike for help


OMG Thanks so much Mike!!!

January 13th 2020 Matthew Hendo got his tickets for Amsterdam (and Rotterdam) as well. On January 17th he booked his hotel for Amsterdam.

Aoife booked her flight on February 6th, She and David will be coming to Amsterdam as well!!

Martine & Frédèric are also going.

Stephan, Strange Days indeed, Mark, Virina, Callum & Chelsea, Dave & Janine are also thinking about going.

This gig is cancelled because of the Corona Virus 😦 (It’s rescheduled on July 17th).

They did release a few videos

Surrounded was released on February 7th 2020

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