The Streets Amsterdam 2006

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28 May 2006

I’m very curious, I don’t know what to expect. First time I’m going to see The Streets live. We’ll see what they are like…

We take the train from Hillegom to Amsterdam. We arrive at about 2pm at Paradiso, very early… way too early. There is nobody there yet. We get some food. We’re going to “Aran Irish Pub” at Max Eeuweplein, we had Spare-ribs. Well Ozzy and I had, Patricia ordered a hamburger.

At 5pm we went back to Paradiso. There is only the three of us and two girls waiting in front of the venue to get in. The doors open at 6pm. As I said, I’m not sure what to expect really….


We chat a bit with the girls, they told us that they are going to see The Streets in France next week. Cool! That’s dedication!! Would love to do that as well, but I can never ask for time off, that is too short notice. And I don’t really know The Streets anyway.

After a while, Mike walks by, I don’t even recognize him, but these two girls did. We were having a chat, but the girls get distracted and ignored me for a few seconds, because of Mike… Also The Mitchell Brothers and Professor Green. When the doors opened, the two girls in front of us, still have to buy a membership card, we have bought them earlier today at a shop “Uit” at Leidseplein. We stood on the first row. There is nobody there yet, except the 3 of us. We stand against the stage, there is no fence, where do I have to leave the banner? I placed it on stage.


(Not my photo, found it on flickr)

I’m not used to this. Usually when I go to a gig it’s so busy, that I can never reach the first row. I love this 🙂 Well I managed once before, for a Robbie Williams gig, but don’t ask me how… it was a struggle.

When Mike comes on stage, he reads the banner and puts up his thump and winks at me… twice…. The banner said “Fancy a date in the Grasshopper?” (see photo above, or previous blog)

I also have to say “ow, ow, ow” through his microphone…


(Not my video, found it on youtube and copied it)

(Not my video)

He was posing for me when I took a photo


And during” fit” he says: “I want all the fit girls on stage”… there are lots of girls getting on stage …

I’m not like that, call me too shy, but it’s not something I would do voluntarily. Mike comes over and stands right in front of us…Ozzy, Patricia and a few guys around us were pointing at me, so… Mike grabs my hand and he pulls me on stage…. there I was… on stage… with the Streets, and about about fifty other girls.

(Not my video, found it on youtube and copied it)


Mike‘s shoe got stolen, while he did some crowdsurfing, then he walked off.


Patricia got very ill that evening. She probably didn’t drink enough. She didn’t want to go to any gigs anymore. I didn’t get the impression that she enjoyed herself much either.

If I go to a gig and you want to join me, that is absolutely fine, the more the merrier, but I want to be sure you are enjoying yourself. If you don’t, I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to entertain you. I’m not a babysitter. You’re on your own then. Sorry!

Time to go home, back to Hillegom.

I haven’t seen Patricia since, until she became a colleague of mine… but she didn’t fit in the team so she had to leave. Haven’t seen her since.

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