The Streets Amsterdam 2008

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6 November 2008

I had to work till 1ish in the afternoon. 12 more hours to go until the gig. I needed to do some shopping for a new outfit. before I went home in Haarlem. I went to Wonder Woman in Haarlem. Next to V&D (V&D and Wonder Woman no longer exists). I bought a new coat, scarf, jumper & a pair of leggings, then I went home, got changed, grabbed my stuff and left to Amsterdam by train.

We, my friends Laura and Ozzy, and me, would stay the night at Chris (my uncle)’s house. I met Laura at about 3ish in Amsterdam. We put our suitcases and bags in a locker at Amsterdam central station and went into town. Emma J & Emma P went for a nap. I’ve got no clue what Burke and Shep have been up to (What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam I guess) besides visiting the Red Light District.

We went to Leidseplein, Laura wanted to know where Paradiso is. So we walked via Damrak to the Dam, via de Kalverstraat to de Munt, then via the Regulieredwarsstraat to Leidsestraat, that’s when I got nervous. We were close to Leidseplein, the American Hotel is on Leidseplein, That’s where the boys were staying tonight. Paradiso is nearby as well, big chance to spot the boys.

So while we were walking to the Leidseplein via Leidsestraat, I saw Mike Skinner & Magic Mike shopping. I didn’t want to bother them, we followed them for a short moment, but we let them go…. Still regret that we didn’t say hi. Laura and me bought a drink at Burger King and drank it near the hotel. Laura still hasn’t seen Paradiso, so we decided to have a look.

After that we got the tram back to central station. We were way too early so we got some food at Burger King on Central Station. Then we grabbed our stuff and took the tram to my uncle’s house. We arrived a bit too early. It was about 6pm. My uncle said that he would be home by then, but not long after that he arrived. We dropped our stuff. Got a drink and at about 7ish we went back to the center.

We arrived there at about 7.30. I phoned Emma, they were in Belgica (That pub is closed now) a bar close to Paradiso. Burke waited for us outside, then we went into the bar with him, Shep and the Emma’s were there as well. We had a couple of drinks, Jamie showed up at the moment we were about to leave and we went to the Bull Dog.


Burke looks like a serial Killer in this photo, but he isn’t 😉

After a while Rod showed up. Then my friends Ozzy, Stephan, Folker and Robin showed up.


I was very pleased to see that everybody got along so well.

In the meantime Rod left. We went to an Irish pub (Dan Murphy’s) around the corner from the Melkweg.

At about 11pm, I wanted to go to Paradiso to queue up, but the pub started playing The Streets songs. So we left a little later. After 15 minutes we (Laura, Ozzy & me) left after all. When we arrived there at the venue, Johnny, Kevin, Wayne & Sasha (Beat Stevie) were standing outside. We said hello and had a little chat. The Dutchies didn’t recognize them and wanted to queue up behind them ha ha.

The doors opened at 11.30. We went inside and it was so quiet. Laura, Ozzy and me walked in, and we were up front again. I lied to Stephan when I said that it was busy, but it helped cos after about 5 minutes Emma J, Emma P, Shep, Jamie, Stephan, Folker, Burke and Robin arrived as well… we were all up front.

Sean and Rod walked on stage to get the stage ready for the boys. The 2 girls who we met at the Amsterdam gig in 2006 were there as well, they asked what the banner was about. I explained them about Nottingham.

At about 1am the Streets started.

During the Escapist Mike Pointed and smiled at me, as I had a banner which said “The bikini is back”. (Remember my last blog?) I let Mike borrow my bikini, so I didn’t wear it).


I met the 2 girls, we were talking to in Amsterdam 2006 again. Also some other people who we had met back then. They asked about the banner and the bikini, what it was all about? I explained them.

Mike was posing for us when we took a photo:


Mike showed us his belly, he looked at me, I couldn’t resist, he let me tickle it. I tried to reach it. Mike helped me by coming closer and going through his knees….


After that he said “Ill see you in my hotel room”

As if….

(not my video)

At the end of the gig someone kicked a drumstick of Johnny towards me, thanks! Then Burke gave me the other one… so I have them both! Thanks Burke


After the gig we tried to look for the boys, we also lost Shep, he was with the boys. Hmm…. We looked at the wrong place, Oh well, I really enjoyed the gig.


Ozzy, Laura and I had to go back to my uncle’s house and have our beauty sleep for the next day, we had another gig tomorrow in Luxembourg.

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