The Streets Relentless Freeze Festival 2011

England 29th of October 2011


Ozzy & I woke up at 7ish. Took a shower and we got the bus at 8.20 to the airport. We are going to see The Streets in Battersea.

We had our boarding passes already, and only hand luggage as we were only going for 1 night. We got through the passport check to Starbucks in lounge 3 and when we finished our coffee we went through the luggage check. We were boarding at 9.30 and just after 10 the plane left. We arrived at Gatwick at 10 (English time). We got the Gatwick Express to Victoria Station on our way, we passed Battersea, we saw the festival & the Snowboard ramp already.

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The Streets Brixton 2011

England 5th of March 2011


My friend Ozzy & I Woke up early to go to the airport. Our plane was supposed to leave at 9:05, but it all took the airport crew a bit longer so it was a little later, Thankfully the flight didn’t take too long.

We arrived very early at Airways hotel Victoria, it was 10.30 and we couldn’t check in until 1.30, Time for breakfast. we were staying in the area of Buckingham palace, so also the prices in the shops/restaurants were for people who could afford that. We had breakfast in a pub for 25 pounds. Not going to do this tomorrow.

When we finished we went to Victoria Station. Laurence would arrive soon. We went to do some window shopping. i didn’t want to spend any money, as I didn’t have much. and breakfast was way more then i could afford. I needed all the money I had for The Streets merchandise.

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The Streets Relentless Boardmasters Festival 2009

England 7th of August 2009


On twitter I asked Mike what to do: Rock Werchter or Newquay? Rock werchter was on July 3rd. Wireless was on July the 4th. I already booked everything for Wireless. Might have been a struggle to get from Belgium to England in time for both festivals. but I would have tried, but Mike’s answer on Twitter made me change my mind.

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The Streets O2 Wireless Festival 2009

England 4th of July 2000.


On July 3rd Ozzy & I arrived at the hotel, Tony’s house in the middle of the night. We went there a week earlier to let them know we would arrive at midnight. I wanted to go to Rock Werchter festival in Belgium on July the 3rd. but Mike told me that Newquay would be better, he would also book an hotel in my name. Choice was easy made after this offer, so No Rock Werchter then.

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The Streets Brixton 2009 (re-scheduled)

England 23rd of June 2009.


I went to see Emma a day earlier, ‘cos I wouldn’t want to be missing the gig if my plane would be delayed. Mike told me on twitter that there would maybe be a gig “for the fans” a night earlier. so i changed my flight for June 22nd in the morning while I booked an evening flight in the first place. There was no gig for the fans.

Anyways I met Emma at work at noon, we took a lunch break together, then Emma had to get back to work and I read a book. After work, Emma and I went to see a movie, we saw “The last house on the left” OH MY!! you have to see it!! its really good! Its horrible what happens tho… but its a brilliant movie.

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The Streets Get Loaded in the Park festival 2007

England 26th of August 2007


At 7am we were driving from Cardiff to London, We had to drive past Reading, And there was a festival this weekend (Reading & Leeds) So we left on time, thinking about traffic jams.

NOTHING… We drove from Cardiff to London in 4 hours…. Luckily there was space on the camping in London. Yes people, there is a camping in London, at Crystal Palace, near the BBC tower. It’s called Crystal Palace Caravan park, you can also stay with a tent. We could set up the tent, freshen up and get ready to go to the festival. We asked the reception if they knew which bus we needed to go to Clapham Common. They gave us directions. We went to get the bus.

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