The Streets Leffingeleuren Festival 2009

Leffinge, Belgium, 18 September 2009

We needed to arrange tickets. The tickets were sold out. I text Ted and asked him. We were dying to go. I let him know I was coming with 2 friends. He got us sorted. It was me +2. Cheers Ted!

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The Streets Open Source Festival 2009

Dusseldorf, Germany, July 25th 2009

Ozzy & I went from Bloemendaal to Dusseldorf early in the morning to go to a camping and set up the tent. We found the Strandbad Nord Unterbacher camping, we set up the tent and it started raining a lot. We still had to bring in our sleeping stuff. Oh well after a few minutes it was dry again and the sun was shining. So we could finish it. In the meanwhile, I had contact with Laurence, She let me know that Laurie wouldn’t join us as she didn’t feel too well, Laurence was coming alone. At about 1pm we arrived at the festival, and I text Laurence to let her know where we were.

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