The Streets Amsterdam weekender 2022 (Cancelled again)

The Netherlands, April 29th 2022

Last year The Streets were supposed to come to Amsterdam for a whole weekend. Unfortunately it got cancelled because of Corona. but it has been rescheduled to this weekend. So here we are.

Tom who helped us with the tickes is no longer working for Pollen. Luckily the support of Pollen is very helpful.

Matthew is still going, but his friend Isy isn’t. Matthew will bring Joe with him. Aoife and David are still going. So are Dave and Janine, Dominika and Virina and Barbara.

Adam, Clare & Andy, Máté and Callum and Chelsea are no longer going.

Shep, Shep3rd and their friend are not 100% sure yet. But They were only going to the Streets gig. Not to all the other parties.

Day 1 April 29th 2022

Today we’re going to have DJ sets from international DJ’s personally picked by Mike.

Day 2 April 30th 2022

Today we will have the coffee shop take over in the Bull dog on Leidseplein. and the Full Streets gig and after party.

Day 3 May 1st 2022

Today we have the boat party

On December 16th we received an email from pollen that they are looking for new dates to reschedule this weekend to 2023

On August 27th I received a message from Dominika, that Pollen isn’t doin well. I’m afrid that there wont be a rescheduled weekend and that we won’t see our money back. We did ask for a refund, but it isn’t looking good. News about Pollen


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