Mike Skinner in London 2022

England, March 25th 2022

No gigs in 2020 or 2021 because of covid. I had a few Streets gigs booked for 2022, all of them got cancelled, but Mike is still DJing. Ozzy and I go to XOYO to see Mike. Now we’re going out for just a night out in London. Matthew will join us as well.

I have never been this long without seeing Mike. Even when I was pregnant with Roos it didn’t take that long. On January 27th we got our tickets.

On March 23rd all restrictions are gone. We don’t need to get tested to come home. England got rid of their restrictions already.

At 11:30 Mark brings us to the airport – bless him! As soon as I step foot in the airport I’m on holiday. Luckily we went early because the security and passport control took pretty long. We got a Starbucks and went to Gate D24. A bit later then expected we left but the flight was only 35 minutes.

There was a guy sitting next to me. We had a little chat. He was visiting a friend who moved to London with his girlfriend. After he asked what our plans were, I told him that we are going for a night out. I explained him it was for Mike from The Streets. He seemed to know The Streets. He said he might come tonight but he had to talk to his friend first. They had other plans I think because we didn’t see him.

We took the train from Gatwick to London Bridge station. On my way I asked Emma if she had a website for the public transport in London. She had but asked why I was in London. I told her Mike was playing in XOYO. She tried to go as well but she couldn’t make it in the end.

From the London Bridge station we took the bus to Old Street bus stop. That was next to the venue and Matthews hotel. We went to Wetherspoons for some food. Matthew met up with us there.

After this we went to the venue but it was freezing outside and there was nothing happening at the venue, so we went to another bar for a while to heat up, have another drink and go to the toilet. But the warmth was most welcome! Just before 10pm we went back to the venue. There was a little queue now. We joined that queue.

We had our ID/passport checked. Then we got a token (for entrance) then passport again, then we got searched. But Oz and I travelled very light. No bag, so that went quick as well. Then we had to give the token back. And we went inside. We went to the cloakroom for our coat.

Mike was playing in the basement. That wouldn’t open until 11 but Mike wouldn’t start until midnight. 2 more hours to go. Oh well we waited 2.5 years for this. 2 hours is nothing.

At 11 we went downstairs. Jonners was on. never heard of him but he was alright. There was a couple – they were dry humping each other all night 🤔 and another guy extremely proud of this tattoo of a Streets lighter. I’m so happy for him but I’ve seen it all before (love your tats Shep & Jay). I wasn’t impressed.

A little bit after midnight Mike turned up. He didn’t see me yet but that changed when he asked the ladies to make some noice, no one replied, but me. He heard it and then he saw me.

Also the wire of his ear pieces were messed up, he tried to fixed that. When he did he looked very happy at me haha.

After this he did his thing. Amazing night.

Master Peace and Jaykae were there. As well as a few others but I liked them the most. What a night! Amazing!!

Tim was there as well. Haven’t seen him in years either. He waved at us. At the end of the gig, when the lights got on he left but not before he gave us a high ten. He asked if we just came over for this, euhm…. Yes… because our flight home goes at 8am. You’re leaving to the airport just after this? Yes! You guys are absolutely crazy. Hahaha maybe 🤔

At the end of the night, Mike said he would come out and dance with us (the crowd) and he did. And he walked over to us. There was a girl wanting his attention but he put up is finger, saying she had to wait at her turn, and she made space for me. I got my very much needed hug. We had a tiny little chat. And Ozzy got a “Bro” hug. Thanks Mike. You were amazing. I was so tired but after this I got a little more energy. At 4 it was supposed to end but they enjoyed it too much, so continued a little longer.

Congrats on 20 years of OPM!!

We picked up our coats, we were nearly the last one. And then we went outside and find our bus stop. That was just up the road and also on its way to Matthew’s hotel. We had the bus at 5 am or so. On our way to this venue in the bus, we scanned our debit card and they took £24 deposit. We thought we had to check out, like we have to do in the Netherlands but we had no idea how. So we thought we lost £24 but when we got on the bus again, back to London Bridge station we asked the driver what to do, his English wasn’t very good and didn’t understand us. 2 ladies told us that we don’t have to check out, but at the same time the bus driver told Ozzy already that we could take a seat. We checked our bank balance and we saw that they gave money back indeed. We paid £1.65 or something like that. So we had a free bus drive, then we took the train to the airport. The security went very quickly. We went to Starbucks for something warm to drink and some food.

We still had an hour. We took a nap on very uncomfortable chairs but the nap was much needed. At 7 am it was time to walk to the gate. When we got on the plane we took another nap. Just after 10am Dutch time we landed. Mark picked us up. Bless him. Roos stayed at my mums. She would bring Roos to her swimming lesson. Bless my mum as well.

When we got home Ozzy and I went to take a nap, but I couldn’t sleep. I decided to write this blog instead. But I have to finish it on my laptop, to be able to add photo’s and videos. I will do that after I take a bath. We woke Ozzy up at 4pm, for dinner.

Ozzy stayed the whole weekend. He went home on sunday after Max Verstappen.

On March 29th I tested positive. Thanks UK, loved every minute of it. Would do it again!!

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