The Streets Amsterdam weekender 2021 (Cancelled)

The Netherlands, April 30th 2021

On July 29th Mike posted about a huge announcement that would come tomorrow. Will this be about the live stream?

On July 30th there was no announcement, he apologized and said that it would be moved to Monday the 3rd of August.

On Monday there was no announcement, but we got a new video:

The announcement will be coming on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday August 4th I woke up with the message that there will be a Streets Amsterdam weekender from April 30th till May 3rd 2021.

OMG 😆 This is amazing!!! I can’t believe it. A whole weekend in Amsterdam! I’d better ask some time off. I was bouncing in my bed!! Mark was only laughing at my excitement. Hopefully Corona will be gone by then.

This day we went to Amsterdam. We went to Artis (Amsterdam Zoo) We also took public Transport. You have to wear a mouth mask. I am promoting The Streets for next years weekend .

On August 18th we got an email from Pollen that the ticket sale will start on Thursday. Hotel packages are extremely expensive especially the better hotels, but there will also be party tickets only, then you need to book an hotel yourself. Hopefully we can get these tickets. And book an hotel if we have more idea about the locations of the party’s. Where will Mike be staying?

Ozzy and I decided to get party tickets only. We booked Ibis Hotel Stopera.

On August 19th, i got contacted by Tom, he claimed to be working for Pollen and he could help me with discount and VIP treatment. At first I tought it was dodgy. I decided to ask him a couple of questions first. He replied to them all. I got him in touch with Matthew as well, cos he had a question about twin rooms. If in the end he did walk away with our money… Sorry about that, but we had to get tickets through the actual website of Pollen. It all looked real.

On August 20th the tickets got on for sale. We do have tickets. don’t ask us how. We asked Tom to give us 1 link for both our tickets, so Ozzy could pay them with his credit card. it would be easier for just 1 link, and both tickets at once. but when Ozzy was getting the tickets, he did get 1 link, but he had to pay for us seperately for us afterall. Thats not what we asked for, and not what he told us, but when I contacted Tom again, he told me that their system just works like that. We did get tickets, but it would have been nice if he told us yesterday.

Anyway Matthew and his friend Isy got tickets as well. Also Aoife & David, Adam and a friend, Clare & Andy, Máté and Virina & Barbara, Also Dave and Janine are going. And so is Shep, his brother Simon (Shep3RD) and a friend. And Callum & Chelsea and Dominika are going 😱 Maybe Jamie, Olav and strange days indeed.

There are also a few others going, but I don’t know them personally, only speak to them on Instagram.

On our order we can’t see that we have VIP. Neither can Matthew. According to Tom, that’s correct. I hope we will get the stuff we need for that later.

VIP is not very interesting. It means not queing up to get in, well… I guess that’s helpful. Also free drinks. That’s actually pretty good. and VIP lounges when we can sit and chill and take photos. but it’s not meet and greet, so who do I have to take photos off? I guess we’ll use it for free drinks and not queing up.

On March 1st we heard that this was cancelled as well due Corona. They are looking for a new date. Fingers crossed it’s far away enough. I don’t think I can handle another cancellation.

On March 2nd we cancelled our hotel as well. Maybe next time Oz and I can actually stay at my uncle’s house.

It’s been rescheduled to next year, same weekend. April 29th to May 2nd 2022.

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