The Streets in London/Hillegom 2020

England/The Netherlands, 6th August 2020

The boys were supposed to do a bunch of Drive in shows but these got cancelled because of Corona as well. This is not a good year!

But we do get a live stream gig from them.

None of us are getting out of this LIVE alive.

When I spoke to Mike at Zoom on 16th July 2020, he said we might be able to actually go there. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! I really really really need an actual gig.

We couldn’t be there but that’s ok. It didn’t feel safe to go there. Ozzy will watch this at our place.

3 hours before it started we logged in. “Tiny” bit early but the live chat was fun.

At 10 pm (Dutch time) it started. This was amazing!!! They put so much effort in this. It was a gig, different settings, also some sort of videoclips setting. It was amazing! Wow!!!!

During the gig I got a video call from Nouch & Chris, but we hung up when Dry your eyes started.

They called back later, but I was working on my blog and the baby phone was on. I couldn’t pick up this time.

I’ve got this on video, but I’m not going to add this on here. It has been filmed officially, so it might be for sale some day. I don’t know what Mike is going to do with it. I don’t want any problems. If he didn’t sell them by next year, I’ll add the video online.

They released the video of None of us are getting out of this life alive on August 3rd 2020

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