The Streets Teeside 2020 drive in (Cancelled)

England 2nd August 2020,

The Streets are having a bunch of Drive in shows. The UK is still code orange again so Oz and I can’t go but if that change we will go to Teeside on 2nd August. It’s also Matthew’s birthday and we will be going with him and his friends. They have enough space in their car.

We will be going by boat to Hull, that’s €400,- cheaper then taking the boat to Newcastle. We will go by Ozzy’s car and stay in a hotel near the venue. We could park our car there and then jump in Matthews friend’s car.

On July 10th 2020 the UK opened for us. We are checking the Corona guidelines in the UK and we were very close to booking.

But on 16th July we heard that these gigs got cancelled as well.

Cancelled because of Corona

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