The Streets Made Festival 2020 (Cancelled)

England, 1st August 2020.

I read on Sickers‘ Instagram that this festival is coming. Also Máté and Strange Days Indeed sent me this.

I need to know a date. Mark, Roos and I are planning a holiday in the UK this summer. I might be able to go to this festival as well. I need to discuss this with Mark.

I asked Cassell and Mike if it’s a Saturday. They both confirmed that its a Saturday and on 1st August. Oh this looks perfect. Instead of going home on the 1st, we can extend the holiday? Hopefully Mark agrees with this.

We will add this festival to our holiday. Mark will be staying with Roos. I will be going to the festival. I hope Ozzy is going as well.

Mike told me he would put me on the guest list.

I had contact with Shep & Jamie. Shep said he was 10000% sure he’s going.  Jamie wanted to know the price first.

If Jamie is going he can drop me off at the camping of Drayton Manor. We plan go go here the day after. If Jamie is not going we will stay at an hotel nearby.

I’m also waiting for my work to confirm my days off. I got time off. So our trip was scheduled but we didn’t book anything yet.

This festival is also cancelled due Corona Virus

I’m sad. I’m gutted for the boys. We aren’t going to the UK now, as it has code orange. You will need 2 weeks in quarantine going into the UK and 2 weeks in quarantine coming back to Holland.

We booked Centerparcs in Holland instead (for a long weekend).

On July 10th 2020 the UK changed from code orange to yellow, so we can actually go to the UK now but not for this holiday, this will have to wait till next year.

We might be able to go for a weekend but I’d only go if The Streets have a gig there.

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