The Streets in Amsterdam and Rotterdam 2020 (Rescheduled and cancelled again)

The Netherlands, July 17th 2020

Yesterday we were supposed to see The Streets in Rotterdam and today we were supposed to see them in Amsterdam. They were rescheduled from April but they got cancelled again because of Corona.

For the Rotterdam gig we booked a night on the SS Rotterdam. This used to be a cruise ship but it is now a hotel. We couldn’t cancel/rebook this stay as the boat is now open again. All the restaurants are open as well.

Ozzy used our booking. Matthew was supposed to stay here as well. He couldn’t cancel either and he couldn’t come over either so he decided to give it away to me. I wanted to bring Mark with me. Matthew had booked a single room, but we could easily change it to a double room. We were supposed to stay here on July 16th but we could easily change it to today. Luckily we did because I could be logged in for Zoom yesterday.

In the morning Roos and I brought Mark to work and then I brought Roos to school. When I got home I packed our bags. I streamed some Streets videos on my telly. I continued with a diamond painting I’m working on and I made sure the cats have a clean toilet, I refreshed their water and gave them some food.

Before I knew it it was time to pick Mark up. Roos was staying at my mums for the night and our neighbour will feed Simba and Nala tonight (and tomorrow morning).

After I picked Mark up we made sure the car was full, the tires were filled up with air and off we go! It was busy on the road already but at 1:30 ish we arrived at the boat.

We parked our car and went inside. Oz was waiting at the reception already (he added an extra night to his booking. He stayed here last night as well). We were a bit early. Our room wasn’t ready yet but we could drop our stuff off at Ozzy’s room.

We went to the terrace, it was a bit chilly still but they promised us sunshine later today, we just had to wait a bit longer for that. The boys got some beers and I got a Radler. It even started raining a bit, so we moved to another table. That was finished soon. We also had some lunch. Quickly the sun came out.

Our room was ready, we could check in. We were nearly neighbors with Oz, there were only 2 rooms between us. Oz has room 2010 we had 2014.

Our view:

We walked towards Maassilo. The Streets were supposed to play here yesterday. I had never been there before so I wanted to see. It was quite a walk but we found out we could get a water taxi. Good to know for if they come back next year. After taking a photo we walked back. It got really sunny and really warm. I had a huge headache. I didn’t sleep so much last night. To excited from my encounter with Mike on zoom. 😉.

We got freshened up, I took a painkiller then we went back to the terrace and we got a cocktail. I had a Mojito, Mark had something with Captain Morgan and Oz had another one. Then we moved to another table again not because of the rain but to find some shade. It was so warm and the combination of painkillers, sparkling water, a cocktail and a burning sun made me drunk already. At least I didn’t have a headache anymore 😂

After our drinks we went to the front deck of the boat, I did a Titanic moment.

After this we took a shower, then we met Ozzy in the bar. We had a drink there and at 8:15 it was time for our water taxi. A mask was required, so I was happy I brought ours last minute.

We got out at Hotel New York and went to Loetje op Zuid. We had a delicious steak there.

When we were finished we walked to the front of the hotel and there was a silent disco. That was so funny. Kids were playing. Then we walked back to the boat.

This walk wasn’t as far as Maassilo. Luckily…. then we went back to the bar an had another drink. I was so tired I got a coffee but that didn’t help.

It was time for bed. Mark watched some more tv, I fell asleep right away. The next morning we woke up at 8:30. We got ready. And met up with Oz for breakfast. After breakfast we had to go home right away because at 1pm we had to be home for Roos because my mum needed to go away.

When we came home, my package arrived!

2 thoughts on “The Streets in Amsterdam and Rotterdam 2020 (Rescheduled and cancelled again)

    1. Fingers crossed. I loved the water taxi as well. I can’t wait to take that to the venue. We will sort of arrive in style. Not exactly a limo, but close 🙈


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