Mike Skinner at Zoom

July 16th 2020,

We were supposed to see The Streets in Rotterdam today. It was the rescheduled gig from the one on April 10th earlier this year. That one got cancelled because of Corona.

Also today was cancelled because of Corona.

But Mike does give us something today. He and Joe from Idles will be doing Zoom.

Of course there was more but Jon from Banquet Records gave me the opportunity to ask my question(s). There were like 80 people logged in and there were only 5 or 6 who were able to ask their question.

Jon said, we go to Tess, she’s from somewhere.

Mike said “TESS DE JONG FROM THE NETHERLANDS!!” (followed by this video)

For some reason I was a bit nervous but that disappeared when I was talking to Mike. Then it felt like it was just him and me 😉

Later I got another shout out when they were talking about being of their heads. Mike said it used to be really bad. Another shout out to Tess by the way because it was really bad at Lowlands in 2004 (something like that). Not sure if he saw but I gave him a hand kiss.

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