The Streets Brixton 2019

Brixton, England, 2 February 2019

April 2018

Mike announced a new tour for 2019, We bought tickets for Birmingham and Brixton. (Birmingham was 2 weeks ago).

On May 2nd 2018

Ozzy and I booked our EasyJet flight and our Premier Inn Hotel near Clapham, not the hotel we stayed in last time.

On August 28th 2018

I recieved the tickets for me and Ozzy through the post.

January 2019

Ozzy has booked the tickets for the after party.


At the Birmingham gig Ozzy said there are rooms free in the Premier inn in Brixton, (the hotel where we stayed last time).

A couple days later Ozzy told me that he booked this hotel. We can’t cancel the hotel in Clapham, but this one in Brixton is in the same street as the after party.

On January 31st 2019

we could check in, in our hotel. So Ozzy did. Only 2 days to go!

I’m so thankful that Ozzy booked this hotel. It’s next door to the after party.

At 5:30 our alarm went off. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to chill for a bit. Ozzy came downstairs, as he stayed with us last night. At 6:30 we have to leave so I went upstairs to give Roos and Mark a kiss, then it was time to get in the car in Hillegom and drive to Getsewoud. This is what we did 2 weeks ago as well. In Getsewoud we parked our car and we took the nightbus to Schiphol.


At 7ish we arrived at the airport we went straight through the luggage check and passport control, it went all very smoothly. Time for Starbucks. We could charge our phone for a bit, damn I forgot my charger. Luckily Ozzy took his. We stayed here until our gate was announced. Our plane is delayed for 10 minutes, that’s not too bad. Gate H06, let’s go it’s quite a walk.

It took a short while before everybody was on board, but we’re ready. Let’s go!!


When we arrived at Gatwick, we heard that the Gawick Express won’t be running tomorrow, well in that case we don’t need the Gatwick Express today either. Just the normal train then. It’s a bit cheaper.

We arrived at Victoria station, we went to the pub Shakespeare for some breakfast. We did it a few times before. It’s a routine now.

When we finished our breakfast, we went to Buckingham Palace, it’s very close to here, let’s see a little tiny bit from London. I was so ill, I didn’t want to stay too long.


It was very busy, I think that we just missed the Change of the guard. Oh well, I’ve seen that before.

I wanted to go to the M&M’s world in the first place, I also wanted to go shopping for Roos, but I felt so ill. And it was very cold, I didn’t feel like doing that now. We went back to Victoria Station. On our way back we stopped for a visit of the souvenir shop of Buckingham Palace. Didn’t buy anything tho, although I saw a kitchen towel and tea towel of Buckingham Palace, would have loved that!! next time I’m here, I’ll buy it. I’m to ill now. At Victoria Station we took the metro to Brixton. It was still too early, we can’t check in yet, so we went to the venue to have a look.


It’s 1 pm by now, we just go to the hotel and try if we can check in early.

Now we walk past P.O.W. (Prince of Wales). There is a club, Mike is playing here tonight for the after party), and a pub, the pub is next door to our hotel. Awesome.

At the hotel they told us that we’re indeed early, but they will be able to help us in 40 minutes. Ok let’s go to the pub P.O.W. then. We had a drink. and after 40 minutes we went back to the hotel. There are a few more people now tho, but that doesn’t matter, we could check in. We stay in room 229. Ozzy checked in, I sat in a chair being ill.

I had a shower and we both took a nap. I still don’t feel well. I feel a bit like how I felt in Birmingham 2 weeks ago, as if the flu is coming up. Is it just the flu, or nerves to see The Streets tonight? Is it the cold? I don’t know.

After our nap we went back to the pub POW, I contacted Abbie and Dave and Adam and told them our plans. We wanted to go to Nando’s first, but this might be very busy, so that’s why we stayed in this pub for dinner, couldn’t be arsed moving anyway. I’m still ill (painkillers didn’t help). We would see Abbie and Adam at the venue. I want to queue up at 6pm, Dave and Janine are up for that. We will meet them at the venue.

While we waited at the venue we saw “The Manor” walking by. I don’t really like their music, but the boys are very lovely as far as I could tell. They were very friendly to everybody who came up to them. I heard them talking about Turtle bay, that’s where they are going,  but they came back soon after that, while we were still waiting for Dave and Janine.

When they did come over, it was just after 6, the queue was still empty, I think we can go for a drink as well, it’s too cold to stand in the queue anyway. we decided to go to Turtle bay as well, It looks really fancy and not so busy as Wetherspoons Beehive. It’s so warm in there. I couldn’t stay there too long.


At 6:30 I really wanted to leave and queue up. Dave and Janine had to rush their drinks. Sorry guys. When we arrived at the queue it was a lot busier. Dave and Janine apologized that they let me wait haha. No problem guys, as long as I can be up front, I’m fine.

We spoke to a guy who wanted to sell his cd. I recognise him from last year. in Glasgow and Brixton. He had the same story. He said that he knows Kevin. I’m happy for you mate, but I still won’t buy your CD. Then Kevin walked by. He gave me the sweetest hug. He really took time for that. It warmed me up a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ I felt slightly better at this point. He’s so lovely. This is the moment that that guy who’s trying to sell his music found out that we really know Kevin, so he left quickly. He didn’t bother us anymore.

At 7 the doors opened, the queue didn’t go very quick, but we saw Abbie and her friend Milly walking by. We said hello quickly, cos their queue moved faster (O2 priority). But when we got in we were still able to go to the front.

Abbie and Milly joined us. Dave and Janine were on the balcony.  Ozzy dropped our coats off at the cloakroom. He had to go upstairs. Weird! When he came back I went to buy a tour t-shirt.


I was so ill and cold, Abbie let me borrow her jacket. Haven’t seen her in years, but it felt like yesterday.

At 7:15 it was time for Murkage Dave (and Smith)


I really love this guy. Murkage is amazing. During the set we saw Mike with his kids watching the set for a bit. So cute. Unfortunately Murkage is only playing 30 minutes. Adam joined us as well with his friend Alex.

At 8 it was time for The Manor


Still don’t like their music, but I love their appreciation for Mike, and The Streets. Good boys they are!! They have a few nice tunes tho, but I’m happy that they only play 30 minutes. They played “Freed from Desire”, This remind me of “Tadic on Fire” (Ajax)

I don’t feel well, I really don’t. Painkillers don’t work either.

At 9 I gave Abbie her jacket back. It’s time for The Streets.

I can see Claire with their kids on the side watching. Also Dan and his son. Lovely!

During Page: He does: ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

During Has it come to this? He does some weird poses.

During Fit: He shakes my hand ๐Ÿค

OMG there is CHIP!!!!!!

OMG Wait… Where is Jaykae? He’s not here today.


(photo made by Naomi)

When the Streets were finished we had to go back up stairs to the cloakroom to get our coat. OMG this is going to take a while, it is so busy! A very long queue. After about 20 or 30 minutes we got our coats. Now it’s time to walk to the after party. We see Adam and Abbie, they are both in the front of the queue, damn another queue. I’m still not well. I felt much better when The Streets were on, it’s like a drug, but now I feel rough again.


When we joined the queue we saw Dave and Janine again!!!! They met up with the boy from the book (see the video). OMG this guy is so lovely, he was also with 4 friends. Sorry I forgot your name, but you’re a very nice guy. Dave couldn’t remember your name either. If you read this please contact me.

After about 30 minutes we were up front. We read No ID/No entrance. SHIT! I left mine at the hotel. Ozzy got his. They let me in anyway. So nice!!!! Thank you so much!! We brought our coat to the cloakroom again, is this a good idea? guess we’ll find out when we leave tonight.

We saw Abbie and Milly and Dave and Janine, and the lovely guy from the book. We went to look for Adam, when we found him, we joined him. He was standing next to an backstage area, looked really fancy. No sign of Mike yet.

Soon after that we saw Mike at the DJ booth, I wanted to walk over but he left already. He stayed in that fancy backstage area with Sickers and Smith. And again after a few minutes they got up and walked over. Mike gave me a hug and a kiss and said. “I’ll be back in a minute”, I think he meant on stage on the DJ booth. I loved his set. cos he didn’t come back.

After a while the backstage area was opened for everybody else, we could sit down and watch the set from there. I felt so ill. I felt a little bit better sitting down.

Haven’t seen Dave and Janine and Abbie and Milly anymore. When Mike finished after nearly 1,5 hour we grabbed our coat (went very smooth). Adam and Alex left as well. We went outside and 1 minute walk and we were at our hotel.

I had a cup of tea and then I went to sleep. Thanks Oz.

Blog will have to wait till tomorrow when I’m home. I’m too ill.

February 3rd

The next day we flew home. I wrote the blog on the plane. Mark and Roos picked us up from the airport. Good to be back in Hillegom. Need to finish the blog now, but I’ll wait till Roos is in bed. I’m still not well.

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