The Streets Birmingham 2019

Birmingham, England, 19 January 2019

On May 2nd 2018

Ozzy and I booked our KLM flight and Ibis hotel close to the venue.

On September 12th 2018

I recieved the tickets through the post for me and Ozzy.

January 19th 2019

At 5 am our alarm went off. I gave Roos and my husband a kiss. Roos didn’t agree with me leaving but Mark (my husband) made her fall asleep again. At 5:30 we got in the car in Hillegom and drove to Getsewoud, where we parked the car and took the night bus to Schiphol airport. We arrived at about 6:15 am.


We did some shopping. We grabbed some food and drinks at Starbucks. Then we still had time left for some more shopping. At 7:50 am we could board, but not before we had a little video call with my little Rosie.

On the plane we got some food as well and drinks but the sandwich we got, was very dry, I nearly puked. Sorry guys, I’m thankfull we got something but I’m very picky! We were a little bit delayed because someone was not on the plane, his luggage needed to be removed and the plane needed to be defrosted. At 8:30 we left, at 8:40 we landed. I love going to the UK 🙂

We took the train from the airport to New Street, that was only 15 minutes I believe, Nice!!

While we were walking to the hotel we bumped into Murkage Dave. He told us that Mike was fine after dislocating his shoulder last night.

At about 10 am we got to the hotel, and usually you can’t check in before 2pm. That means we should wait 4 hours but because I have already checked in and I let them know we would arrive before noon, they were willing to help us, because even then you can’t check in before 2, but because we didn’t know, they helped us with the key anyway. We took a nap of 2.5 hours.


After we woke up I got a text from Aoife that they are going to Wetherspoons Solomon Cutler. When we arrived there there (it was quite a walk) were no Aoife and David yet but Shep and Jamie were there. Lovely to see you boys!! We got introduced to another couple but that went so quick, I forgot their names.

I follow them on Instagram now. It were Chris and Noush. Ozzy and I decided to skip Nando’s but we had a burger here instead. Didn’t feel like walking back that long. While we were eating our burger, Adam arrived while we were having dinner. Good to see you man!!!

After the food we joined them again and just before 4pm Aoife and David arrived. OMG guys! Long time no see!! (saw them last week, when they were in Amsterdam for the weekend 😉 ). How come that you were on your way to this pub but we arrived earlier? Their phones died, they had to charge it first.

Also Helen and Chris came over, good to see you again!! and Máté also came over. Nice to see you too!!! But at 4pm Aoife and I wanted to leave but we needed to finish our drinks, so at 4:30 we left.

We got changed and freshened up, charged our phone. At 6pm we decided to join the queue. 1 hour to go, then the doors would open. While we were waiting Chris Goulding came over to say hello, he joined the O2 priority lane. We know him from the D.O.T. gig in Birmingham in 2012.

Also we saw Dave and Janine, they were on the guest list and in the “special queue” Lucky bastards, well deserved though! We met DJ Snowy, what a lovely guy. Didn’t know him.


At 7 the doors opened. I walked to the front, gave Ozzy my coat. Aoife got a drink. So did Oz.

I started to feel ill.

Time for Murkage to start. OMG HE IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!! I love this guy!!!


After Murkage The Manor came on. Shep told us that they were very good but I didn’t like it much I think.



At 9pm It was time.

During “Turn the page” Mike does: IMG_2902.jpg and 👍🏼 And 👌

During “Let’s push things forward”: Mike stands in front of me.

During “Could well be in”: Mike talks to me about his shoulder.

During “The Escapist”: Mike stands in front of me again.

After this my battery died.

During the gig Emma Pope came over to say hello. Was great to see her again. I missed Emma Jones though, where were you? I miss you!! Also Burke came over to say hello but I was dying for the toilet, so I had to run, when I came back, Burke was gone. Haven’t seen him anymore.

The gig made me feel better, I forgot about feeling ill.

After the gig Clare came over to say hello. She introduced us to her husband Andy. Lovely to meet you!! Máté introduced me to Joe.

I didn’t feel too well. All my muscles are sore. I have a headache.

We got our coat and then we walked to the venue for the after party, with Chris as our tour guide. Aoife, David, Adam, Oz, me and Tom (Chris’ friend) walked together. When we arrived after a 20 minute walk Aoife, David and Adam joined the queue. OMG this place looks so dodgy. Oz and I were on the guest list, we could skip the line. Thanks so much Tim!! Chris and Tom were also on the guest list I think, cos they arrived soon after us.

After a while I asked Aoife how long the queue was but she and David had left, they didn’t feel safe. Adam was still in the queue, nearly there. We saw Sickers walking by. Then Adam arrived.

We saw Murkage backstage. (Didn’t even know they were there yet). We decided to say hello. Then he asked if Mike knew that we were there. Erm, no…. didn’t even know you were there. So Murkage walked over to Mike and told him we were there.

Mike came over and said hello. And told the security we were ok to come in. OMG thank you Mike!!! Smith gave us a wristband, then we said hello to Tim. Mike gave us a drink.

We had a little chat. I told him that I wanted to take my dad to the Utrecht gig. Mike said “so, whats the problem then?” “Haha Well…. My dad thinks it’s not his cup of tea. I know it’s not his cup of tea. but I’d like to take him anyway”. Mike thought I had a point.


This reminded me to talk to Tim, I had to ask him for how many he would be able to help me for the Utrecht gig. He told me that the people I want to take are fine. (Oh be careful with what you promise me 😉 I know enough people 🙂 )

I also helped Clare on her 10 years challenge.


Then it was time for Mike to get up there to DJ. Oz and I went back to Adam, we couldn’t find Chris and his friend Tom.

We also said hello to Clare again. She thanked me for helping her with that photo. OMG Clare I love you girl, of course I tried.


We went backstage again, Cassell, Wayne and Kevin are there. A lady came over to me. “Are you Tess de Jong?” “yes, I am” I said. “I’m Dominika” she said. She was the photographer of the Tonga gigs. We also said hi to Snowy. After a while Dave, Janine, Chris and Helen came backstage.

Máté arrived on the after party.

When Mike finished his set he left. We took a quick photo. He thanked us for coming then he left.



After a while we searched for Máté and said hello to him but I think it’s time to leave. We said goodbye to Kevin, Wayne and Cassell. They were leaving as well. We also said goodbye to Clare and Andy.


Time to go. Dave, Janine, Helen and Chris got a taxi. Adam, Máté, Ozzy and I decided to have a walk. We went to the Spar Supermarket for some food. Then continued our walk to the hotel.

Good night everyone!!

Thanks for an amazing gig!!! See you in 2 weeks in Brixton.

The Next day January 20th

We went home again, I felt so ill but we had to catch our flight back to Hillegom. Good to see Roos and Mark again!!


In the meantime they released Call me in the morning on November 22nd 2018

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