The Streets Glasgow 2018

Glasgow, Scotland, 20 April 2018

October 8th and 9th 2017 we went away with Mark’s parents. My baby girl Roos gave her granddad a day out for his birthday in June. Roos suggested a zoo visit (well we did in her name). Since earlier this year we have 2 pandas in Ouwehands dierenpark, so Roos wanted to go there and asked to bring her mummy, daddy and nan as well. So granddad did. We stayed in Rhenen (where the zoo is) for 1 night in a hotel. On monday the 9th we went to the zoo. I think that me, my hubby, and my parents-in-law liked the pandas more then Roos did but she had a great time anyway.

When we got home after we’ve been to the zoo we al had a snack together to finish this great weekend. I had my Ras patat. After dinner my parents-in-law left to their own house. I brought Roos to bed. When I came downstairs I checked my phone and I saw that my whatsapp was “nearly exploding”. I had 138 missed messeges.

In our Tonga whatsapp group Aoife posted a photo of the Streets tour. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

They are having a reunion. I’m as happy as a child in a candy store. OMG I can’t believe it. Then I checked Instagram and there it was, Mike’s post. I’ve sent Mike a message:


The planning starts. The Streets are doing 6 shows in April 2018 in the UK, which one are we going to?! I decided to go to Glasgow with my hubby on April 20th. We wanted to go to Tonga in Glasgow in January 2017, but it got cancelled, luckily we never booked anything, because we also got the key to our new house in January 2017. So now we get another chance. Mark and I decided to go away for the weekend, if my mum can look after Roos.

She can. On Friday the 20th we go to Glasgow for The Streets and on Saturday we go to Edinburgh for the rest of the weekend. On Monday the 23rd we go back home.

Of course Ozzy is also going to this tour but he will come to London with me, he’s not coming to Glasgow.

Mike also posted a video on Instagram saying that there will be a Tonga after party after every show. You need separate tickets for this, so if you can’t make it to a Streets show (because of all the touts) then you can always come to Tonga. This is gonna be epic!!

On wednesday the 11th of October.

The pre sale started. I had to work morning shift, I brought my own laptop to work and connected it to my own hotspot so I had internet on there. I also used my work pc. On my own laptop I had more luck, I got 2 tickets for Brixton. No luck for Glasgow yet. But OMG this was so stressful. I didn’t sleep for 2 nights. “What if I don’t get tickets for this?” So on Wednesday afternoon I sent Mike a message:


OMG you have to buy tickets yourself?! Thanks so much Mike for helping me out with Glasgow tho!

On Friday the 13th of October 2017

The ticket sale started. I didn’t need to stress anymore and I had a very good night sleep.

I had a few fans asking if they needed new tickets for the Tonga after party and when they go on sale, or if it was just a new party. I wasn’t really sure so I asked Mike:


April 20th 2018

It’s finally time for this gig in Glasgow. At 9:30ish we brought Roos to my mum. She’ll be staying there while Mark and I spend the weekend in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

At 10:30 it was time to say goodbye, and that was not nice. Roos started crying, I got emotional. I’ve never been away from Roos for this long but we had to go. My mum took Roos shopping to distract her. We drove to Mark’s parents. Mark’s dad would drop us off at the airport. Bless him.

At 11am we arrived at the airport. We are already checked in, and with our e-passport it didn’t take long to go through security. We bought a Starbucks and walked to the gate. While we sat down we rested our feet for now, we have a long night. Although we found out that the gate was known so we had to get up. H05 was our gate.

I’ve texted Mike:


Soon we could board and we sat in the plane. It left at about 12:30 and we arrived in Glasgow at 13:00 (UK time). We only had hand luggage (Advice from Mike a long time ago in America), so we were very quick. We booked an Uber Taxi. But we still needed to eat something.


The Uber taxi brought us to our hotel. Beersbridge Lodge. Still didn’t get food. We got changed and ready for The Streets.

We left the hotel for the hop on hop off bus tour. We still didn’t get some food. We got on at stop number 17. And soon after that stop I saw the O2 ABC academy, I’ve seen The Streets there in 2011. Today they are playing at another one.

When we arrived on Stop number 1 the bus would stay there for 15 minutes, that gave us an opportunity to have some food. I had a steak sandwich, disgusting! But at least I had some food. As soon as we got back to the bus it left off. Phew, just in time. Glasgow is prettier then I thought it would be. I like it. We stayed on the bus until we did the whole tour, but we decided to stay on the bus until the bus stop “close” to the O2 academy. Was still 10 minutes walk.


At stop number 6 we left the bus and walked to the venue.

We saw the tour bus but it was quiet. We walked to the front of the venue. There were 2 people waiting already. And a few guys trying to sell their CD’s (no, sorry mate, not interested). Other people were trying to buy tickets. Nah sorry mate, I don’t have a spare ticket, I’m on the guest list.


Anyway, we did need dinner so we were looking for a place. We went to an Arabic/Bollywood/Halal kinda place. I wasn’t very hungry, and this place didn’t look too good, so I only ordered a bowl of chips, but OMG this is disgusting. Chips can’t go bad I thought… well, they did something wrong. Like they were raw still.


We went to a pub across the street and had a Guinness there. We talked about the history of Glasgow to some guy sitting there in the pub. He was very friendly. It’s now 6:30, I want to go to the venue. There was 1 main entrance with 2 queues. 1 queue for O2 members and a regular queue. We are on the guest list, there were 2 windows (still shut) 1 for wrong tickets or ticket pick up and 1 for guest list.

While we were waiting for the window to open we saw Wayne and Rob. They were waiting for their food. We said hello and had a little chat until their food got delivered. When they walked back to the bus, we saw Kevin crossing the Street, we said hello but he was hungry, so we let him get his food 🙂

At 19:00 the main entrance opened, so did the 2 windows. We are on the list! Thank you Mike!!!

We got in and we had to walk down the stairs to go to the stage, so we did. There we were up front. Sorry Mark but I love being up front.

I finally met Shona. I’ve seen her in Edinburgh in 2011 but we never actually met, until today. This time she was very pregnant!!

The support act Jaykae came on. I couldn’t hear him. the bass was way too loud. I was so happy with my earplugs but I got a headache and sore ears.


Hopefully with The Streets it’s better.

Sorry mate but I was happy that you finished, I couldn’t take it much longer. Soon after Jaykae, The Streets came on.

OMG Skinner was on FIRE!!!!


It was amazing!!


And the crowd went mad!!!!


Mark liked it as well, but he didn’t like being up front much. Because some ugly fat, sweaty, Scottish guy were leaning against and hanging on him. Also Mark was happy with his earplugs. Especially during the support act. Sorry about that Jaykae, but you have to do something about that. The encore started with Jaykae, Bowzerboss and Grimsickers.

At the end Tim gave me the playlist. Thanks Tim. A guy came over to me, “may I take a photo please?” Yeah of course. Then he asked, if I was from Holland. Euh, yeah I am. “I remember you from about 10 years ago he said”. He also saw me in Amsterdam last week. Can’t say I remember him. Sorry! His name is Luuk. He was a lovely guy. The door opened and we left outside.


We took the Uber Taxi back to our hotel. I put my Tonga t-shirt on and we left to the SW3G venue, The Tonga after party would be there.

It’s a 15 minute walk. It looked like it took ages but we found it.


We were not on the list, but I showed the lady, the message Mike sent me earlier on and it was fine. We got a stamp and we could go inside.


It took a while before the whole Tonga Balloon Gang came on, but it went off. Teef and Murkage liked my Tonga t-shirt. Murkage realized later that it was me and Smith yelled “DE JONG” hahaha. I wanted to stay till the end but I am pretty tired and we have another 3 days here in Scotland.


We got another drink and walked over to Tim. I took a photo of Mista Silva, but Tim was so lovely to take my phone and take a photo of Mike.


Mark was well happy that I wanted to go back to the hotel. Mark went to the toilet before we left. When he came back he said “Kevin says hello” I wanted to look for Kevin but we didn’t see him we saw Wayne instead, we said goodbye, will see you on Thursday in London.

Then we walked down the stairs and we came outside. It was pretty cold. I heard my name, that’s Cassell who called me. Rob was there as well. We had a tiny little chat, but we’re cold and tired. See you guys on Thursday. I’ll be back with Ozzy then 🙂 Why are you not staying in the UK? Well, I’ve to drop Mark off, cuddle my baby girl, work a little, and pick Ozzy up.

While the Tonga after party is still going on, I’m writing this blog. We went home “early” (Don’t tell Ted).

April 21st

On Saturday we took the hop on hop off bus to the train station. There we got the train to Edinburgh, where we’ll spend the rest of the weekend. We got a Starbucks and walked to the hotel. We are way to early, we can’t check in until 3pm, but we can drop our bags off. We do the hop on hop off here as well. We bought a ticket online but it was that busy that they never checked the tickets. We did a whole tour.


Then we walked through the Princess gardens to the Grass market.


We wanted to sit on a terrace but it was lovely weather, we weren’t the only one. We bought a lovely burger and hot dog on the street and ate it there. It’s nearly 3pm, which means we can nearly check in. We’re going to our hotel.


Then we walked up the stairs to the Castle, we didn’t get in but we took a few photos of the amazing view. We continued our walk towards our hotel, through the Princess Gardens again. We’re staying at Easy Hotel, on the 3rd floor. OMG I start hating these stairs. Anyway, we were checked in and took a little nap. We took a shower (the one in Glasgow was shit!). Then we went to a Whisky bar. We wanted to do the Whisky experience but it’s too expensive, as I am not a Whisky drinker (only in my coffee). In that Whisky Bar, Mark had a “small” Whisky tasting.


After this we went to Nando’s for some dinner. OMG This is so good. I love Nando’s. At least we have a proper meal. At 8pm-ish we met up with Callum and his friends Val and Ron in the pub Tonic.


After this we went to another place called The Jam House, that was shit. It was more a 65+ party and us. We left soon. Ready for bed.

April 22nd

On Sunday morning the 22nd we woke up, we took a shower and we left for Breakfast at Ryan’s. Easy hotel has a promo voucher for a full Scottish breakfast. Mark had the full breakfast including Haggis, beans, potato scone and black pudding. I had half a breakfast but even that was way to much for me. Only eggs and beans on toast for me tomorrow. Or pancakes (they were sold out today).

We walked through the Princess gardens towards the castle, yesterday we already bought tickets for this. I think if you really want to see/read it all you can spend a whole day here, easily. Today the weather wasn’t as good as yesterday, it was cold and windy. so we rushed through the castle a little, but we’ve seen every room. It was great. I loved it. Last time I had seen the castle was in 2006 I believe. Before we got into the castle I bought myself a scarf with a Scottish tartan.


We walked down the Royal Mile towards Starbucks. When we finished that we booked a ticket for a guided tour through the vaults for tonight and I bought a kilt for Roos. I was freezing still but we took the hop on hop off. The tickets which we bought yesterday but didn’t get scanned yet, we tried to use today but it didn’t work. We could go on and ask for help at the ticket office at stop one. Mark wanted to go off at stop 11 to walk up a hill but as our tickets didn’t work we stayed on till stop 1.

A lovely woman helped us with the tickets. Then Mark got back on the Hop on hop off, and I went shopping for something warm. I went to Primark, Zara and H&M. I couldn’t find anything I liked but decided to go back to Primark, this time I found something I like, so I am warm again.

Mark just texted that he will start his walk up the hill. I decided to go back to the hotel and charge my phone. I believe I even took a little nap.


When I woke up Mark and I decided to meet up at stop 1, from there we walk to a chips shop to buy a Deep fried mars bar. Mike, Callum and Harry advised me that.


OMG That is so good!!

We walked towards Princess Street. It’s nearly time for the guided tour so we took the hop on hop off to get there.

At that moment my mum called us with video chat. Ah “Hi Roos” We had a little chat with our beautiful little girl!! Although other people on this bus didn’t like it much but it was so good to see her again.

When we arrived on the Royal Mile for the tour, we had some spare time before the tour would start we decided to drink something and use the toilet but my Irish coffee took a while, so I had to drink it real quick. It kept me pretty warm during the tour.


Until it started raining, but we could have expected that, we are in Scotland. Yesterday we were very lucky with the weather. The tour was good, the guide was great but it wasn’t very scary. After this we walked towards Waverley Bridge, we went to Wetherspoons bar and had some food there.

We were so tired. We went to our hotel and straight to bed.

April the 23rd.

Today is our last morning here. Can’t wait to see Roos again but we still have a few hours. Our Hop on Hop off ticket is still valid, we decide to take the bus to the Grassmarket for breakfast. When we arrive it looks like we’re too early, everything is still closed. So we jump on the next Hop on Hop off bus to go to Ryan’s where we were yesterday.

Today they have pancakes, that is my breakfast today. Mark has a Half Scottish breakfast. When we finish our breakfast I want to do some shopping. I’d like to buy a t-shirt for Roos, but in the first 5 souvenir shops I can’t find anything I like. So we jump back on the Hop on Hop off to the castle/Royal Mile. Near the castle is a huge souvenir shop, but can’t find anything there either. Then I walk into every souvenir shop on the Royal Mile, but I can’t find anything I like. And between these shops we visit the “courts” Some look lovely, some are not so nice, but I get to see something different then the last 4 times I’ve been to Edinburgh.

Half way the Royal Mile I decide that I don’t want any more shopping. l’ll order something online, or I’ll just buy a bit more in London on Thursday, unless I find something on the airport. I want to sit down. My feet are so sore. We wanted to go to Wetherspoons near the bus stop but that is full. We will go to Costa instead and sit there for 45 minutes.

At 13:30 it’s time to go on the bus which brings us to the airport. The Airlink. Within 30 minutes we’re on the airport. The security and the passport control went so quick, it only took us like 10 minutes. I’ve had different here before.

Time to go shopping. But I couldn’t find anything. Then we want to charge our phones. If they are full enough we leave again. We see that our plane is 15 minutes delayed. I let my mum know. We decide to have some food. I have a crêpe. When we finished this, we wanted to have a drink, but as soon as we sit down, I get a message. It’s time to go to the gate. Ok, let’s go. We have to go to Gate 2, that’s a 7 minute walk. When we get there we have a seat and we visit the toilet. After a while we can finally board. It will never leave on time, so I keep my mum up to date.

The plane left about 20 minutes late, but in the end it arrived only 10 minutes late. I let my mum know so she would wait with Roos at home. Mark’s parents picked us up from the airport. Thank you so much!! Much appreciated.

When we got home in Hillegom, my mum was there with Roos (pronounced as: Rose). OMG so good to see our little princess again!!!! I missed her. Especially after our face time call yesterday in the hop on hop off.

Mum, thanks so much for taking care of our little precious. Much appreciated!

Skinner, thanks so much for another amazing Streets gig and of course the mad Tonga after party. Also The Streets crew and the Tonga Balloon gang family and everyone involved. I’ll see you all on Thursday in London!!! Only 3 more days to go!

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