Mike Skinner Feest in het Park Festival 2014

Oudenaarde, Belgium, 22 August 2014

Terry told me that Mike is coming to Belgium in August. He will come to the festival “Feest in het Park”. Hopefully I can go, as I will be on a holiday in South Africa from July 11th till August 11th. The festival is from August 21st till 24th. SWEET!!! I can go. The exact date is not known yet.

A few weeks later they announced that Mike would play on Friday the 22nd. I asked time off from work. Maybe I didn’t need to but I didn’t know what time Mike would be on so I got the friday off work.

While I was on holiday in South Africa, I contacted Mike and asked him if he could sort Ozzy and me out. Mike replied and told me that he would but I had to remind him closer to the date.

Exactly one week before the festival, the timetable got announced. Mike won’t be on until 11pm. I didn’t actually need time off but it’s nice to actually relax on that day.

I also sent another message to Mike to remind him that Ozzy and I would still like to go. Mike replied that he will tell the promoter. The day before the gig I received a reply from Mike that we’re on the door. Thanks hun!

August 22st

Today is the day, we’re going to Belgium. I was off, Ozzy has to work. At about 3:30pm I walked to the train station in Hillegom (Mark doesn’t live to far from the train station). I arrived in Rotterdam at 5pm. I went to Starbucks. Ozzy and I would meet up at 5:30, so I needed to kill time. Ozzy arrived on time.

Off we go to Belgium. We should arrive at about 8pm. Everything goes well. Until we are on the E17 (I used to be a huge fan back in the day of East 17). Only half an hour to go we got stuck in a traffic jam. We’re waiting and waiting, we see fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. Something serious has happened because there were so many.

After one and a half hours we saw the first accident, when we passed that one we saw another one a couple hundred meters further. When we reached the petrol station we had seen three accidents, in one kilometer distance. MAD!! Anyway after standing in that traffic jam for two hours we could drive further again.

It’s 9pm now we arrived on the parking lot. We’re walking to the box office to ask if our names on the list. The guy from the box office called his boss for an update, when he got the update we get our wristbands and we can go inside.

Both of us didn’t have dinner yet, so we’re very hungry. We’re buying some tokens and then our food. Chips with mayo is so good!! Then it’s time to look out for the Charleton tent where Mike is playing. We found it very quickly, then we walk around the festival site for a while. It’s not very big, but not too small either.

Then we decide to just wait near the tent until it’s time. At 10:50pm we walk towards the stage. It’s nearly time for Mike. OH THERE HE IS!! I saw Mike in the back, looking around the corner. Cool, we’re at the right place.

We didn’t see Terry. She didn’t come to the festival (She forgot… oh boy….).

At 11pm Mike comes on stage and he starts playing. After a few minutes Mike says hello to us: “Hello Tess and Ozzy”. Then he tells the crowd: “There are a few friends of mine.” And Mike continues. During the gig a couple of girls ask us: “Are you friends of Mike?”, I said: “Uh… yeah, he just said that.” One of the girls asked: “Have you been to his house?” I said back: “hahaha No, but we’ve been to about 50 gigs.” “WOW!” was their reaction. They asked a couple more questions but we don’t want to miss a thing from the DJ set so we ignored them.

Nearly at the end a couple guys come on stage to make it ready for the guy coming after Mike. One guy stands right in front of Mike. Mike looked around him: “I couldn’t see you.” he said to me. LOL that guy was in the way.


When Mike was finished, a guy asked Ozzy: “Are you friends with Mike?” At that very moment Mike comes off stage and gives me a hug. Ozzy said: “yes, just look.” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! people around us started screaming.

Mike said to me: “Let’s see if we can make a walk.” So Mike walked to the side of the stage and jumped over the fence, Ozzy followed too. We run off with Mike, these people around us were so surprised that they didn’t notice what actually happened. We lost them.

We had a little chat with Mike. We saw the dutch act “The Opposites” but we walked by to another tent. Don’t know who were playing but Mike seemed to like it. I asked Mike about Ted, we haven’t seen Ted for a long time. He has a new job. Congrats Ted.

I always wondered how Mike and Ted got from backstage to the stage and back so quick in Graz because we took the shortest route but they were there already. Did they take a boat? We’d never seen a boat. I asked Mike but he couldn’t remember.  He never remembered taking a boat either. It will always be a mystery. Unless Ted reads this and remembers. He could tell us.

Mike went back to the dressing room. He has four festivals this weekend. He’s going to London tomorrow, then Bristol and then back to London. Have a good weekend. We’re going to spend our tokens on some food and drinks for on the road.

At 3:50am we got back home in Hillegom, Well I was home. Ozzy is still driving back to Rotterdam. He’s getting ready for the holiday. have a lovely holiday Oz. That was that.

No more plans this year. I can’t afford it after my holiday in South Africa I think…

On May 17th 2014 The D.O.T. released In the mirror you can only kiss your mouth & Don’t look at the road:

And on August 20th 2014 The D.O.T. released Less then tomorrow (feat. Oscar #Worldpeace):

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