Mike Skinner Cologne 2014

Cologne, Germany, 26 April 2014

Máté told me that Mike would be playing in Cologne. I’ve seen Mike there 2 years ago. It’s only 2 ½ hours drive.

Ozzy and I are going but it’s the same day as Kingsday in Holland. It’s the birthday of our king we’re celebrating. His actual birthday is on April 27th but that is a Sunday this year, and out of respect for people who go to church on a Sunday they don’t celebrate on Sunday’s, they celebrate it that year on a Saturday instead. That’s the case this year. We only have a king since April 30th 2013. he took over the throne from his mum (Game of Thrones). We used to celebrate Queensday on April 30th, this year the date changed. I need to wear orange, otherwise I’ll look stupid in Amsterdam. That means I will have to wear orange to Mike’s gig too. I am not going home first.  Sorry lovely German people.

At 11 ish in the morning Mark and I woke up. We took the bus and train from Hillegom to Amsterdam at about 1 in the afternoon. We first went to the Jordaan. Then to Vondelpark. Then we went to het Spui. We had some food at de Brabandtse Aap. Ozzy met up with us there. We walked to central station to say goodnight to my lovely Mark. Ozzy and I go to Cologne

Ozzy and I took the metro from Central station to his car. We left Amsterdam at about 7:30. We arrived in Cologne just after 10pm. We were dying for a pee. There was a kiosk thingy still open. We went to the toilet there and bought a drink. Ozzy got asked if he had some cocaine or something like that…euhm… does he look like he does? WEIRD!

The doors would open at 11. Only at 11, nothing happened. At 11:15, still nothing. At 11:30 a security guard got through… WOW something happens. We all had to stand back and move to the right side of the entrance. The lady security guard was not in a good mood. It’s ok if you have to create a queue… but why didn’t they do that at 10 pm? I don’t get it… anyway… we were sort of stuck in that queue. There was a fence in front of us. A wall on the right side of us and a car on the left side and obviously we were surrounded by people who wanted to get in asap.

Ozzy and I decided to leave the queue. “whoa whoa what are you doing?” we got asked. We’re leaving the queue… we don’t need to be in the queue, we’re on the guest list anyway. “WOW” they said, and let us go through.

Mike would sort me out. Thanks Mike! Xx

When we were at the Box Office my name was not on there (yet). Mike wasn’t there (yet) so he didn’t give a list (yet) but I showed them my copy of my ID on my phone and they let us in. I think they felt sorry to send us back to Holland. Haha thanks guys!!

Omg… It’s only midnight. We chilled a bit on the venue area but outside the hall. Then we met up with Julia. I’ve met her 2 years ago also in Cologne, at E-werk.

Julia and Gail asked us if we could drop them off at home. Euhm… I’m sorry, but we can’t… We have a long journey….

I got a message from Mike

Tweet cologne

Also her friend Gail was there. I should have met her in 2009 on Open Source in Dusseldorf. Unfortunately I can’t remember. Both lovely girls. Julia and her other friend went to buy some drinks. We chatted a bit with Gail.

At 1:20 we went back inside. Ozzy gave back the 2 plastic cups to the bar, then I saw Mike walking by. I told Ozzy… we hurried to the DJ booth. We stood on the left side of it. When Mike saw us he came over to say hello. Ozzy and I got a cuddle.

Gail asked Mike if he remembered her from 5 years ago in Dusseldorf, and I believe he did. Happy for her :). Mike has an amazing memory (Or he just said he did, to make her happy. I heard in an interview, years later, that he doesn’t have a good memory haha)!! Julia and her friend were back inside. Gail joined them. Ozzy and I stayed where we were.

We had a few little chats with Mike. He was all alone. There was no Magic, I knew he wouldn’t be there cos he had a weekend with his kids but no Ted either. Haven’t seen him for a while (he got a new job). Mike was there all by himself. Mike took care of us. He gave us a vodka & coke. Delicious, but a bit strong :p thanks Mike. X Mike played “Turn the page”, we went mad. He said to me “Magic likes this”.


His DJ set was from 2 till 4. Omg I love it, but “it’s too late” I think I’m getting too old. Although I didn’t stop dancing and at the end of the night I felt pretty good still, just very sweaty. It was so hot in there!

That lovely little girl from last week nearly died from 2 kisses on her cheek. Mike gave me a cuddle and a kiss on my lips. I wonder how that girl would react on that. Haha I also got a new photo 🙂


Then Mike left. So did we. Time to go home back to Hillegom. I think we’ll be home at about 7am 😮 If we had dropped Julia and Gail off, we would have been home even later.

Sorry Julia and Gail that we left so soon, that we couldn’t say goodbye.

They don’t talk to me anymore. Maybe because we didn’t give them a ride home?

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