Mike Skinner London 2014

London, England, 18 April 2014

Monique and I are going to London for the weekend. To go shopping. It’s our ladies weekend, as our men are on a lads weekend in Budapest. Flight and hotel were already booked.

Then Moricz Mate told me that Mike will be playing in London in The Old Queens Head on April 18th. While I was updating my website, I discovered that we would be in London as well. I was very excited, I’m going.

That was my first thought. I should talk to Monique about it. It’s her first time in London and she’s not a fan. I decided I wouldn’t go. Monique prefers to discover London. Fair enough. This is when I still thought that Mike would start at about 8pm.

I found out that Mike wouldn’t start until midnight. I’m really sorry but I’m definately going now. Even if I’ve to go alone. Mike arranged a ticket for us, also for Monique.

April 18th

My mum brought us to the airport at 7am. bless her (I left to my mum very early. I wanted to give her coffee in bed). While waiting to get on the plane, I saw an ex-colleague from Staples (can’t remember who, I no longer work there) as well. He’s going for the weekend with his daughter. We arrived in London at 9am, but the plane couldn’t go to the gate yet, so it took us 20 minutes longer. So we missed the easy bus. Not to worry, we could get on the first one that came. Explaining why we didn’t get the one we were supposed to take.

We stopped only 20 minutes walk away from the hotel. Perfect! We first got a coffee. Not Starbucks though. Didn’t see one yet.

We decided to get tickets for the metro for the rest of the weekend. We went to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, the M&M’s world, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Hyde park and the marble arch. Then it was time to go towards the hotel. We checked in and left to a pub across the street from Earl’s court. We only got a bowl of chips and a drink. At 10pm we went back to the hotel.

Monique  decided not to go. OK no worries…I’ll go alone. I needed to get changed. My phone was charged again. I might need it to find my way to the venue and back.

At 11 I was on my way. At 11:30 I arrived at angel station. Now I needed to find the way to the venue.

I told the ladies at the door that I was on the guest list. But I wasn’t. At the same time I got a message from Mike, if it was just me. So I showed them, they let me get through. Then I answered Mike that I was already inside but I was in the pub. I needed to go upstairs for Mike.

When I arrived I was just in time. I saw Magic. He waved at me 🙂 then he told Mike that I was there. Then Mike looked at me. I climbed on stage where the little DJ booth was and shook Mike’s hand.

I got pushed back by a security guard. Magic told him that I was one of them, so the security guard let me stand next to them. All the other people got sent away 🙂 thanks Magic!

There was this girl, madly in love with Mike. Cute!! She kept trying to touch him, she got breathless when it was only a small finger touch. As cool as Mike is, he gave her 2 kisses on her cheek. She nearly died. LOL.

There was also a guy, he asked if I was from the Mike Skinner fan site. I told him I was, then he thanked me because without my website he wouldn’t have known Mike was playing in London. I don’t think I could get a better compliment then that.


When the gig was finished the boys left quickly with the security guard. I left as well… but I tried to find the night bus. Thanks to Emma, she gave me the route I needed to take. At 3ish I was back at the hotel.

It was a great and busy and long day but worth it every second. See you next week in Cologne Mike.

April 19th

2nd day in London, April 19th, started early. We went to get some food in the supermarket. Then we left to the tower and the tower bridge. We got a Starbucks and we chilled a bit. We decided to rest our feet more today then we did yesterday. I think our feet agreed to that.

We walked to the London Bridge and took the metro to Waterloo station. It didn’t go further then that. So we had to walk to Westminster. We walked past the London eye, across the Westminster bridge, to the House of Parliament, the Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. We chilled again. I had such a sore feet that I took my shoes and socks off.

After a while we continued. We went to Portobello Road. We walked to a pub and had a beer and wine there. Our first of the weekend, probably last as well because we’re too tired. Coffee is something what we need. Interesting place. Then we walked the whole market and ended up in some sort of back street neighbourhood but it was quiet.

We walked to a metro station and went to Victoria Secret on new bond street but I didn’t have enough money to buy anything. Then we walked the 2nd half of Oxford street, ouch. My feet hate me by now.

We went to Leicester square and we got some food. We also went back to the M&M’s world. I bought myself a pressie. I love that place. Then we went to “de Hems”. It’s a Dutch pub in Soho. Fantastic!! We only or a tea and coffee, but you can actually buy Dutch snacks there as, frikandellen, kaassouffle, bitterballen, and more.

After that we went back to the hotel. We chatted a bit with our men until they went to a pool party. We went to bed. Long but fantastic day.

April 20th

Day 3, April 20th. It’s Easter today, the rain was pissing down. We have Camden Town and Harrods planned for today. Harrods was closed today. So we went to Camden town. We spent quite some time there.

We also had some nachos. They were good, the seats were scooters, funny! In the afternoon we weren’t sure what to do. We went to Victoria’s Secret, but it was closed. Then we went to the M&M’s world, we wanted to check our mood. But it was closed as well. What to do now?

We went to an internet shop, I needed to print my boarding pass for the way back. I forgot to do that at home. But their printer didn’t work. Then we went to the hotel, to chill a bit. Rest our feet, and charge our phones. I could print my boarding pass in the hotel. The room was tiny, but they have a great service. (easy hotel)

We went to Maccy D near Earl’s court for dinner. Then we got a drink in the pub. And then we went back to the hotel. Early night, cos we’ve to wake up early.

21st april

Day 4 April 21st. It’s a bank holiday here, but they don’t have an actual Easter Monday, so the shops should be open.

At about 9ish the hotel called M&M’s world to see if they open at normal times. If they do we go there first, to check are moods and buy some stuff. We go to Harrods today, as well, but depends on M&M’s world if we go after that of straight. It also depends on M&M’s world if we need to buy a metro ticket.

The M&M’s world is open today. We bought some breakfast in a supermarket. We bought a metro ticket to Leicester square, when we arrived at the store the doors opened. The staff welcomed us with applause. It’s officially my favorite shop in the world. When we got out we had our breakfast in the sun. The weather is lovely.

Then we walked to Harrods. We also walked past Buckingham Palace. Through Green Park. We left our luggage in the luggage room and spend about 1 and a half hour in Harrods. When we were finished it started raining. We picked up the luggage and went to Starbucks to chill, relax our feet and charge our phones and hide for the rain. And we had WiFi here. Monique went to the Guess store to have a look. I stayed at Starbucks.

At 3ish we walked towards the bus stop for the easy bus. At 5ish we got on towards the Gatwick airport. At 7:30 boarding. Plane left late. Finally at about 10:30ish Dutch time we arrived in DamMark and the other boys arrived from there lads weekend in Budapest at about 9:45. Hugo is waiting for MoniqueMark picked up the car and picked me up. At 11:30ish we were home.

Great, exhausting and fun weekend. Can’t wait to see Mike again in 5 days time.

There was no Ted, he has a new job.

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