The D.O.T. Greenville Festival 2013

Paaren im Glien, Germany, 26 July 2013

July 24th, 2013

It’s my birthday. I celebrated it for my friends and family with a BBQ in my mum’s garden last Saturday. Her house was packed, loved it but didn’t expect it. Usually everybody is always on a holiday, this time nobody was. Everybody who was invited came over. This weekend I’ll celebrate it with The D.O.T.

Thursday the 25th of July

Ozzy picked me up in Hillegom at 11 ish in the morning. We went to my mum’s house first to let the dogs in the garden. They wouldn’t survive the whole day alone, until my mum would come home from work. After that we left towards Brieselang. That’s near Berlin.

At about 6pm we arrived on the Zeestow camping. We booked it a while ago but they didn’t really care that we did. Anyways, they gave us a key for the bathroom, and other toilet facilities. 1 key for the both of us. 25 euro’s deposit.

They showed us a place with electricity. Then we set up the tent. Within 30 minutes we were set and the Barbecue was on.

After the food we went for a shower. Although there was no warm water. Then I saw the machine. Guess we need coins for warm water. I got dressed again, then we went over to the male side to get Ozzy. We walked back to the bar and the owner said you need coins, Yeah duh, I noticed that, couldn’t you have told us when we got the key? Anyway we got 10 coins for the days we were going to be here. 1 euro per coin. Not too bad. At least we would have warm water and enough to wash my hair. I needed 2 per shower. They would work 5 minutes.

When we walked towards the showers, the owner yelled at Ozzy you need the other side. Yeah duh! We know but you only gave us 1 key, he needs to open the door for me.


We did think about going to Berlin that evening but after sitting in the car all day long we didn’t feel like going out anymore. It was too warm to walk in a city as well. Still 23 degrees at 8pm. We stayed on the camping instead. Early night, we have to survive a festival tomorrow.

July 26th

At 8 in the morning we were floating out of the tent from the sweat. It was already 27 degrees. No city trip today either but swimming instead. There was a lake nearby, we went over there. We spend there a few hours. Then at 3pm we went back to the camping. Time for the barbecue. After the food we got a shower and we got dressed for the festival. At 6ish we left towards the festival.

15 minutes later we arrived at the festival side. We first searched for the guest list because Ted has sorted us out again. We got at Tor 3 (door 3) that was for the artists, guest list entrance is at the main parking lot and entrance. So we went back there. We drove past that on our way to door 3. We parked the car and walked to the box office. We got VIP access. OMG thanks so much Ted. Thanks again!! Don’t know how to thank you enough. This means the world to me. We also got a VIP parking ticket, so we had to drive to another entrance. We got away from the main parking lot, we drove past door 3, further to the VIP parking lot. Very close to the festival site.


We first got a drink, and checked the 3 stages. We needed to see where the Bloodhound gang and The D.O.T. would play. Then we went back to the VIP parking lot. We spoke to a security guard, he told us to go through a fence on the left. There is a VIP area. With a bar and places to chill. Also a stand where we could sit to see the Bloodhound gang. Also an entrance to the hall where The D.O.T. will be playing. There was a restaurant but that was only for artists we thought. We didn’t have backstage access, although it felt a lot like we were backstage.

We checked the food stands and bars on the festival site. We got a crêpe with sugar and cinnamon and a cocktail. I got a Piña Colada and Ozzy an Capriña. I liked it, but it was to strong. I threw half of it away, (I’m getting to old for this, I’m not used to this anymore). I could hardly stand on my feet. We went back to the VIP area. There were some farm animals too. We saw Sheep, goats, bunnies, pigs and donkey’s. I liked it, and the mosquito’s loved that we were there. So we ran away to the terrace of the restaurant. There were some interviews with artists going on. No idea who they were though. At 9pm I saw Mike, Ted, Rob, and Magic (and another guy) getting dinner in the restaurant. I wanted to say hello but I didn’t want to bother them. So I left them. At 9:30 we sat down on a wall because other biting insects were bothering us on the terrace. We would wait here until it’s time for the Bloodhound gang to start. They will start at 10 pm.

When we sat there for 5 minutes, Mike, Ted and Rob walked by, Rob saw us first and said hello. Then Mike saw us and said hello as well, and then Ted. Ted said “Happy birthday”. Aww thanks Ted 🙂 I was well happy now. All this waiting was worth every second now :).

After a while, the boys didn’t come back. I first thought that they went to the toilet, which is strange because there was a toilet inside the building as well. Anyways, Ozzy and I went to check the bloodhound gang, they walked passed us to their stage. I didn’t like it much. We went to the main festival site and stood on the left side of the stage against a fence, was a little bit better to stand in the crowd but still their humor is shit, very boring, not my cup of tea. Not my style. Their music was OK. Not as good as I thought they would be. We went to get something to drink. And chilled a bit. 15 minutes before the end we went back to their gig and they played their most famous tracks. “Un tiss”, “Fire water burn” & “The bad touch”. I love this! Best way to end this boring gig.

We have half an hour then the D.O.T. will start. When we got to the hall, there was still a band going on. OMG they are shit. They gave me a headache. Glad I brought my ear plugs. I was getting worried, they were still on at 11:30pm. The D.O.T. was supposed to start at 11:45pm. I was scared, that the stage was changed or something like that, I text Ted, didn’t get an answer, but that’s OK, I saw Magic. We said hello, and I was happy to know we were at the right place.

The horrible band was still on, but stopped at 11:40pm. THANK GOD!!! Finally time for the D.O.T., Magic came on and made sure that Rob’s guitars and Mike’s keyboard were set. He worked together with that other guy we saw during their dinner and a German crew.

It took a very long time before the D.O.T. could start. I think they started about 45 minutes late. When they started Mike asked me this:

The sound of there voices sounded like it wasn’t on, it only took a little while till the voices were on. Then the sound of their music wasn’t right. I am not a sound engineer, so I couldn’t say what was wrong but I only know it didn’t sound right. Also Rob’s voice was not hard enough. And after a while Rob told someone that the drum needed to go up. The first half was terrible.


I felt really sorry for the boys. 2nd half was perfect for my ears. As far as I know how it should sound. I LOVED THE GIG anyway!!! Even though the first half didn’t go like it should have.

They said “Thank you, good bye”, and they left.

I felt well sorry for them. A girl asked Magic for the playlist, he wanted to give it to her from the stage, but they couldn’t reach that far, so Magic jumped off and came over to me after he gave that girl the play list. He gave me a hug and wished me happy birthday. He asked if I was OK, I am, but I asked him if he was and he wasn’t really, because of the gig. He blamed the Germans who he worked with.

I was sad, but I understood that the boys didn’t come out anymore. Not only because they have Kendal Calling tomorrow a The D.O.T. gig and Mike has a DJ set there as well. They need to leave at 4 am or so. Hopefully they will get some sleep, but also because of this gig. Hopefully see them soon at another gig, Magic as well.

I still had a brilliant birthday party 🙂 I still loved the gig. Then we went back to the camping.

July 27th 2013

We drove back to Hillegom.

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