Mike Skinner Eristoff Urban Art Forms Festival 2013

Graz, Austria, 5 July 2013

I saw on Facebook that Mike would DJ on Eristoff Urban Art Forms Festival this year. It is in Graz, in Austria. Is it do-able for us Oz? I think I’m still not sure if it is. It’s an 11 hours drive, it took us 12 hours as we stopped a few times. But I’m sure it’s worth it. Mike said in Amsterdam “Let’s hang out for a bit, it’s going to be a long journey for you.”

July 4th

And long it is, this journey. Ozzy decided to drive at night all night. Ozzy picked me up in Hillegom at 9pm on Thursday evening. We first got a cup of coffee from Mark, then we left. Ozzy put all the Streets albums including All got our runnin’s & Cyberspace & red on a memory card, also 2 DJ sets that Mike has put on Soundcloud, and the 2 D.O.T. albums. This will cover the whole journey. We left at about 9:30.

July 5th

The next morning after 3 breaks and stopping a few times to pay toll, we arrived on the camping at 9ish in the morning. (I slept through whole Germany). We stayed at Camping Central.

When we checked in, Ozzy asked for the map of the camping. The owner said: “You don’t need a map, it’s only 1 road” LOL. By 10 am the tent was set. Ozzy tried to take a nap, and I decided to work on my tan. I got sun burned 😦 Was peeling off my skin the rest of the week and the week after. It was very warm, Ozzy couldn’t sleep. He moved his air bed to different places, but the sun kept finding him, until he moved to the back of the tent.

It was about 30 degrees. There is a swimming pool on the camping. I’d love to have a swim, but can I wake Ozzy up? Guess not, he’s been driving all night. I could have left a note for him tho, but I didn’t. I went inside the tent, My phone was charging, I checked Twitter, and I hear Ozzy moving, I asked quietly, if he was sleeping, he answered. No, he couldn’t sleep.

Shall we go to the pool then? Maybe you can try to sleep over there. We can also get a drink and maybe an ice cream. OK let’s go. When we got to the pool, which was only 2 minutes walk. I jumped in the water. It was very cold, but so nice, very welcome with this weather. Ozzy went away to get something to drink. When he came back he also had some chips with him. Lovely french fries with mayo. (That’s how we Dutch people love our chips, with Mayonnaise. In pulp Fiction they mention it too. I have seen the movie last week with Mark) Thanks Oz, I did get a bit hungry. It will fill me more up then an ice cream.

After 2 hours we went back to the tent. Ozzy tried to sleep again for an hour or so. I got freshen up. I took a shower and that. When I got back there were more clouds. Oh no!! Oh thank god, the sun is back. but the clouds were coming, more and more, and darker. Did Mark’s weather expectations from his phone app were right? Would we get rain? After half an hour, I heard drops on the tent? Oh now, it is raining. Quickly I got our stuff and put it inside the tent. Ozzy woke up. And as i told Ozzy, it started raining heavier. OK, no festival yet, it has to stop raining first. After about half an hour it stopped, the only drops we heard were coming from the tree above our tent.

At 5ish we got in the car and drove off to the festival. Armed against the rain with a poncho. It’s only 15 minutes away from the camping, so not to bad. When we arrived, we parked the car and waited till it would be dry. It was raining again. Not that heavy now tho. We walked towards the festival, another 15 minutes walk, I was wearing my poncho. We walked to the entrance.

Ted put us on the guest list, but when I asked, they were searching for our names but they looked more nervous every second, we weren’t on there. I think you will have to go to the artist check in, ha ha don’t be silly, of course not. We are never on an artist check in, always the guest list, anyways, we weren’t on there.

I phoned Ted, no answer. Then i text him, I got a text back, that I was, but I had to ask for Sarah. So I did. The guys from the box office knew her, they told us to go to main stage, but how are we getting there without a ticket? They gave us a day ticket.

Then we went to the entrance and we got our wristband for today. Where to go now? Where to find Sarah? We went to a security guard. He told us to go to the main stage and show the security guard the name of Sarah from the text message Ted send me. When I showed the security guard the text message, he let us through, He told us where to go.

Now we were backstage.

We went to the office, Sarah will be there the security guard told us. And there was Sarah, Ted told me that she had to go through her emails, so she did, and we got our backstage pass, I had to let Ted know if everything worked out well for us, it did, so i text Ted back.

WOW we’re backstage. First time ever we actually got a backstage pass. Sarah asked if we needed access to their dressing room? Nah, I don’t think the boys would want us to. We need to give them some privacy


I’ve had a few before and I have been backstage, but usually just taken backstage by the boys, usually after a gig. Also at Rock en Seine in 2011 we were VIP, it was a special area, more quiet and cleaner toilets as the regular visitors, but not backstage. And I thought that, that was amazing already! I mean it was. I loved it, and the boys were there anyway, so you didn’t hear me complain. I was happy enough with that, but this backstage pass was special. Thank you so much Ted, I really don’t know how to thank you enough.

It was really easy with this pass we could go anywhere, apart from the dressing rooms, but that’s OK. Mike and Ted need some privacy 🙂 OK let’s get some food. Hm, we need a food card for that, it’s only 1,50 euro’s a security guard told us. OK, let’s get one. but where? No one really knew. after about half an hour we found out that we had to get them at the artist check in (We needed to get there after all :p). It was free, which was good cos we had to pay for the food too. Not me tho, I didn’t like the food much, let’s go to the festival site and get a bratwurst instead.

We walked around the festival for a bit, it wasn’t very big, not many merchandise or other stands, mostly food. Only 1 merchandise stand. We were looking for the Red Bull Music Academy stage, Mike would play there tonight. We couldn’t find it through the back stage, we had to search for it on the festival site. After a while we found out that it was on the camping or nearby the camping. There was a stage placed on water, and it has a special VIP area also on the water behind the stage. Cool, we’ll go there later. It’s a very small stage.


What time is it? Only 7pm. Ok so we still have 3 ½ hours to go.

I got a tweet from Mike:

Tweet graz

Cool, will see you then 🙂 Let’s chill for a bit, we got to the terrace of the restaurant where we needed the food cards for. It was lovely weather. It was lovely as soon as we arrived on the festival. The sun came out again. That’s also good news for the camping, our tent would still be there when we get back tonight. There were clouds coming, but not so bad as earlier today. And of course it got darker, I might need a jumper. We got an ice cream and a drink. After that we went to the merchandise stand and I bought a hoody of The Prodigy (Don’t know where the hoody is now). They will be playing on this festival tomorrow. I won’t be seeing them, but I have seen them, 12 years ago on Lowlands 2001. After this we went back to the terrace. My back hurt, and Ozzy’s as well. And we still have time until Mike would come to the festival.

I love this backstage area, all the drinks are very cheap. We wanted to get a drink on the festival site earlier today, but it was too expensive compared with backstage. At 8:45 or so,  I went to the toilet, and then waited at the entrance until Mike and Ted would come. We got a Eristoff Vodka & Red Bull. Also 1.50 euro’s WOW! 🙂 The Pepsi was 1,50, so we thought that this vodka/red bull would be more expensive, but no, also 1,50. I like this 🙂

at about 9:30 Mike and Ted arrived. They said hello, and he asked “Where’s your man then? “LOL, I answered, “He likes it, but not enough to travel”, “Well I guess it’s a long journey for you” He said again, but then they left, they had interviews to do. And they needed food still. Cool, enjoy, take your time, we’ll see you in an hour on stage. He asked where he was playing. It’s a good thing we checked that earlier on, We could tell him.

We went to the red bull stage and chilled a bit that at the backstage area. Of course, I needed to go to the toilet again! OH i hate this, it reminded me why I never drink before the gig. So we went back to the backstage area. The toilets were much cleaner there.

We hurried us back to the stage. At 22:20 we walked back to the front, where Mike would be playing. Mike wasn’t there yet. Mike arrived soon after that. I don’t know where he came from, but they were here.

Mike took over Zinc. Never heard of him, but I liked the music he played.

We let the boys settle down, and then we joined them. We stood there next to the DJ table. Like we were in Amsterdam last week, only this time on stage. Ted gave us a drink. Thanks Ted!

I loved being able to see the crowd too! I loved seeing their reaction. They seem to like it a lot. 🙂


Mike and Zinc


Mike also played some The Streets tunes:

When the gig was finished, Mike played another tune, People were screaming “One more tune, one more tune” so he did 🙂

When the gig was really finished, they left. I walked after them and I spoke to Ted, we will see them at the backstage area. Then Mike came over to me: “What are you doing?” he asked. We’ll go to the backstage area. Cool will see you there.

We took the shortest route to the area, but when we arrived Mike & Ted were there already. How did they do that? How did they get here so quickly? Did they go by boat? I’ve never seen a boat… There were a lot of people talking to a guy with Dreads. i asked Ted who it was, “Seeed” he said. Never heard of them. Mike came over for a tiny little chat. They were heading back to the hotel. Mike has a gig in England tomorrow with the D.O.T. They will be playing at Blissfield. “Ah… now, i’ll have to miss you for 3 weeks” I said. “Where is that?” he asked. “It will be Greenville festival near Berlin, i’ll be celebrating my birthday with the D.O.T.!” I replied. “Oh yeah”, Mike said and smiled.

We went to the toilet again, and when we came back they were gone. Zinc was looking for Mike, he asked me, to ask him, to tweet him, I did tell Mike on twitter…, but he had already done that. 🙂

We walked towards the exit, then we decided we actually need another drink. We didn’t want to pay the festival prices, so we walked back to the backstage area and got a Pepsi, then we walked back to the exit, and again, these passes were so helpful. you have the regular exit, it was very busy! but there was also another exit, where we were allowed to go through, that was so much quicker, now we had to walk back to the car. On our way to the festival.

When we found the car we got our stuff and went back to the camping. Also here everything got dry. Ozzy went straight to bed. I chatted for a bit with Mark, and I put mine and Ozzy’s photo’s on my MacBook, so that was done. Just before 2am I went to sleep to.

July 6th

The next day we could sleep in, we were allowed to stay on the camping all day long. So i guess we’ll go swimming again if the sun comes out. And enjoy the sun if we can. Then in the afternoon we will head back to Hillegom. Hopefully Ozzy will gets his sleep he needs.

Before we went home, we took another swim. We had another long drive ahead. 12 hours. Well done Oz!! Thanks! I couldn’t have done this without you.

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