Mike Skinner Amsterdam 2013

The Netherlands 28th of June 2013


I saw a message on facebook on June 3rd from de Melkweg. Mike is coming to Amsterdam. He will do a DJ set. FINALLY! Last time he was here for a gig was 2008. 5 years ago, with the Streets. Ted will sort us out again. My boyfriend Mark, his friend Eric and the famous master Ozzy will join me.


I tried to get a morning shift, but that wasn’t possible I’ve to work till 8pm now. All the possible colleagues were on a holiday or had a day off, or were working somewhere else, the only colleague that could work, normally never works on the Friday, but because this was an emergency, she could come, she arranged something with her kids, but she could only work the morning shift.

Luckily the festival thingy Red Bull Music Academy night, wouldn’t start until 11pm. So i will have time, but I’ll have to hurry a little. In worst case I will go to work by public transport then Mark can pick me up. We did this anyway, so I would make them a cappuccino. (Good thing about working at Starbucks).


On June 17th, I decided to send Ted an email to ask him if he knew what time Mike would start, he replied that he didn’t know yet, but he would get back to me. Later that evening, I received an email from Ted, saying that Mike wouldn’t start until 2 am. Perfect! I will have plenty of time now. Mike will do a 1 ½ hour set. NICE!!


I took the bus from 10 ish in the morning to work, changed in Haarlem, took the train there to Sloterdijk. And got another bus there to the middle of nowhere where Starbucks is. I am working from noon till 8pm. Mark and Eric picked me up at about 8:30 ish, I had Coffee for them. Ozzy will come to my house in Amsterdam. We arrived earlier then Ozzy, so we decided to surprise my brother who was in. Paul was playing his racing game. He didn’t hear the doorbell. I had the key with me, so he nearly died, he didn’t hear us coming in 🙂 Sorry bruv. didn’t mean to do that. Ozzy arrived at about 8:45, we left right away. We took the tram to the city.

Mark and Eric went to get some money, Ozzy and I went to Febo for some food. We would meet up again in Dan Murphy’s Irish bar. It’s on Leidseplein, it’s on the corner right, beside de Melkweg. I was hoping to see Mike and Ted, but I didn’t. The weather was terrible, I would have stayed in, if I didn’t have to go to a gig. We had a few drinks here and at about midnight we went to de Melkweg.

YES! We were all on the guest list (me +3). Thanks Ted. Thanks again! We’re in.

It was quiet, Not many people were inside yet. There was a Dutch DJ playing. His name was Chaiba. Not to bad…. He started at 11, when the doors opened. until 12:30. At 12: 30 it was time for T. Williams, a DJ from London. I liked it, but I wanted to save my energy for Mike. T. Williams played until 2am.

At 2 it was time for Mike. Mike took over from T. Williams and Ted came over to me to say hello. He gave me a hug. When Mike was ready he came over to me first to say hello. and gave me a cuddle. 🙂 They both said hello to Ozzy too. I introduced Mark & Eric to Ted.



I also met Khalid (Know him through Twitter). He told me that he got Mike to Amsterdam. It’s his birthday today. Happy birthday and thank you for getting Mike this way. He also told me that Mike was very expensive, So…? Why you’re telling me? I hope not that you expect me paying for it, ‘cos I won’t. Of course he didn’t ask me to, was just a bit weird that he told me. I don’t care. i’m just happy that Mike is here.

Mike wasn’t allowed to smoke inside, he asked Eric if he was security:

I told Mike that Eric was crazy, but Mike did it secretly anyway 🙂 Gotcha!


Ted gave me a vodka red bull, but it got stolen, while I was filming 😦

I loved it! Had such a good time! WOW!

When Mike finished he came over and gave me and Ozzy a hand. I also spoke to Ted, I told him I wanted to get a photo with them. Ted would text me if they went out or not. Ok COOL! Although I think everything is closed by now. It’s 4 am in the morning.

At 3:30 Cinnaman, a Dutch DJ took over Mike’s set. It was very sad for this man, but nearly everybody left after Mike.

Ted walked by, I stopped him, he said he would try to get us in, instead of getting us in, Mike came over. We had a little chat. Next week we should hang out for a bit, ‘cos it’s a long journey to Graz (next week), he said. Aww yes, that would be nice. We’ll see what happens, but it would defo be nice.

So where is your boyfriend Mike said. I thought you’d bring him. Yes, there he is, at that moment he’s boxing against Eric, Please Mark. Behave :p LOL Anyway, I went over to Mark, and brought him to Mike. I introduced him. Mike said to Mark: You’re lucky, and pointed at me. awwwwwwwww “melting”. Apparently Mark told him that he had to share me sort of with Mike. MARK!!!! Why did you have to say that? I look really stupid now. LOL although I’m pretty sure the whole world, including Mike knows that. 🙂

Cinnaman played Turn the page, suddenly it got a little bit busier.

I got my photo taken with Mike:


Then Mike joined Cinnaman.

And I got my photo with Ted:


I had to force Ted a little, he didn’t really want to, but as lovely as he is, he did it anyway.

Ofcourse this caught the attention of other people. So they went over to Mike, Mike left pretty soon after that, I send Ted a message to wish them a good night and we left.


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