Mike Skinner Les Ardentes Festival 2012

Liége, Belgium, 6 July 2012

I woke up on Friday morning at Mark’s (my boyfriend) house in Hillegom. I’m going to see Mike Skinner’s DJ set. Magic & Ted will be there as well. Ted sorted me and Ozzy out again. Thanks Ted.

Mark dropped me off at the train station before he went to work. When I got home in Amsterdam. I played the Sims for a bit. I took a nap of 2 hours and I took a shower.

Officially I still live in Amsterdam but most of the time I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house in Hillegom.

I was running a bit late, so I needed to hurry to get the train on time. I’m going to Rotterdam central station. Ozzy will pick me up there and we go to Les Ardentes from there by car. I didn’t think we would be going to any more gigs. As we’ve been to South Africa in May.

Near Weert we went to Burger King for some food. From there it wasn’t too long before we got to the border. I had a headache. 2 days already. I believe I had a migraine yesterday (I got one during dinner). It’s a lot better now though but I need to chill.

We arrived. We needed to get the tickets. The people from the parking lot send us through to the box office, all by car, we passed the VIP parking lot they told us to go to the box office as well… we got to the disabled parking lot. here we decided to park the car get the tickets and search for the right parking lot after we got the tickets.

We got the wristband. Thanks Ted! Then we got back to the ladies from the VIP parking lot. They wanted to help us, but we didn’t have a parking ticket, so they couldn’t risk it. No worries we will go to the regular parking lot. Only 5 euros and 1 KM away from the festival was the parking lot. There was a free shuttle bus from the parking back to the festival.

It was only 8:30pm. Mike wouldn’t be on until 12:15. Patience! We got some earplugs. that helped a lot. My headache didn’t get worse. We got some pancakes. They were so good! I had been drinking water all night. I needed to get rid of my headache and I wanted to survive Skinner without that headache.

At 11pm we went towards the main stage Marilyn Manson would start at 11:30. We waited and waited, but at 11:45 he was still not on stage. We left, no Marilyn Manson, but I want to be on time for Mike. When we arrived to the stage we met Virina. We were supposed to meet up on Pukkelpop, but we all know what happened. It was so nice to finally meet her. Her friend was lovely too.

Magic came on. He did the sound check for the DJ set. At 12:15 Mike came on and started his DJ set for a nearly empty crowd. Everyone watched Marilyn I think, but during Mike’s set it got busier every minute.


The set was amazing as last time. Loved hearing tracks from The Streets & The D.O.T. At the end of the set Magic took over and Mike got of stage to say hello to me and he gave me a hug and he gave Ozzy a hand then loads of people reached out their hands to touch Mike. As lovely as he is he gave them a hand. Gig was finished. Magic cleaned up and left. To be seen in this video

(not my video) Watch from 2:38!!!

Few more videos that aren’t mine:

We didn’t see Virina anymore, I think she had left already. Ozzy & I left as well. We didn’t want to look like we were stalkers. I was also dying for a drink and I needed to visit the toilet. The one at the entrance was really busy. We walked to another one. That one was even busier then the first. We walked back to that one.

Then we met the boys. The Mike’s & Ted were looking for some food. We had a little chat. “Did you come all the way for this?” Asked Ted. “Well yes, It’s only 2.5 hours drive”. Was lovely to meet them again. They were lovely as always. I missed them. It had been a long time ago. They left for food, then bed. We left for the toilet then the shuttle bus back to the car.

Ozzy drove back and dropped me off at Mark’s house. I went to bed at 4:55am.

Hopefully see them soon again.

The D.O.T. released And a hero on April 9th 2012:

On April 10th 2012 they released Bad News (feat. Elro Raps).

On April 23rd 2012 they released You used to:

What you living for was released on June 25th 2012:

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