Mike Skinner E-Werk Festival 2012

Cologne, Germany, 3 March 2012

My mate Ozzy and I went to the opening of the first official Apple Store in Amsterdam. In Holland we had a few Mac Houses and iCentres, but no Apple Store yet. Now we do, anyways we joined a queue of about 4000 people at 9:50am. The doors opened at 10 and after waiting for 1 ½ hour (11:30am) we got in, we got a lovely orange t-shirt, nice for queensday people said, but it’s my 4th orange t-shirt, so I have enough – nice t-shirt to sleep in! I bought a docking station for my iPhone.

At 1-ish we went to the Sports bar/Pancake corner for brunch. Then back home in Dam ‘cos we needed to take a nap… we’re going to see DJ Mike Skinner (Mike Millrain & Ted Mayhem will be there as well) in Germany tonight. Mike would be on at 1:45am.

When we got home, Ozzy went straight to bed. I played the Sims 3 for an hour or so, but I was tired as well, and I had a long day ahead… Would be good to take a nap as well, so I did. 2 hours or so. Then it was time to get freshen up and we left my house at about 6:30pm.

We stopped at an AC restaurant for dinner in Zevenaar, near the border. We waited in the queue for about half an hour. Only for a bowl of chips?! But I was so hungry, I needed it. Thankfully a free Coke re-fill . Ozzy got a Schnitzel. When we finished, Ozzy put some petrol in his car.

We drove further to E-Werk in Cologne. We arrived at 9:45 or so. We parked the car and we walked to the gäste list (guest list). The lady was searching for my and Ozzy‘s names but her colleague saw our names and helped. We were on! Thank you Ted for sorting us out again. I owe you! We saw that Mike would start at 2:15, half an hour later then the website said… not to worry, I trust Skinner for making up for it.

We waited, and waited, and waited! We were about 5 hours early or so. There was a girl, Julia, she went to Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf gig as well back in 2009, where I celebrated my birthday. We have been talking for a while on FB after she added me because Madge told her that I was cool. Thanks Madge! Anyways, she sent me an email a couple months ago if I was going, I wasn’t sure yet, until Ted told me that he would add my name on the guest list. Then I told her I was. We met up, she was lovely, her friend as well. Can’t remember his name anymore. Sorry. Only they left soon to do their own thing. Ozzy and I chilled a bit more. At 1:15 ish Ozzy and I went to see the DJ set of Simian Mobile Disco to wait for Mike. We walked to the front. I didn’t want to miss Skinner for a bit.

After a while at 1:30 am or so, I recognized 3 silhouettes looking through a curtain. They were MikeMadge Ted. They waved, and I waved back. YAY Im less nervous now. Dunno why I was nervous in the first place though but I was, and not anymore. Ok I’m ready!

At 2:15, Madge came on stage and Mike Ted followed. Soon Mike took over from Madge and Madge took care of the drinks. Madge came off stage and said hello, he gave us a Bacardi and Coke. Thank you Madge! Love you! x


Ted was taking photos of the set. After a while he came off stage and gave me 5 tokens for a drink. Thanks hun. Ozzy and I both got 2 beer. (Ozzy still had to drive home, not sure if it’s a good idea though, but they tasted very nice). I saved the last one for my photo album.

I had a blast! It was so good. Nearly at the end we saw Julia and her friend again. And Mike came off stage to say hello, he gave me a hug. Awwww Thanks Mike It’s good to see you again.

Julia asked if I thought that Mike was leaving after this, of course I had no idea, but I thought they would, so I said that to her.

After the set a guy came over to me. “May I ask you a question?” “Yes of course” I said. He asked: “How do you know the guys so well?” I told him: “Well, I have been to 35 Streets gigs”. “Oh so they know you personally now?” he said again. I said: “well, sort of.”

We still had a token left (which we bought ourselves). We went to get a drink.

Julia was gone I thought, but I got a Facebook message of her when I was on my way home, asking what my plans were… I told her I was on my way back to Amsterdam already.

WOW what a night!

Thanks MikeMadge Ted for this! I would come to the London set in April, if I wasn’t going to South Africa in May. Will see you after this holiday though! With another DJ set or the D.O.T. (The Dear Ol’ Tess).

The D.O.T. have released Trouble (feat. Ghostpoet) on November 30th 2011:

On January 13th 2012 They Released That’s that and Goes off:

On January 24th 2012 they released Shut up and keep Talking:


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