The Streets T in the Park Festival 2011

Kinross, Scotland, 9 July 2011

At 5 am the alarm went of, very early but well worth it. Thanks to Mike we’re going to T in the park. He booked my flight and hotel. AND I’m on the guestlist.

February 19th 2011

In Glasgow, Mike told me that he would play at TITP. And he said that I should go. I told him I would love to, but that I couldn’t afford big festivals as I had bought an house in Amsterdam. He said to me: “You know what, if you come to T in the Park, I’ll book a flight for you”. OH MY!! I cried. I was shocked but so happy! WOW! I gave him a cuddle. Guess I’m going to TITP then. Mike also said “Ted will sort the guest list for you”. That is amazing! OH MY!

June 5th 2011

In Bristol at We the people festival, Mike said while he was on stage: “I need to sort your hotel out, don’t I?! You just reminded me”. I was a little confused now. but either way hotel or flight either of them would be amazing. I love Mike. After the gig I met Mike, and he got me in contact with his tour manager Martin. I got his email address and that’s when it all started. Mike booked my flight, hotel & put me on the guest list, well his tour manager did.

July 9th 2011

It was finally time to go. As you read earlier in this blog post, we (Ozzy & I) woke up very early. We took the bus to the airport and our flight left at 8.45 to Edinburgh. It was supposed to take 1 ½ hour, but we were quick and arrived within an hour.

Then we took the bus to the Apex European hotel but we were too early, the room wasn’t ready yet. We went to get some breakfast first. When we finished we went back to the hotel to check in.

We got freshen up and walked to the bus station, where the special T in the park bus left from. At about 1.30 we arrived at the festival. Then we needed to walk about 10 minutes to the Box office to collect our ticket and hospitality wristband.


Then a 10 minutes walk back to the entrance. Hospitality meant that we had cleaner toilets, and a more quiet bar with food in a tent. Good for if it starts raining. Only sunshine so far luckily.

We walked to the slam tent where Mike would play. There were a few DJ’s playing before Mike would be on. The bass was too loud, it gave me a headache and sore ears. I put some ear plugs in. Am I getting too old for this? I took some pain killers from First Aid. They asked what I’ve been drinking. euhm, I just drank some water. They didn’t believe me I think but they still gave me pain killers for my headache. Then we went to an exit of the tent and we saw a green tour bus.

Was this their bus? Yes, it was. We saw Madge walking away. Then we saw Stuart. Then Stuart walked back. 100% sure it was their bus now.  In the meantime, Ozzy needed a pee. I saw Mike leaving the bus but Madge came back. I called him and he wanted to come over, only there were guys pissing against the fence (Not Ozzy, he went to the actual toilets 3 meters further)

Madge saw way more then he needed at that moment, he came over anyway, only past the other side of the bus. Then Ozzy joined us when he finished. Madge was going to get some rest and left. After a while Skinner came back, I called him too, but he didn’t hear it. Not long after that he left again. And came back, this time he looked at us. I waved, but he didn’t wave back. I thought he didn’t see us. He didn’t get in to the bus, he did come over, guess he saw me after all. (Or did Madge tell him that I was there?) We had a little chat. Then he had to make a phone call and left, so we went back into the tent. Was good to see the boys again!

Now it was time to get to the front. I nearly puked because of the bass, that was way too loud. There was a huge DJ turn table in front of the stage, and high boxes, I hope that they take it down for The Streets. I couldn’t see the stage. I saw Mike standing on the side of the stage, I waved and he waved back, but then everyone had to leave. Rod was busy getting the stage ready for The Streets. When he saw us he waved.

It was time for the Streets but the turn table and boxes were still there. I couldn’t see the band. Glad Mike and Kevin stood on the turn table.


Mike was wearing a yellow TITP poncho.


“This is quite sexual” he said LOL.

When Kevin saw us he pointed at us.


Mike said that the day started like this:


But went soon to this:


Also Ted, who was standing on the side of the stage, waved at us. And Rob Harvey waved when he saw us. I was so happy that the boys stood on top of the turn table, otherwise I would have had to leave the front. When they finished Mike said: “We’re off to see Beyoncé”. So are we!

But it was raining. We went to the hospitality area instead for the toilet, a drink and food. When we finished it was dry. Time to do some shopping. I bought a new pair of socks and shoes. My feet were very cold after wearing flip flops all day. After buying the shoes my feet were happy and warm but the socks gave me blisters, they were a little bit too big. Oh well, the shoes are nice.

At about 8pm we went to the main stage to see Beyoncé, she started at 8.45pm.


WOW she was great! She was amazing!!

I was just too far away.

We met a few people who still couldn’t believe that Beyoncé was there. “are we dreaming?” A lady said. She pinched herself haha. She saw my Streets t-shirt, she said that couldn’t see them, the tent was full and closed. I told her I was on the guest list thanks to Mike and that I was up front. She said “Ah, you’re a lucky girl”.

Nearly at the end of Be’s gig we went back to the hospitality area for another toilet visit, then we searched for the bus back to Edinburgh. We got back at the hotel at about midnight. We went to the hotel bar for a few drinks, made the bar keeper jealous by telling him I saw Beyoncé at T in the Park. Back in the room we watched Ozzy‘s pics on the telly. Then a shower, then bed.

July 10th 2011

On Sunday we slept in till 10.30. Checked out at noon and went for brunch. We did some shopping. I bought the game Sing it Robbie Williams for the Nintendo Wii. Then at 2 ish we took the bus to the airport. We waited 2 hours there before our flight left. When we got home in Dam, I finished my blog first then I took a shower, we watch the video I made of this TITP festival, then we played the Wii game of RW. Ozzy was looking forward to play that! NOT.

WOW what a weekend. Thank you Mike. Thank you for making this possible! Thanks to you, we saw Beyoncé as well! Without you I would have never gone to T in the Park. Glad I did, I had a brilliant time! Enjoy Spain, Switzerland and Germany! I’ll see you next month at Pukkelpop!

The D.O.T. have been releasing new videos.

Your makers mark on June 8th 2011:

Right side of Madness on June 16th 2011:

Weapon of Choice on June 29th 2011:

How do you do it on July 7th 2011:

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  1. TITP!! What a festival!! Can’t believe it is no longer. The slam tent is a special place regardless but this was something else.

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