The Streets We The People Festival 2011

Bristol, England, 5 June 2011

June 4th 2011

On Saturday, the day before the Streets festival date, we (my mate Ozzy and I) woke up early, left the house in Dam quickly after that to go to the airport where we arrived at 10.30.

We got a drink and some food at Starbucks in Lounge 3 but we were so early, as we were checked in online already, we went to do some shopping and got another drink at the Starbucks at the D pier. Then we went back, and then through the luggage check at the H pier. The gate got announced pretty quickly and we waited till the plane arrived. Flight was delayed 20 minutes but only took like 50 minutes, so that wasn’t too bad.

In Bristol we took the bus to the Ibis hotel and checked in, dropped the bags and went shopping. I didn’t have any pounds yet, which was great because that meant I couldn’t spend any either. Then we went to the cash machine to actually get some cash. Then it was time for some food and drinks in a pub. We got back to the hotel at about 7. We watched “Britain’s got (no) talent”. In the meantime Ozzy went to the hotel bar to get us some beers. After BGT we got introduced to the Popstars who are becoming Oprah stars, and then we decided to stay in and watched who became the winner of BGT 2011. Then we went to sleep.

The day of the festival we woke up at 9ish, Time for a shower. It was a rainy day, we decided to have breakfast at Lloyd’s no1. V-shed Wetherspoons bar. Then we decided to walk around the festival site, we saw a purple bus, didn’t think it would be the bus of The Streets. Anyways it was quiet, and the road was blocked so we had to walk back.

Then we went back to the hotel. We saw Shep Jamie. but they went shopping (read: to the pub) and I went for a sanitary stop. Then we went to the pub. The same we had breakfast in. I let the guys know we where there.

Vicky (I know her through the old website) got in touch, I told her where we were and she came over with her mate John.  They had some food there so had Ozzy and I. The boys went their own way. We left after the food, we went back to the back door of the festival, there was a VIP restaurant. We saw Squib. We had a little chat, he told us that the festival was kind of crap, so we decided to wait till later.

Then we walked back and we saw Cassell going to the bus, So it was their bus, that purple one (Vicky doesn’t agree with me, she said it was pink). Cassell said “What are you doing here?” I said: “I am all the way from Holland to see you”. he smiled and asked if I had seen Mike yet, he was in that VIP restaurant. I said no, I am not VIP like you are, he said, I am not VIP, just go in, nah…. We’ll go. We need to get ready for the festival. He asked us where we were staying, we told him that we were staying in the Ibis. So did they, they had a day room there. He had been there with Kevin and Rob. We left to the hotel.

Then on our way to the hotel we saw Kevin. We had a little chat. He was lovely as always. When we got back to the hotel we decided to have a drink at the bar first, as we were very early. Then Rob walked out of the lobby. Not long after that Madge walked by, he came over to us and we had a chat. He told me he would sort me out for Pukkelpop. I had to contact him nearer the time. Thanks so much MadgeMadge went to his room and we got another drink. After that we went to our room to get ready.

At 8 pm we got into the festival, we met up with Matthew Phillips. We walked straight to the main stage. To the front. We were standing behind a girl in a wheelchair, She was crazy, but fun. When “Sub Focus” (pretty good, but 1 hour is too long) was finished we went to the middle. I got up front, took me 30 minutes, but just in time before Mike came on.

Mike thought it was smart to wear a poncho, even though it was dry when Mike came on.


Also Mike promised me this:

Amazing gig, I am very excited about T in the Park. And I’m excited for Mike, hope his floor will be ready in the next 2 weeks.

After the gig we went to the tour bus. Matthew said goodbye, but Vicky & John joined us. We walked to the back, no-one, only 2 guys sorting others out. then I saw Cassell coming out of the bus and I said hello. Soon after that Mike and Ted came over. Mike asked about my house, and he arranged something with his tour manager Martin to sort me out for T in the Park, also Ted for the tickets. I got Martin’s email address and then Rob & Stuart walked by. We went over to them for a chat, then Rob left and Steve joined us. Then Steve left and Mike and Madge came over. Vicky got her photo with Mike when he left back to the bus for his Nando’s


And Madge stayed with us for a little while. We decided to go for a few drinks. We said goodbye to Madge and went to the hotel to get changed, then back to the pub where we had breakfast and lunch. We got a few drinks and at about 2 we went back to the hotel. We ordered a tuna sandwich took it to the room. We went to sleep at about 3am.

June 6th 2011

We woke up the next day pretty early, but that was great cos we got ready, and went for some breakfast, same place as we went yesterday. Then we walked to the bus stop, and when we arrived at the airport we had about 3 hours before the plane left, we spend these 3 hours at Starbucks. Flight took us about 45 minutes, it was very quick. Then we bought some food at the snackbar (chips shop) and went to my house in Dam.

OMG what a weekend.

Mike and Rob are working together on a new project called The D.O.T. They released a new video called I make loving fun, It’s been released on June 2nd 2011:

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