The Streets Pomona 2009

Pomona, America, 14 October 2009

Ted was staying in the same hotel in Solana beach as we were.

On Twitter, Mike wrote he was looking for The hotel. Rachel told him how to get there. We had breakfast, Emma, Emma & Rachel joined us, They didn’t have breakfast, but they were sitting next to us.

During breakfast Mike, Ted and Kristy showed up… Good morning!! Thought it was “Dinner with Skinner“, now we have “Breakfast with Skinner“. Mike and I had a chat about the movies we’d seen on the plane. We both saw “The Hangover” We agreed that it was very funny!

Check out time was 11, that’s when we met up with The Emma’s, Shep, Jamie, and Rachel. We first put our luggage in the van, and we saw Ted‘s PacMan van.


Then we checked out. In the meantime, the others came downstairs to check out. Time to put the luggage of the rest in the car. We had the Emma’s and Jamie with us, Shep joined Rachel. I didn’t understand he did, but as lovely as Shep is, he thought it wouldn’t be nice if she had to travel alone. It was her choice to come tho…. We didn’t invite her. Anyway, Shep is just a lovely guy. Not a very long trip to Pomona.

Half way, we got lunch and the others breakfast at Burger King, Shep joined us, and Jamie joined Rachel. Still don’t understand, but also Jamie is a lovely guy.

We wanted to go to a Canyon, but couldn’t find it, so decided to go straight to the Comfort Inn hotel. When we arrived, we decided to go our own way, till it was time for the gig. Ozzy and I were going to have a look where the gig was, I thought to give Rachel a chance to prove us wrong. Give her a chance to show us that she is not annoying, so I asked Rachel if she wanted to join us. She did. It was a long walk, Rachel was wearing flip flops…. hmm, I don’t really feel very sorry for her tho….

Rachel was so annoying, she could only speak about herself. She doesn’t care about others. And she told me that she didn’t like Magic and Ted‘s cousin, ‘cos Kristy and Ted were too close. I told her that Magic and Kristy were lovely! She still can’t prove I’m wrong about her.

Yesterday when we were in Burgers & Brew in Solana Beach, having a chat with Ted, I asked him if he got married in Vegas. He said: “No, but if you’re up for it?” haha

We found it, the venue. We saw a bar next door, we saw Mike and Madge walking towards the tour bus. When we looked around we saw Madge making a phone call, decided not to bother him, and checked out the neighborhood. Our hotel was lovely, only a dodgy neighborhood, but closer to the venue it looked better.

After doing some window shopping cos everything was closed or too expensive, we went back to the hotel to fresh up a bit. We got changed and ready to go. Well, I asked everybody if 6 pm would be fine to meet up and go to the venue, everybody agreed, but nobody was ready, only Rachel was at 6.30.

It was good that Rachel was there, cos she could use free internet to read twitter. Does this mean I’m using her? Oh well, I don’t mind. I’m still being nice tho. I am still trying to like her anyway. We went to the bar next to the Venue.

Ted tweeted that he is going to “Aladdin” a shoarma place for a few drinks, we left the bar and went to Aladdin. (Before the shoarma place became Aladdin it was called different. Gordon Ramsay tried to safe that, but he didn’t. Now it’s Aladdin. Seen this on the telly in 2017).

Soon loads of people showed up, the Emma’s arrived, so did Lisa & Shaun, and some american fans. Rod was there & Ted and Kristy. Aww bless him! Ted paid the bill. One more thing that annoyed me about Rachel is that she told everybody about the rehab story. Like she was proud of it. I just think that’s stupid. She should be ashamed of it. If she is ashamed, then she has a weird way of showing. And I have heard the story about 5 times today already. I wanted to feel sorry for Rachel, ‘cos she was going through a hard time, but I just can’t.

She was also all over Kristy, Ted‘s cousin, while she told me this afternoon that she didn’t like her. She wouldn’t leave her alone. Just thought that that was weird.

We went back to the bar for a few drinks,


It was time for the gig. When we arrived there were loads of people standing there up front already, but as the Americans are so friendly and polite they let me sneak up to the front. There I was… up front again. Great gig, my fave gig so far.











After the gig we went next door, to the bar again. After about an hour, I saw Wayne & Cassell walking by, I run outside  said “hello” to them and gave them a cuddle, and they said that they’d come to the bar when they were finished… They’d better hurry up, cos the bar is closing. But soon after that, Stuart, BazCassellMadgeWayneChris & Kevin walked in…. And soon after that Rod as well.


Let me explain. Rachel was a girl who was sort of stalking Ted. One time she said to me. “Guess who’s following me on Twitter?”, “Who?” I asked. “My future husband, Ted”.

One time she said that she had sent him naked photo’s of herself. And asked me if I’d do that. “No of course not” I said. “Why not?” She asked “Well, why would I? but this is Ted you’re talking about. You don’t really think he’d keep them for himself, do you?” I said to her. Then she said that Ted had given her his phone number.

I got a message from her in the middle of the night if the phone number was correct. I checked the last 4 digits, they were correct. I told her that it seemed like the right number, but as I said it was the middle of the night.

Then she was angry at me. “You’re lying” she said. It’s not the right number. “Well sorry, You woke me up in the middle of the night”. Then she asked, if I could give her the right number, “well….. no…. Just ask for it again” I said. Who am I to give it to her? From then Ted never tweeted to her anymore and she told me that she felt used…. I said “no, you’re just expecting way to much”.

When Cassell saw Rachel, he said, “oh…. you’re the girl from the naked photo’s” HAHAHAHAHAHA

The boys were invited to the loft, (after party) Ozzy & I thought it was some club… we thought we remembered seeing that from earlier today, but we were wrong. We joined them, Rachel joined us as well….

The Emma’s, Shep & Jamie went back to the hotel. Rod had his suitcase, he went to the tour bus to drop it off first, I had a few drinks before, so I dared to say to Rod, “Get Skinner out”.

Anyway…. We joined the rest to the Loft…. it wasn’t a club, but it was actually a loft…. REALLY NICE!!!


While Rachel and I were having a conversation with Madge, she gave him a cuddle turned her back on me. I told her that I like talking to her, but I prefer to talk to her face. Madge high-5’ed me. That evening Rachel was all over Madge. She didn’t leave him alone, while she told me earlier that day that she didn’t like him. Rod turned up, with Shan & MikeMike gave me a cuddle when he walked in. We had a little chat. Then Mike talked to the owner of the loft and soon after that Mike left again.

There was a lovely girl (can’t remember her name), she lives in LA, but told Cassell that she might not be able to go tomorrow. I was listening and thinking out loud “Wait a minute? You’re from LA, but not sure if you’re going? We’re from Holland and the UK, we’re doing all 5 gigs″ Cassell said, you should be out promoter 😉

Dunno what time it was but something like 3.30 am, it must have been. Time to go back to the hotel.

The boys left as well. At about 4 am we arrived back at the hotel, time for some sleep, we didn’t have too long. Early check out again, cos we’re going to LA!


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