The Streets Kendal Calling Festival 2009

Kendal, England, 31 July 2009

“Kendal is calling me”, Mike tweeted, it called us as well. We’re going to Kendal Calling festival.

July 30th

The night before the gig Laura, Ozzy & I took the train from Bloemendaal (train stop is only 3 minutes walk from my villa) to the airport. We flew to Liverpool, John Lennon Airport. We stayed in Holiday Inn Express hotel there, as we arrived very late. We rented a car last night.

July 31st

The next morning we drove towards Cumbria/Kendal to look for the New Inn Lodge hostel in Chap. When we found the lodge hostel, we were too early and couldn’t check in yet. Then we searched for the festival in Kendal. When we found the festival we drove back to the hostel. We still couldn’t check into the hostel yet, it’s still too early but he did show us the room we were going to stay in, so I could charge my phone, 4 bunk beds for the 3 of us, not bad! When we dropped our stuff at the hostel, we went to a pub for food and a drink first.

When we got back we checked in and got ready. Then it was time to go to the festival. We stayed in contact with Jamie & Shep, they were on the guest list. They contacted Ted last night when they were drunk. They decided last minute that they were going. They were staying in a tent, next to the tour bus.

We went to the parking lot and we had to walk a few miles through the mud, as regular festival people, not as posh as the boys 🙂 The festival entrance was miles away, a long walk, but the festival wouldn’t open until 6, we had 1 ½ hour to go we went for a drink.

At about 5pm we heard a noise, is that Mike‘s GO LOW plane? Yeah it is!! Oh my!!! it’s brilliant!! I’m so proud of Mike!! He did it!!! I tweeted Mike a photo and said that I was proud of him, he re-tweeted it.

At 6pm the doors opened, we saw Shep and Jamie walking on the field they saw us and came over to us. We spend a little time together and we went our own way. I waited trying to stay warm, while Ozzy & Laura went to buy some food. They saw Cassell & Kevin ordering food. Ozzy came over to me, to get me. Was good to see the boys! Happy birthday Cassell.

After a while we were just standing about being bored. Well, not sure if Laura or Ozzy was, but I was bored. I know you can’t help it but I just can’t entertain you Lau. The weather didn’t help either. It was raining.

Until Shep, Jamie & Rod came over for a little chat. Jamie showed me the photo of him with Mike. He finally met Mike. Well done Jamie!! I’m really happy for you! After a few minutes they left again.


I didnt know Matthew yet. but I got this photo of him a couple of days after this festival. He had met Mike on the parking lot, when they were searching for the entrance. I know Matthew through Twitter.

Ozzy couldn’t join me up front ‘cos his nose was broken 2 weeks ago, on Deichbrand festival, Laura had sore heels. She couldn’t join me either, she couldn’t stand the whole time, too bad. I understand it, I don’t like it, but I understand. I was all on my own. That was my choice tho. I could have joined them.

I tried to get to the front that was just impossible. I have never felt so lonely before (my own fault) I should have joined Ozzy and Laura. I didn’t have a good time really.

The gig was great tho, the boys made me forget everything! Nearly at the end a girl left, that was me up front again. I felt a lot better then. I did seriously enjoy myself, that hour that the Streets were on, even it was hard at the start, because so many people were pushing.

A girl fainted, and a guy was touching her cross, that’s just horrible. That’s disgusting!


When it was finished I didn’t feel very well. I felt like I nearly passed out. I didn’t get the chance really, cos Jamie and Shep came over and “bothered” me! Ozzy was getting a coke for me I needed sugar and something to drink. When I felt better I decided to say goodbye to Rod, he said he would meet up, but after a while at 11ish, we got really cold we decided to leave back to the hostel. Also Laura was really tired and she had sore heels. She had been standing nearly the whole show.

At 3am I got a phone call i jumped out of the bunk bed, when I got to my phone, I saw I had a missed call from Ted. I text him saying I missed it, cos I had to jump out of that bed, he rang me again, this time I spoke to him..

Was a funny conversation, ‘cos I was still sleepy, and Ted, wasn’t sober anymore I think. He asked why I was in bed already, and why I stayed in a hostel, well Ted, I have to stay somewhere don’t I?! A tent is too cold. (He didn’t invite me). He told me I’m always going to bed too early. Not always!!! I’m hardcore (at least I think I am). Time to get back to sleep.

August 1st

The next day didn’t start too well. What happened isn’t really a big deal, now looking back at it, but at that moment it was all too much for me. I was looking at my photos and I was proud of how they turned out to be. They were pretty good even after struggling to stay on my feet there in the crowd. I showed them to Laura and Ozzy. Ozzy walked off without saying anything, and I thought, how rude, but at least Laura is still looking at the photo’s. Then Laura walked off as well “I’m getting my camera” she said. WTF?! Am I showing them to myself? That really pissed me off for some reason, I was so angry at them both. As I said, not a really big deal to be honest, but I felt terrible at the time.

Ozzy told me that he was going to put his contact lenses in, ‘cos he couldn’t see anything, that’s a fair, but couldn’t he just tell me?! Laura was getting her own camera. Holy shit, couldn’t it wait?!

I was so furious at them both, but Ozzy‘s reason was fair, Laura just annoyed me, too many things had happen, not only this weekend, but also in the past. As I said it was nothing, but so many things have happened before, this was just more then I could handle at the time.

I cried my eyes out for I don’t know how long. I had to survive 2 more days, so I decided to try to make the best of it. We did some sight seeing, Lake district is beautiful! Plus all free of charge ha ha. Perfect!

I said to Laura, “I hope you enjoyed this festival, ‘cos it’s the last time you will ever join me. I don’t have time to entertain you”.

Sorry Emma for bothering you with my moaning all weekend long but thanks so much for listening!! It really helped me to get through the weekend.

August 2nd

On Sunday we went back to Liverpool to fly back to Holland. We took the train back to Bloemendaal. I hope that the next few festivals will be better! Laura won’t join us anymore. I don’t have time to be a babysitter.

I’m very sorry Laura. Hope you’re well!

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