The Streets Brixton 2009 (re-scheduled)

Brixton, England, 23 June 2009

June 22nd

I went to see Emma a day earlier, ‘cos I wouldn’t want to be missing the gig if my plane would be delayed. Don’t know why I thought that. Never happened before, never thought about this before.

Mike told me on twitter that there might be an extra “small” gig “for the fans” a night earlier. so I changed my flight for June 22nd in the morning while I booked an evening flight in the first place. Did I book a flight a day earlier because I could see this coming?

There was no extra gig for the fans.

I took the bus from Haarlem to the airport. I took the bus from Gatwick to Emma’s work. I met Emma at work (Mike has been here as well to deliver a grand).

At noon we took a lunch break together, then Emma had to get back to work and I read a book. After work, Emma and I went to see a movie. We saw “The last house on the left” OH MY!! you have to see it!! It’s really good! It’s horrible what happens tho… but it’s a brilliant movie.

Hmm… we didn’t have dinner, but we had popcorn, which filled us just enough 🙂 When we got back to Emma‘s house, I was so tired, after a little chat with Emma‘s parents, we decided to go to bed, we had a busy day to look forward too tomorrow. I hope that I can sleep, cos I didn’t sleep a lot the 2 nights before. (Emma’s mum is famous from the video above).

June 23rd

At about 8am I woke up… I had plenty of sleep 🙂 At about 9am Emma and I went downstairs and had breakfast, Emma introduced me to Jeremy Kyle. We had to get ready ‘cos Emma Pope was coming over. So when Emma P. arrived We had a big hug (since what happened last time), then we went to a bar, we wanted to chat and gossip a bit before everybody showed up, but as soon as we ordered drinks and food and sat down, Shep and Jamie showed up.

At about 3pm Anthony & Liam showed up. We stayed there in the pub until 15.30. then the taxi brought us to Brixton, we went to a pub we’ve been to last time as well. Then Rod showed up.


We had a few drinks in there and then we all went to the pub “The Dogstar” rar rar rar (Too much Brandy).


Had a few drinks in there, then Rod left, he had work to do. Jamie didn’t eat a lot, but filled himself with drinks, so he took a nap in The Dogstar, so after we woke him up we went to the venue and the boys got themselves some food.


We arrived at the gig a little bit late, the support act had started already. The support act was Natty. and the first row was covered as well, still we reached the second row, not bad to be honest.


The gig was brilliant! Mike got his cloggs from me. He placed them on the speakers. He can be a cloggie now, whenever he wants to be.


The new songs were brilliant!! What a gig!!! What a show!!


Cant wait for Wireless next week!!!!!

June 24th

The next day I took a cab to the city center. Ozzy came over today. We stayed in Montana Excel hotel. We spend another 5 days in London. We went to see Example in Proud Galleries in Camden Town on June 24th.


We also went to some museums, Madame Tussauds, London Zoo, Oxford Street, we attempted to see Grease the musical twice. but it got cancelled twice, because of power cut. Did I get jinxed at the Brixton gig in January?

June 25th

We heard that Michael Jackson died today, so we went to Thriller live, that was emotional. Glad Grease got cancelled, so we got the chance to see Thriller live. Like it had to happen. It was very warm this week. Possibly the warmest week of the year here in England 😉

While shopping on Oxford Street it was very warm, we needed to relax a bit. It’s too warm to shop. We went to Hyde park and sat down just like the locals. The next day we did the same in High Kensington Gardens. Also our day in the London Zoo and Madame Tussauds was very warm. Perfect in the zoo.. The safari area felt like a real safari 🙂

June 28th

We went back home to Haarlem.

In the meantime they released Never give in on February 13th 2009

And Edge of a cliff was released on April 7th 2009

There was a huge virus going on. The Swine flu. Ted and Wayne both had it.

Callum contacted me and told me he wanted to host my website for me. He helped me for a long time.

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