The Streets Brixton 2009 (Cancelled)

Brixton, England, 29 January 2009

I took the bus from Haarlem to the airport. My plane left at 9am. At 9 am English time I arrive at Gatwick. and about 45 minutes later Emma picked me up with her sister and little niece Evie. and we went to Emma‘s house. I stayed at her house that evening.

We started watching Beat Stevie. Also the one from their gig in Brussels, with me 🙂 I saw myself with some of the boys in the round of fire. Why didn’t I really join their singing and that? I looked a bit boring. I wasn’t bored, I just looked boring cos I didn’t really join them. I just stood there.


I’ve seen some interesting part of Ted. (Beat Stevie 30)

HMMM :). And loads more video’s. After getting ready we went to a bar (can’t remember the name), on our way to the bar we picked Jenni up. In the bar we met up with Emma, Shep, & Jamie. After that we went to another bar (don’t ask me for the name). Shep‘s friend Dom met up with us. And after that we went to another bar called Plan B. That was just around the corner from the venue.


Shep & I were on the guestlist, but we did have our own tickets anyway.


After a drink or 2 we went to the venue and everything was dark.


I phoned Ted, Emma P phoned Rod, Shep received a message from Johnny and Emma J received a message from Dan. Anyways… They were all saying the gig is cancelled. DAMN. Came over all the way from Holland. SHIT! Oh well, nothing we can do. It’s cancelled due power cut.

Although Ted told me, that he would call me back if he knew more. Hmm… Shep and Dom went home, they didn’t want to wait.

Suddenly it became a horror night (because of the alcohol I guess). We started shouting at each other, basically because I didn’t want to go home, I didn’t just give up, only because the gig was cancelled. There was a little chance we could meet up with them anyway.

After a bit of shouting/yelling at each other, I decide to send Ted a message asking if we could meet up or not, cos my friends were shouting at me… then I received a message that it wasn’t happening that evening, but next time. Thanks Ted… thanks for letting me know. Thanks for clearing this out. We can move on now, but then Emma P. was making photo’s of me crying, that really pissed me off. Why would you do that? I thought we were friends?

The peace we had earlier on, was nowhere to find now. Until I saw Wayne. I decided to have a chat with him, Emma J. & Jenni joined me and that cheered me up talking to him. When we went back, Emma & Jamie were gone.

We decided to go to a pub, to relax a bit and recover from this horrible evening. Then we got the taxi back to Emma‘s house. The next morning we had a little chat and talked about what happened.

The next day January 30th 2009

I took a cab to the airport and I went back to Haarlem.

February 2nd 2009

2 days later I went on a holiday to Costa Rica, there was not a lot I could do about the fight, but before I left I’ve send Jamie a message to say “sorry I yelled at you, but that I’m still not sorry for not leaving”.

After the holiday I’ve send Emma a message that I was sorry for shouting, but not for not leaving. Glad I did, cos I got the sweetest e-mail back from Emma.

I love them to bits and I don’t want to have a fight with any of them.

I never heard a sorry from Jamie, but I’ve seen him a few other times and things went well. Guess we’re OK… 🙂

In the meantime Heaven for the weather was released on November 22nd 2008:

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