The Streets Brussels 2008

Brussels, Belgium, 20 November 2008

I woke up at 5am at home in Haarlem. I had to go to work (Bloomberg in Amsterdam) I took the night bus. I was in a hurry ‘cos I brought something from work with me, so I had to give it back and after that I needed to go to my other place (Nestlé) also by bus and metro, where I also work.

I worked with Edith that morning. At 12.30pm my other colleague was there, so I could get changed and take the train to Tilburg, where Ozzy would pick me up.

When I stopped in Den Bosch, Ozzy called me, and I realized something.


I forgot the most important thing… the tickets… I was in such a rush this morning! I got Ted’s phone number in Nottingham, but I didn’t want to use it. Fuck (excuse my language), I was scared that there was no other thing to do then phone or text Ted to help us out, not something I wanted to do… I don’t like asking for things… Shit…

I waited till I got to Brussels and if I was 100% sure there was nothing else to do. Ozzy picked me up in Tilburg (I saw Roger from Idols 2003 there) at 2.30pm. And we went further to Brussels by car…. We arrived at the train station to park the car at 4.30pm and took a taxi. I’m not climbing up hills, to the venue…

DAMN the doors were still closed… OH NO… I need tickets! Will it be sold out or will there still be tickets available? That was my next question. We went for a drink, we got some food and went back to the venue and waited outside. Gig was sold out. 😦

OH NO!!! I had to send that text. I really don’t want to, but I have to, or we have to go home. We came all this way for nothing 😦 Didn’t want that to happen either. I text Ted. “Help me please! I forgot the tickets and now Ozzy & I cant get in”.

When we were waiting there, we saw Johnny. Johnny came over and asked me if Ted was going to sort us out? How does he know? I never text him… They do discuss everything together.

hmm… I said I don’t know, and Johnny said, I’m sure he will. He came back a few times. And are you on the list he asked. We don’t know yet. We didn’t hear anything from Ted. Then Johnny came back and asked for a cash machine, I really don’t know. So he went searching for one.

5 minutes before the doors would open, we went asking if we’re on the list and we were!!!! So I text Ted back to thank him!! Then we went to join the queue, well, there was no queue yet, we had to start our own queue (again, like in Nottingham). All the other people followed. The doors opened and we walked in. We were the first. And of course I was up front again. We packed everything together and put our coats in the “garderobe” (translation: Cloakroom). Well Ozzy did, I didn’t want to leave the perfect spot up front.

While we were waiting Rod walked by and gave us a cuddle. People around us asked if we knew them, Well, this is my 7th gig this year, I have met them before.

Some guys wanted to get borrowed and brought some fake boobs. Mike didn’t do the borrow things here on the mainland of Europe tho, but they tried it anyway.

Then Ozzy got some drinks and after a while it got busier and at 8ish the support act came on. It was a Belgium band from Liège called King Lee. The music was great, to bad I didn’t understand them, cos they sang in French… It was French HipHop.

They finished and I was pleased they did, cos it was time for The Streets, they started at about 9.30pm and it was a great gig!!!

Only 1 problem, Mike couldn’t get his Jagermeister. It was his last gig of the tour so he wanted to party! He wanted to get drunk… A few people gave him a bottle.

Then Mike went to do the Moses and he gave me his all access area pass.

Well THAT is an collectors Item!! It has Mike‘s name on it and stuff! Thanks so much!!!

They were real ROCK ‘N ROLL: Johnny needed new gear anyway. They were throwing with Johnny‘s drum kit and guitars and bass guitars.

After the gig Rod told us that the party would be in the bar downstairs. I went downstairs to the bar, but it was too busy, so we went up again, I was wearing Mike‘s pass around my neck. A girl asked me if I was working for the Streets crew, ha ha I WISH!! I told her that Mike gave it to me. She said “Lucky Bitch”! ha ha thanks!

They told us that Sean told them to wait there, so I decided to do that as well. I text Ted if there would be a party, Ted said yes, Only you and the band, and asked if I was ready, and he told me that I could only come in bikini.

Sean walked by and said to me: “You are coming down as well!” Cool! Chris tried to help, but the security guard told him that only 5 people would be allowed if they were going to celebrate it backstage in the dressing rooms instead of the bar. Chris didn’t know what to do, as there were like 20 people invited, until Johnny came over and said “What the fuck is going on?” ha ha.

Chris explained it to Johnny, Johnny took over, and told the security guard that he didn’t agree. The security guard asked us to follow him, then we met another one, he wanted to stop us, Johnny said about me and Ozzy, “Oh no, those two are definitely coming”. So Sweet 🙂 also at the same time that security guy, saw my pass, well, Mike‘s pass and left me alone 🙂

Then Johnny said “why are we following him? Follow me”. So we turned around and walked on the bridge for the music instruments, on stage, down the stairs, through a door, down more stairs. Magic was standing there having a smoke at a no smoking sign haha. We had a little chat with him, while the others walked on. Then we walked on, passed the 1st room to the second room, Kevin, Chris & Wayne were there as well.

After a few minutes Mike and Ted looked around the corner and saw me, They said hello to me and Ozzy. Ted said to me, i thought you were coming in bikini. Wish i said to him “Thought it would be only me and the band” but that didn’t pop up on my mind to say. Then they left.

After a while they came back and had time for the other fans. I did get my photo with Mike finally, 2 photos to be honest, just in case ha ha. (As my first photo didn’t work out in Luxembourg)


Rod said to Ted, “come let’s get a photo with Tess and let’s get tagged” haha


I brought Mike‘s shirt with me, that I got from Lowlands, that he threw in the audience 2 years ago, Mike signed it for me. Ted asked if I washed it, and I told him I didn’t cos it wasn’t very smelly (I can’t smell as I do not have a sence of Smell, but Nicole, the girl who was at Lowlands with me told me that it wasn’t smelly at all).


Then, while Mike signed the shirt, Ted spoke to a girl who asked if I went to all their gigs, Ted said that I did. I said I wish I could, but I have to work, to afford all this. After the time we were backstage, we went outside to the tour bus.

We still needed our coats, so we had to go back inside. Rod helped us. It looked like I came there daily. I knew exactly where we had to go “You know where you’re going? You’re sure it’s this way?” Rod asked. I wasn’t sure, but I was right, there where only 2 coats left. mine and Ozzy’s.

Outside, Mike was there, no shoes on. He threw them in the audience, after we “respected the shoe”. So I promised him a pair or cloggs, the band started to do the cloggie dance (klompen dans). I will get him a pair of Woolen shoes (house slippers in the shape of clogs), not wooden shoes. I don’t want to hurt his feet, or give him splinters.

After a while, 4 of the boys went out to the pub with the other fans that went backstage. Ozzy and I stayed behind ‘cos we were in a conversation with Maccum. And Maccum gave us a beer… cheers. Maccum was the tour manager.


Then Mike and the other boys, who stayed in the tour bus came outside and started filming for Beat Stevie. Mike Asked me to join them. He ordered Ozzy (very friendly and polite) to make photos.

At the end Mike gave me the Golden horse he borrowed from a fan from Glasgow. It’s been shown on Channel 4 in England. We don’t have Channel 4 in Holland.

Time to drive back home. Ozzy dropped me off in Haarlem.

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