The Streets Luxembourg 2008

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 7 November 2008

We woke up at about 9am at my uncle’s house in Amsterdam. We all took a shower, my uncle gave us some breakfast. Bless him. And at about 10.45am we were in the car on our way to Luxembourg. Laura, Ozzy & I arrived there at the Threeland Hotel within 4 hours. Then we grabbed our stuff, that we needed for the gig and took the car into town.

We were searching for a parking spot. When we found one we went to the venue to see how busy it was, apart from the tour bus, there was nobody. so we went for some food at Quick. They have lovely chips and burger. After that we went to have a look for a shop where I could buy new trainers as my boots were killing my feet. Couldn’t find any, so we went to a bar, they played some horrible music, so we went back to the venue to see if there was a queue already, and we were going to ask at what time the doors were opening.

When we arrived at the venue, we saw Magic. We had a chat about their bus drive from Amsterdam to Luxembourg, and I told them that I’ve seen him & Skinner shopping. He asked why I didn’t stop them, and he said that I have to do that next time. Ok, I will, I have permission now 🙂 I feel even worse now, I regret it even more now that I didn’t. He decided to have some rest before he had to get on stage.

Then we went to ask the security at what time the doors opened and it seemed to be 8ish, so we had about 2 hours left. We went to a karaoke bar… what a weird place and such a weird people living there…. anyways after a couple of drinks and saving a fly from drowning it became 7.30pm so we went to the venue to queue up, there wasn’t a long queue yet, but there were some people already, inclusive Martine. (remember her? We saw her 2 years ago on a gig in Luxembourg and earlier this year on Les Ardentes).


With her hubby Frederic. They got married a few weeks ago. We joined them.

Kevin walked by and waved at me.

Then finally at 8pm the doors opened. we walked in and we got to the front again! It was just the three of us up front.

There was Rod on stage “Hello again” he said.

Martine and Frederic came in soon after that. They were standing next to us.


When it got busy, there was a couple standing next to Laura. They were leaning against her and pushing her. Then the girl asked Laura to give her boyfriend more space. (WHAT?!) Laura didn’t say anything and Laura didn’t move, good girl! 🙂 I said to that girl: “If your boyfriend wants more space he should have turned up earlier” (As it were just the 3 of us at first). She said to me: “I’m not talking to you”! That didn’t help, so she started about making photo’s when she saw Laura’s camera, she said, “you’re not allowed to take photo’s, I know the boys and they don’t like it”, so I said to her: “We saw the boys yesterday, in Amsterdam, and I took about 300 photo’s. they were posing for me.”, So then she said again, I’m not talking to you.

That’s was the end of this conversation. I should have said “I’m talking that means that you should listen” but I decided to keep my mouth shut, she’s not worth it.

Then Star Wars music started and a guy came on stage, It was time for the support act. Pretty cool!… but after 3 or 4 songs, it got boring and nearly fell asleep. Anyways… a guy in the audience “woke me up” cos he wanted to sing with that guy… instead of joining him, he took his time and sang himself…. not bad to be honest…. but go away I want to see the Streets.

The Streets came on at 9.30. That girl who was annoying to Laura, tried to get attention the whole time, but she didn’t, well Kevin was being nice and waved at her. Mike was as lovely to me, as always!! Mike asked me how long it took to get to Luxembourg, so I told him 4 hours.

Martine was screaming, Mike yelled back at her ha ha.


Mike said: When he’s playing the piano, I want you all to go low, when he stops playing I want you all to go mental! As this was my 6th gig this year I knew the words, and I was saying it at the same time when Mike said it. He laughed when he saw that. LOL

(Not my video)

(Not my video)

(Not my video)

When Mike did the Moses, He used my head to get over the fence, then when he got back, he landed in my neck, and just as a finishing touch, he kicked me against my head. Cheers Skinner!

I enjoyed the gig tho!! I cant get enough of them!! I wish I had time and money to see them at every gig. Johnny gave me his drumsticks.


Right after that there were loads of girls who asked, if they could have one… NO!!! you can’t!! he gave them to me, he must have had a reason for that!! GO AWAY!!! but they said “well, you have 2”! I said “Well, you can’t drum with 1, can you?! oh btw I have 4 of them… also the pair of yesterday from Amsterdam“! ha ha. A security guard gave me the playlist. It said FRIDAY – LUXEMBURG handwritten on the back. It was the playlist, also used for Amsterdam.


That security guard also gave me Mike’s towel. After the gig we went outside and the boys were there as well. We had a little chat with them. When I was talking to Wayne Johnny was near him, when he looked at me I thanked him for his drum sticks… at that time Wayne gave me his plectrum!!!


WOOHOO my collection is growing and growing!! Wayne also told me that his guitar is named after Emma and his bass guitar is named after me… how fucking cool is that?!

That crazy girl who was nasty to Laura, from earlier that evening was walking by all the time trying to get their attention, but it didn’t work really… she looked kinda weird… red dress, red tights with white dots, black pumps and a black leather gillet…. not my style!! She walked by, and Wayne said “lady in red hmm”… ha ha. Then Wayne said to Johnny, “There is someone who wants to talk to you” Johnny looked around and saw her and said “oh no, not me. I’m going back in the bus” Johnny gave me a hug and went back in the bus.

And Wayne continued his conversation with Chris, the former drummer of Example. So we decided to go back to the hotel. The girl walked by again and was staring at Wayne, trying to get attention. We said goodbye to Wayne. Wayne said “kiss on the lips?!” so I did, and left, that girl was looking at me like, “ow, you do know them much better then me”…. Brilliant! You should have seen it. Her lipstick was also all over her face. FAIL!

LOL Thanks for a brilliant weekend guys!! See you all in 2 weeks time in Brussels!!

November 8th

The next day we went back to Amsterdam. The Emma’s were still here. We joined them to the sex museum.


After this we went back home to Haarlem.

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