The Streets Nottingham 2008

Nottingham, England, 18 October 2008

Mike and Ted had an idea to borrow items of fans at some gigs. When they picked an item, the winner could take a +1, they would get to party with them that night, they’d get a transfer to the next gig, a place to sleep, access to the next gig, party at the next gig and transport back home. WOW that sounds awesome!

They did this in Glasgow, Birmingham, another gig, I believe Newcastle and they also did this in Nottingham. I’m going to Nottingham. About a month ago I’ve emailed Ted a photo of me holding THE bikini ™. I wanted them/Mike to borrow my bikini, cos that is how they know me, and I knew for 100% that Mike would know it’s mine.

Ozzy & I woke up at 6am… That is so early, but we needed to take the bus at 7.15am towards Schiphol. We took a couple busses earlier in Haarlem, so we arrived at Schiphol at 7.45am. We checked in and got through the border… at 9.55am the plane left.

We arrived on East Midlands airport at 10.15 English time. We took a bus to the place where we had to go for the Acorn Guesthouse this looked so much cleaner then the Nanford guesthouse in Oxford! And the guy wasn’t too strange haha We took a shower and waited for Emma & Jenni to arrive. They stayed at the same place as we did. And next door!! We stayed in room 7 and they in room 8!!

We went into town to see where the venue was. Emma and Jenni didn’t go yet. Ok we found it, was pretty easy. Then we went to search for the tour bus, and we found the bus as well, but we left to a bar. They played the Streets music the whole time. I did not mind haha

Then I received a message from Emma that she was going to meet up with Shep & Jamie in the bar “Yates” on the old market. Didn’t really want to leave the bar where they played The Streets, but we left anyway. We went to the old market, we had no idea where “Yates” is. We asked the police. “Good afternoon” We said. “Could you help us please” We asked. ” Yes we can” they replied. I asked them if they knew where the bar Yates was. “Yes, we know” They said. “Haha Could you please tell us how to get there”. Then they helped us.

We found bar, just as we wanted to get in Shep and Jamie came outside. Recognized Shep right away, but I had problems recognizing Jamie (sorry!), as we never actually spoke to each other. We had a chat and they were lovely and we had to take a couple of photo’s.


Then we went in for a drink. And we saw Emma & Jenni.

Also Burke joined us a little later. But when it was 6pm Ozzy & I needed to leave everyone, cause we had to pick up the tickets still. We never received them trough the post, so with our email confirmation we had to pick them up. When we got back there was a huge queue, but they had tickets already, a security guard told us that we had to start our own queue next to the box office. So we did.  After a while more people joined our queue.

Ted looked through the window and waved at Ozzy. I stood with my back against the wall, so couldn’t see him. then Ozzy pointed at him and I looked around and saw Ted. Ted came outside and gave me a cuddle. WOOHOO!! We had a little chat, but he had a hangover LOL. Then he had a look at the queue and went in again to get Beat Stevie.

Then the doors opened and we collected our tickets.

I stood at the front row as usual though. First the support act the Metro’s, still they make pretty good music, but the sound was terrible. It gave me a headache and sore ears. Finally after 9 songs of the Metro’s, I don’t like the Metro’s no more.

The Streets came on.

Mike gave me a drink! Thanks Mike!!

And Mike asked me where my bikini was… hmm…. I pointed at him like “you have it”.

I didn’t win though, but not to worry. I didn’t expected it anyway, our plane leaves tomorrow. And at the end, Rod gave me the play list WOOHOO Thanks Rod!!


Then we had to search for Ted, cos I needed a stamp for the after party. When we went downstairs we saw Ted, and he gave us a stamp before we even had to ask. Cheers Ted.

First Emma, Jenni, Ozzy & I went to the wrong room, but Shep came over to get us. On our way to the other room, there was Wayne, he gave me a hug, he told his family, that I am a fan from Holland. So I waved at them and said hello.

In the room where we were supposed to be, was THE real party going on, like in Oxford. Madge was dj-ing. Kevin was singing.

Shep told us that Mike went home already. Maybe the reason why I didn’t get borrowed? I don’t know. Maybe Mike really thought that the t-shirt with the “purple baby” was better, as if….. The rest of the boys stayed tho.

Hmm, Magic may DJ on my b-day… He’s brilliant. Ted was wearing my bikini, didn’t notice that until I saw my photo on my computer at home LOL


Just after that I got my bikini back.


Ted told me that they nearly lost my bikini. WHAT?! Glad they found it again!

Also Chris came over to me and asked me where my bikini was, “Here, I just got it back” Chris also told me that Mike really wanted to borrow me, but before he finished his story he left, to speak someone else.

Ted came over to me, he asked me, if I wanted to go to Leeds. I said yes, I’d love to, but I didn’t get borrowed. Ted laughed and said: “you don’t need to be borrowed. Give me your number and I’ll sort you out.” So I gave him my number, Ted phoned me so I have his number as well. OMG Thanks Ted !! WOOHOO!! Im so excited. He said I’ll give you a call in the morning.

We also met Rod. I saw him before, but we never actually met.


Shep and Burke went home after a while. Shep had to work the next day. Suddenly the place turned into a hard rock club, with horrible music. Magic wasn’t DJ-ing anymore. So we decided to leave, so did Emma, Jenni & Jamie.

Emma, Jenni, Ozzy & I said goodbye to Jamie and we shared a taxi back to the B&B. I went to the room of Emma & Jenni to have a chat for a while. Thanks girls for the crisps!! I loved them!! After a while I thought it was bedtime for me. So I went back to our room. Ozzy had fallen asleep in the meantime.

October 19th

The next morning I text Ted asking what the plan was. He would arrange transport to Leeds, but I had to change our flight for a day later, when I told Ted this, he felt bad. I couldn’t change my flight, I could, but Ozzy couldn’t, he didn’t have time off, so I told Ted this as well. I thanked him for the offer. He said: “pick a date in Europe and I’ll sort you out”. Thanks so much!! Hopefully I never have to use your phone number!

Thanks so so so much Ted!! I really appriciate it! This afternoon we took the plane back. And took the bus back to Haarlem.

Watch the video below from 3:28. till the end (it’s about me)

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